Shah Rukh Khan at the Inauguration of Conares Mill in Dubai

Discussion in 'Launches' started by SharlaJ, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Db3aADfXUAE8vZI.jpg 30992340_485003208582768_8659869810768740352_n.jpg 30605264_588380648206425_1407340339131318272_n.jpg 31028442_179950966059597_6018121412244406272_n.jpg 30923469_2015936452004134_1721750851644555264_n.jpg 30830815_245975532807506_4960755903407063040_n.jpg 30856298_251485602085658_6071647253192245248_n.jpg 30603178_2062073597339291_985561425244061696_n.jpg 30605338_397529854046208_3424233552286318592_n.jpg 30855577_2153549824868251_2918926578282921984_n.jpg
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  3. rollercoast

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    Can’t believe He did all this in such a short space of time! Earning funds for the film? :D

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