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Shah Rukh Khan’s teacher remembers him

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by rollercoast, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Shah Rukh Khan’s teacher remembers him as a guy who used to enter the class late with a hockey stick and a backpack
    Shah Rukh Khan's teacher only has nice things to say about him.
    By moumita bhattacharjee | Published: September 5, 2017 3:20 pm
    Today is a special day. It not only marks Ganpati Visarjan but also is known in India as Teacher’s Day. It’s the day we honour our teachers for making us what we are. Shah Rukh Khan too did the same by sharing a video of one of his teachers who had a lot to say about him. He also has a message in the video saying, “Thx to each & every woman,child &man who gave me the confidence to say ‘I don’t know all’ & sorry for being tardy.” He has tagged a video of his teacher who revealed what he was as a student.

    The teacher says, “Shah Rukh Khan was a student of Economic honours from 1986-89. I taught him Statistics. I still remember him coming late to the class with his hockey stick and a backpack. But he was a very intelligent student. And he topped in Hansraj College. After graduating, he got a lead role in Fauji. From there, he has achieved such great heights. We are really proud of him. On this Teacher’s Day, I wish him best of everything in life.” The video definitely reveals a lot about SRK the student. We all know he was a scholar when he was studying and now we know he even topped his college. Well, now you know why he is such an intelligent actor. Check out his tweet right here…

    Thx to each & every woman,child &man who gave me the confidence to say ‘I don’t know all’ & sorry for being tardy https://t.co/sPN99lR3Ue

    — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) September 5, 2017

    No wonder that SRK always emphasises on completing education for his kids. He has been very clear about it that whatever his kids want to do, they are free to do so only after they get done with their basic education. We know where is that coming from. He has been a great student who not only used to score good marks but was excellent in extra curricular activities as well. So for someone like him, education is a must!

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