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Shah Rukh Injured on HNY Sets

Discussion in 'Happy New Year' started by mumbiene, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Shah Rukh Khan injured during film shoot, rushed to hospital
    HT Correspondent
    New Delhi, January 23, 2014
    Actor Shah Rukh Khan suffered minor injuries while shooting for filmmaker Farah Khan's next, Happy New Year at a suburban five-star, JW Marriott on Thursday. He was rushed to Nanavati Hospital.

    HT is informed that a door fell on him. However, SRK is stable now and is likely to resume shooting soon as well.

    Dr Ashok Hatolkar, medical superintendent at Nanavati Hospital, says, "He (SRK) has sustained a minor bruise, which the doctors have taken care of. He is completely fine."

    An official statement from SRK's office reads: "Shah Rukh Khan had a minor accident on the sets while shooting. He has a minor injury and has got the necessary medical aid. He is absolutely fine now. Thank you for all your wishes!"

    When contacted, actor Sonu Sood, who is a part of the film, and was present when the accident happened, says, "There was a problem with the hotel's door hinge. It fell on his head while he was passing through. He had suffered an injury on his head, but is doing fine now." -
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  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Injured SRK discharged, back to work

    By Indo Asian News Service | IANS India Private Limited/Yahoo India News – 16 minutes ago

    Mumbai, Jan 23 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was taken to a city hospital following a minor injury that he suffered while shooting a film here Thursday, has now been discharged. He is going back to work, said his spokesperson.

    "Shah Rukh got a slight cut on his forehead and he was taken to the hospital as a precaution to make sure there was no serious injury. He is going back to work now," the actor-producer's spokesperson told IANS.

    Shah Rukh left the Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital here Thursday afternoon after he sought medical aid for the injury that he is said to have suffered during the shoot for Farah Khan's "Happy New Year".

    His wife Gauri Khan was by his side. However, she left the hospital premises a few minutes before SRK. There was tight security outside the hospital.

    A source had confirmed to IANS that SRK was in the physiotherapy department of the hospital.
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  3. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    pheeew thanks God he is ok!! "He is completely fine."
  4. starstar

    starstar People are not perfect (except when they smile)

    It's a relief to know that he's perfectly fine now.
    I can't help but being amazed at his professionalism, since he's back to work quite quickly.
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  5. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    Glad he is doing fine now. It was breaking news in here a few hours ago so happy to know he is doing better.
  6. niloofari

    niloofari LOVE SRk

    oh God ....cant believe it! am so sad hearing that, wish he had rest more
    thank you God, plz save our hero Shah Rukh Khan from every bad things that may happen
    cant even tolerate small injury , my heart will be broken, plz save him Dear God
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  7. chandu28

    chandu28 Well-Known Member

    God.............hope everything is fine with Apna SRK. Love u Shah Bhai, get well soon and give us another big blockbuster,
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  8. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    Oh....Poor Shahrukh again surgery.......why always is him ?:Cry: Thank God now he is ok .I hope everything is fine..:heart::hug:
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  9. sistlashyamu

    sistlashyamu Active Member

    OMG !!
    the moment i read srk had an injury i was damn tensed...it seems he was shooting in a 5 star hotel and there was a hinge problem with a door bell there and when SRK was passing by it fell on his head !!
    hearing this i felt the pain...i mean just imagine when our finger gets stuck in the door only some times we tend to scream with pain!and if a door bell from a 5 star hotels rooftop falls it is understood that it fell from so much height..and it is not light weighted too!im still feeling the pain..!
    Thank God he is fine now. and it was not a major one like some of his previous ones!
    he aldready has many injuries and i dont want sm more no matter a major or a minor one to add up in his account!! :!
    any ways hes fine now..and im damn happy and relaxed !! :D
  10. Vegainko

    Vegainko Well-Known Member

    . I was shocked ... But as presented ... that he was hurt :(
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  11. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Was shocked too hearing this news from our local TV!:eek: Wish he think about his health first & take a few days break to rest.
  12. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    "SHAH RUKH KHAN ‏@iamsrk Have a few tests to do & Insha Allah all will be good.Few scars maybe. Will show them off cos as they say there r no scars for happiness."

    I wonder if they are worried he might develop subdural hematoma like Hritick Roshan, who had to have brain surgery from his traumatic head injury. Everyone is probably a lot more worried than they will let anyone know. My Dad fell and had subdural hematoma which required surgery. It was days after the fall before more serious symptoms developed. It's a fixable problem, but really can disrupt a person's life for a brief period of time.
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  13. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    My first reaction was someone sue the Hotel! But now I'm just glad he is alright. Couldn't ask for anything more. Alhamdulillah he is all well.
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  14. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    wait! head??!! he was leaving hospital with the sling on, but the head was not covered and he gone back to the shoot. if it was his head and seriously, he would've stay at the hospital or home! and OMG! don't mention brain surgery please!
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  15. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    don't know if I should post it here, if not, I'll delete. did you guys saw this

    Shah Rukh Khan's injury not 'ok', Friday shoot cancelled

    Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan`s injury, which his...ahem...colleague Salman Khan has described as "ok" is not so okay. According to an eyewitness, Shah Rukh was not just injured but also badly shaken by the accident.

    "Shah Rukh was shooting with Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Deepika Padukone for Farah Jhan`s `Happy New Year` when a heavy 10x5 door came crashing down straight towards Shah Rukh. He ducked. But couldn`t escape entirely though. He had bleeding gash on the right side of his forehead. His knee was also injured," said the eyewitness.

    Worst of all, Shah Rukh`s shoulder which has undergone several surgeries took the weight of the falling door.

    Says the eyewitness: "Shah Rukh was in a lot of pain. He is also become frail because of the repeated injuries and surgeries. The entire team went to the hospital with him. They were there for more than four hours. Thorough tests including CT scan and an MRI scans were done."

    The test reports are awaited.

    In the meanwhile, Shah Rukh insisted on returning to shoot after the hospitalization.

    Says the eyewitness: "Shah Rukh and the entire team went back to shoot at the Marriott. Shah Rukh had his hand in a sling. He took of his sling and did his shots. But he was quite shaken. The shooting has been cancelled on Friday to allow Shah Rukh to rest."

  16. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    Oh my God! I came just now and see this. I'm really scared for him. A heavy door... only because its hinge was not right, it had to fall, that too exactly when the shoot was going on, and that too exactly on our dear Shahrukh. :doh:
    Now in every single year he's hurting himself in some way or the other! Plese God save him! Please no more injuries! :pray:
    Get well soon Shah
  17. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    I guess, that is they took the MRI scan, to check for subdural hematoma. He got medical attention. So, don't worry. Though, he must be little shaken up.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
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  18. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    While reading that he was sent to the hospital injured my heart fell to the center or the earth. I didn't care much about how it happened, I just prayed that he was okay. SRK's safety means more to me and I'm sure to all of us than anything. I know that the world of theatre and cinema can be dangerous. A close friend of mine had an arm chair fall on her in a high school drama production, cutting her up pretty badly. It was scary f0r her to have it happen and scary for me to watch. I can only imagine how it was for SRK and the people who were with him. My thoughts of safely, recovery and comfort go to SRK and his family.
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  19. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    hope he is well inshallah god bless him
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  20. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    Who to believe? I googled "SRK injured" and came up with 202 news articles.

    The first article above quotes his doctor as saying: “Dr Ashok Hatolkar, medical superintendent at Nanavati Hospital, says, ‘He (SRK) has sustained a minor bruise, which the doctors have taken care of. He is completely fine.’ “

    This unknown tweeter, dharmesh thakkar ‏@news_houndz, says: “@iamsrk gets 5 stitches on forehead and bruises, cuts on face and hands after door crashes while shooting Happy New Year at Marriott, Juhu”

    SRK is talking about “a few scars, maybe.”

    Since I tend to believe SRK, perhaps Dr. Hatolkar wasn’t being entirely truthful. A minor bruise wouldn’t leave scars (plural), would it?

    “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.”
    Mark Twain

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