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Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri for CineBlitz Magazine , November 1995

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by mumbiene, Sep 12, 2015.

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    1013275_256668714493957_325028664_n.jpg 1010686_275127112648117_8126123787083950735_n.jpg 1743739_256668774493951_1044910158_n.jpg 1779326_257724534388375_1889818541_n.jpg 1898099_256668734493955_1778377896_n.jpg 10168137_272408826253279_1322356836_n.jpg 10440817_314128968747931_7980590623412664547_n.jpg
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    Celebration of love

    This is a contribution that does not need a professional journalistic touch. Because it is the pure, unpolished emotional excitement of a woman for her husband that only she can feel.

    We apologize for not being able to reprint the original in Gauri's own manuscript. But we quote word-wise, because it is a love that we can not interfere with!

    Try to write down a description of Indian customs and customs, religions and methods, faith, and people, and believe me, you will go just as much as logic. Where we all try to live with unity in diversity. Try to put yourself into extreme examples like marriages between Hindus and Muslims. The institution of marriage is very holy to every Indian woman. But occasionally, Indian women take the word holy a bit too seriously.

    In our country, we marry only once - "Do it or leave it".Remember, you can not just get rid of the garland that you put around your neck, and if you try to remove yours, there is a risk that you might be strangled.


    Keep the following words in mind: A wife has as much value as a shoe. So, I wish men were like a pair of stilettos - use them as long as they are comfortable and fashionable. And immediately get rid of them as soon as they start pinching you. But the fact remains that a typical Indian wife would never budge her household budget. This also applies to a pair of stilettos!Never - she would wear them for the rest of her life, even if she dies in them, not like her selfish husband, who would not mind changing his shoes on the slightest occasion.

    Born in an orthodox Punjabi family, my parents wanted me to marry into a simple Punjab household. But I decided to marry a Shah Rukh Khan, rather than a Sharmaji or Chopraji.

    I can not imagine being married to a Sharmaji - who follows a regular working day and rings every day of his life exactly at 17.30 at my door. Then I have to spend the whole evening with him.


    I prefer to wait for Shah Rukhji. It is so romantic, especially when I can count the nights that he will spend at home. This does not mean that his work is more important. It means only, if not today, he will definitely return tomorrow or overmorning.

    Back to Sharmaji, I can not imagine compiling the dinner menu every night. Today I am not facing such problems, as I land on the sets of Shah Rukh and let him take care of the menu.

    I often say to my parents, 'when I imagine being married to an intellectual Brahman from Delhi - handsome, educated, who will spend all his time with me and our two children' - I say wow! But no thanks.


    I'd rather have an exciting life in Bollywood, where I spend the greater part of my time trying to find the whereabouts of my attractive husband. The most important thing is not to know where he is stuck, but to whom. You know I'm not a possessive wife. I belong to the cool variety. It's only so that I sometimes want to put a hidden camera on his body, so I can rauskriege whether he is in a safe hand. But the hands should not belong to any woman; on the other hand, she will be sorry that she has ever had any.

    To return to his filmmakers - I am very relaxed. (Just as cool as he is to them) If I happen to hit her on the sets, the first thing I do is to overhear them with compliments. "Oh, you look so beautiful and youthful". But in my heart, how I wished that they were 'ugly like sin'. Fact remains; You often do not get what you want! That is why I resigned myself to the fact that all the women who work with Shah Rukh are beautiful, indeed beautiful ugly. Wait, there is an explanation that they look so enchanting and attractive on the screen, it is called film beauty.


    Believe me, all star women should prepare themselves mentally with this theory, then the question of the possessions does not appear. Then you will build an atmosphere of security around you. On the other hand, the thought of a 'messed-up atmosphere' is very disturbing ... No, no, no, I will not be paranoid or maybe I am. Oh Shit! How could I be paranoid at Shah Rukh? Do you guys know that he is now easily accessible? Yes! Yes! It is the mobile phone that finally gave me the feeling of security. Can you imagine, I can find him wherever he goes.I could just call him 50 times a day. No, it's not that I'm curious. Just occasionally call to ask, 'When do you come home, you dog (Oh I'm sorry, Darling)'? And by the way, you ask harmless questions like, 'with whom did you speak today or whom did you meet?' Believe me; The motive behind these questions is certainly not to figure out which of his filmmakers he spoke. The motif is quite simple and direct. To remind him constantly 'boy, dance out of line and you'll regret it'. Oh my goodness! For me the mobile phone has definitely proved a blessing.

    But finally, Shah Rukh and I get along really well with each other - can be because he is my husband or could be because I've known him for 11 years. He is a very loving man. I swear he gives me more attention than anyone in the world. If he comes home after a hard day - rather tiring - he first hugs me with a warm-hearted smile. Only then does he sit down on his computer, but in these few hours everything around him becomes the props. Know what? I am the greatest among them. Followed by computer, his second passion is his LD Player. While watching the movie, I cuddle up to him and try to be sweet (just for the attention) that I definitely get. But only to quiet me,


    Now that you've learned so much more about Shah Rukh the man, I hope your sympathy is with me.Let me tell you another secret, he likes to call himself a slipper. He agrees with everything I say, does, does not do, would like to do. He respects all my choices and sees me as the master of the house. They could call him the most perfect husband, brother, and father (in the future). If you ever see Shah Rukh Khan running on the Carter Road, you will immediately know what he is doing - yes, he's probably running after me! I feel so strong and important in his presence. On the other hand, these are all trivial concerns.When it comes to making decisions that affect him, you must have guessed who the boss is. Good, This time I'm not there, now the thing is safe in Khan's hand. But once again, he convinces me that it was actually my decision (Gauris), which surpassed his.

    In no case would I call him a calculative or manipulative one. He's just like that. He makes me believe, 'Gauri, you are the greatest man I have met' (but only after him). No, you are in error, he is not pompous. That is how it is. After shooting with the most beautiful girl in the world, he will try to convince me that she is not really hot at all. But do not misunderstand him, he is not a liar or hypocrite. He's just like that.


    Did I confuse you about Shah Rukh's personality? But do not take this article seriously, I just try to follow the simple format of film journalism. This type of format includes exaggeration. And that is why film magazines are forbidden in my house. However, I have given my secretary strict instructions that whenever I find any suspect things written about Shah Rukh, I definitely want to have the first item on my threshold! But do not expect me to see these magazines. On the other hand, they come very well whenever I have to chuck a chicken with Shah Rukh!

    Ultimately, it is not the time you spend in the other. The point is how much time you spend together. All I can say is, love is in the air, anywhere you look. I do not know if I'm crazy or foolish. But this is something I must believe - 'Because it is when I look into his eyes
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    Thanks for the pictures and article.:)
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