Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan attend Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's Wedding Reception

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    31166807_1583115288471644_8780715132322840576_n.jpg 31326578_205628333551564_5962820542917509120_n.jpg 31571336_651024761919226_822045212762177536_n.jpg 31463307_198138417647988_1505179741378838528_n.jpg 31385130_1690067321089630_905111804412166144_n.jpg 31244156_191363944838511_6727440943420538880_n.jpg
    31745561_2076178752653323_2301478347483381760_n.jpg 31364584_193949544569363_4701832107750588416_n.jpg 31326649_1809277979376902_8325000990340153344_n.jpg
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    such lovely photos :heart:

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