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Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan attend the pre-engagement bash of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta

Discussion in 'Personal Life' started by SharlaJ, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member


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  3. skrogers

    skrogers Southeast Connecticut, USA

    What's with the big ring on right hand? it there then in other pictures it isn't. RING 2.png Ring at Ambani's.png Looks like a ruby
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  4. ashi2

    ashi2 in love.......

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  5. skrogers

    skrogers Southeast Connecticut, USA

  6. ashi2

    ashi2 in love.......

    no idea why others not wearing..but now days at party guests are given token like this as fun quotient ,but not everyone take it..so i just thought ..it could be like that..
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  7. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member

    Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan attend Engagement Party of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta

    35399743_228476351281166_6271048879504883712_n.jpg 35531934_819013564953888_2625309303824711680_n.jpg 36136333_1512763655496659_5283764442230685696_n.jpg
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  8. Kalee

    Kalee I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Wow...what a beautiful couple...God bless them.:heart:

    Thank you!!:)
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  9. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member

    Aryan and Gauri Khan at Akash Ambani and #Shloka Mehta’s engagement celebration.

    36085213_477658709323124_1224381170477694976_n.jpg 35617741_401698613569241_7393048208718430208_n.jpg 35295724_1742018619247663_7277619601133797376_n.jpg 36113537_856593997864820_8055010391106781184_n.jpg 20180630_135301.jpg
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  10. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member

    35576008_430943484088378_3046334661404917760_n.jpg 35520448_217757898846072_5973260577621934080_n.jpg 36085219_202793690375431_3273792242455674880_n.jpg 35483178_238065640121703_6363225298653151232_n.jpg 35575790_1046287392187606_5793320195451781120_n.jpg 36465707_430792020720770_3367181345619968000_n.jpg 36149565_243357566457314_24744650917019648_n.jpg 35574431_196369644407456_1678651529139060736_n.jpg 35575143_194470988064001_5744075646624071680_n.jpg
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  11. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    wow! what a rare treat :heart:
  12. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    What a good looking young man Aryan is, which is hardly surprising, but he will never, ever crack a smile for the camera in public. It's quite fascinating.
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  13. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    he's got a reputation to keep :biggrin1:
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