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Shah Rukh Injured on HNY Sets

Discussion in 'Happy New Year' started by mumbiene, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    Of course, you're right. I didn't even think of that. He could have worn hats like he has in the past, but they might have been knocked off. Also, he would be gentlemanly enough to remove a hat in the presence of a lady. The bandanna would be a lot more secure and could stay put.
  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Please i really need a Translation. My Friend with which i has a Phone Call Yesterday well she says Shah Rukh has worked with UTV so it must be true. She do not speak Hindi so like me too. How should i explain her that it is not true when i can not explain what that corpulent Lady and this Man are saying and how silly that is what they are saying. I want to meet her Today and i do not know what to tell her. :(
  3. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Or the bandana was for fun, to downplay the injury and mock the hoo-haa.
    He likes to keep us guessing and I see nothing wrong, whether it was a scratch or a near-decapitation. Whatever the media are bullsh..ing about this time, Anke you should just tell your friends to ignore them and have some faith in him. An injury happened, hopefully he'll be ok, what more is there to worry about?
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  4. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Honestly, it was such BS that I barely listened. I'm working out of the country and have very slow internet, so I can't re-watch it at the moment, nor do I feel we should justify this with a discussion, but since you asked, they were basically saying his attire, including the bandana with skulls is not appropriate attire for a wedding, so he was obviously seeking attention. They questioned how he can be injured, yet he so quickly rushed to the media, again, proving that he's obviously doing this for attention. I quite frankly zoned out after that. Also, tell your friend that whether it's UTV, Zoom, CNN IBN, etc, they all push and shove their way into his house on Eid, his birthday, etc, yet that doesn't mean they actually respect him and won't shy away from reporting utter nonsense. Shah Rukh working with a channel has no correlation with what's fact and what's fiction. You can also let her know what you know as a fan. That for a man who willingly works around the clock, not to mention, has so many businesses, brands, films, etc, counting on him, it's common sense that he, nor would most professionals, fake an injury. Maybe we can drop a 180 pound door on UTV's head and when they start crying, we'll tell them to stop faking it. I hope this helps.:)
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  5. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Thank you so much Kalee:) my Friend and me had to delay our Meeting till Thursday. But i had a Phone Call with her. And told her what you has writen me. And now she has no doubt that this *** is nothing else then fu%@ing Rubbish. She is a lovely One and a Fan too i really like her alots.
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  6. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Any production house while promoting a film works with entertainment channels for a program. Doesn't mean they create PR stories together. Wrt to UTV stars,
    Shah Rukh has always been somewhat irritated with them. Not just Shah Rukh, Deepika and many others.. They are very irksome. Because, they think stars need them for publicity. If stars do not give interviews to them, they edit already available footage in some event or the other, and give negative twinge to them. Fearing this negative publicity, filmstars end up being nice to them.

    They have a grudge on Shah Rukh. After this incident, Shah Rukh in his Colors party dress came up to their camera and told them straight on their face, "Whatever you are showing on your channel is wrong". Cool right? That particular snippet that they have created a new video saying 'He either acts nasty to media or begs for media attention. Shahrukh is old and he needs to work on his old age attention issues.' That video made my blood boil.

    Just look at their coverage of other actors, its worse there too. Lehren, UTV Stars, Desi mad, Bollywood CIA are all source of junk like that. Zoom TV gets 50% junk and 50% regular interviews. This person called Simi in Zoom TV, has spoiled it. Earlier they did stuff like 'rise and rise of Shahrukh' etc ... Now the junk in Zoom TV is increasing.
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  7. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    All entertainment channels crap shoot. Because it is only sold. Young people are no longer watching television and listening to what the **** they show. Maybe the rest of the to learn from young people ignore the media.
  8. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Most welcome, glad everything went well.:)

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