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Shah Rukh Khan Exclusive Interview with Bollywood Life

Discussion in 'Dilwale Hall of Fame' started by mumbiene, Dec 29, 2015.

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    This is what Shah Rukh Khan taught me when I met him during my Dilwale meet!
    While I have taken a lot of video interviews prior to this, this was one of the biggest of my career till date...
    [​IMG] Tue, December 29, 2015 12:15pm IST by Karan shah
    Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most worshiped actors and human beings of all time. People have always told me that he is very humble and smart, but I had always told them that the day I would meet him, I will feel it for myself and tell them if it was true. I had already met the other two Khans of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, that too on quite a few occasions. While Salman was kind and bindass, Aamir was quick and thoughtful. But, it was Shah Rukh that I had not met or interacted till now. But, I guess it was fate that I finally met him during an interview for Dilwale. You see my colleague was going to interview him earlier, but it got cancelled and when it was rescheduled, I was told to go.

    This is how it went down. I was at the Red Chillies office and while waiting for my turn to interview King Khan for his recently released film – Dilwale, I started feeling nervous. While I had taken a lot of video interviews prior to this, this was one of the biggest of my career till date. I was at the venue since 6 pm and I was practicing my intro and questions all the way from my office to the venue.

    That day, SRK had just come back from the Bigg Boss house early in the morning. He had slept in the morning and got up very late in the afternoon. So, the interviews were delayed and they started only at 9 pm. All the while, I was talking to my fellow journalists and thinking how would I break the ice with SRK.

    At last my turn came at 10.30 pm and as I entered the room, I saw a very exhausted Shah Rukh sitting in a chair as my camera crew prepared to roll. As I entered the room, the actor spotted me and he got up from the chair and said, ‘Hello.’ He even told me to come in and sit as I went on to introduced myself as ‘Karan Shah from BollywoodLife.’ As I got comfortable in my chair, it struck me that even though he is such a huge personality, he got up, acknowledged my presence and even welcomed me, this is something only a very down-to-earth and humble person can do.

    Meanwhile, as we were getting ready to roll, I saw SRK flipping through news pieces, twitter notifications and calls on his cell phone. My crew was taking a long time to set and while I was getting anxious about the time being taken, Shah Rukh Khan was all cool and composed in his chair, looking at the cameras. I have to mention, I have seen a lot of celebs not being happy abut the time being taken for the set up, however King Khan didn’t make me feel that at all.

    At last my crew was ready and before we started, I asked SRK if we could roll. He said yes and we started. He revealed to me during the interview that though he was very tired because of the hectic schedule, he is happy that his film is doing well and people are liking it. His knowledge about the box office and the percentage effect Bajirao Mastani had on Dilwale‘s collection due to the clash, was mind boggling. While interviewing him, I even realised how intellectual and spontaneous he is. He doesn’t think much before answering and he answers from the heart and apart from all this, he knows everything happening around him. So if you were to throw a doosra at him, he will judge it and hit you for a six.

    I wrapped up the interview within 15 minutes and thanked him. After the interview, he himself got up, removed his mike and handed it over to my camera man. When I requested him for a picture, he agreed happily and posed for with a smile. After that as I thanked him, he shook my hand and said welcome. He then went and sat back in his chair, waiting for another journalist to come in and interview him.

    The whole experience, from the start to end, took a while to settle in, nearly a week. Within two years of being in this industry, I have been able to interview all the three Khans and also learn a new life lesson. The lesson I learnt from Shah Rukh Khan is very straight forward – Be simple and humble even though you become the most popular person ever, because that simplicity and humbleness will make you the bigger man and not the money or stature.

    Check out my full video interview with Shah Rukh Khan below to get more references of what I meant to say:

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