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Shadows and Sun

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by frenchfan, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    Hey everyone :grouphug:

    I know that there are two stories here which I didn't finish, and I hope you'll forgive me for that...I've had a kind of "block" and hope I'll be able to come back to the writers corner with the ideas I got now...
    I'll do my best to be more regular, if you feel it's worthy

    Chapter 1 :

    " Wake up, Sunnie..."

    Aw, his soft voice...I want to spend my lifetime hearing his voice whispering in my ear...No, I won't open my eyes, it feels so good...I guess he knows I'm not sleeping anymore since I can't avoid the big grin coming on my lips.

    "The Sun is up...My Sun must wake up too..."

    Talking about lips...He is not whispering into my ear anymore...God! Baby, you're not fair! kissing me like that won't help me to open the eyes...I am melting.

    "Well, maybe we should stay in bed a little more..."

    Well, I'm not melting now...It's more like a fire...going on my skin...lighted by his hands...all over my body.

    "I love the warmth of your body early morning"

    A fever! He puts me on fever early morning, that's a matter of facts...Olala!..he really...really is a magician.

    "I love the music of your moaning, Sunnie"

    Shit! Am I moaning from pleasure? ... He giggles! God! I am totally aware now... So many things to feel. I don't even try to pretend that I am sleeping anymore...He is on top of me... He is...everywhere! My hands are caressing his back, going through his silky hair...I'm kissing his cheeks, and start shaking feeling the dimples under my lips...He is smiling...Even with closed eyes I can see his handsome smile flashing through my eyelids.

    "I love the silk of your hair, ...Even when it goes sweaty like now..."

    My God! How is he able to even speak when....I totally lost it!

    Now our hands are pressing each other...the same strenght...

    Our lips are breathing together...the same oxygen...

    Our bodies are moving together...the same rythm...

    Our hearts are pounding together....the same concert...

    Our voices are screaming together...the same pleasure!

    Shit! tears on my cheeks again...Such a pity I can never hold them back when I'm too happy, just like now.

    "I love the drops of your tears which can only quench my thirst"

    He kisses softly my cheeks, then my eyes...and takes away the tears... He lies next to me, keeping me inside his hug.

    "And I damn love it when you look at me with your wonderful eyes"

    Slowly I open the eyes...

    Gosh! he is a dream come true....My dream! Each time I still got...surprised myself to say he is my husband....His brown skin is mine...His dark silky hair is mine...his big nose...mine! I love everything of him...Ouch! his naughty eyes staring at me under the long eyelashes! his knotted eyebrows....The way he bites his lips...I know that I'll never be able to resist him...And he knows it too...Look at this proud face!

    "Good morning...Sun of my life!"

    I laugh...knowing that right now, I look more like a redlight with my burning cheeks and messy hair.

    But he is serious now. He kisses my forehead and tightens his hugs before murmuring:

    "I love you, Sonia."

    Aw...Did I say anything about his soft voice already? Talking about melting...My voice is shaky when I reply..

    "I love you too."
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  2. franny

    franny smile!

    awww this is sooooo sweet :) and hot :D you should have warned us before...hmmm....too good :p

    awesome....go on with this and i hope you'll continue the other story too :) i missed your stories...
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  3. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    aw thanks for reading :hug:
    I'm glad you've enjoyed :p

    Well, about the other stories, I can only hope that writing here will help me to catch up with the feelings there...But for now I don't know
  4. franny

    franny smile!

    no worries...as long as you write this one it's ok :)
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  5. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    I love it !! :love:

    I dont know how.. but even though I dont even know his name yet... I already LOVE HIM !! :flame:

    Hope Sonia won't mind !!!!!!! :angel:
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  6. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    :lol: I wonder why you would love him :drama:... and as long as Sonia 's 2nd name is not Anne, I guess you're safe :angel:
    thanks for reading :hug:
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  7. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Well... i have got a very good and gentle impression of his so far:love: .. but if he is bad....:eek: i will..... LOVE him more.:heh:
    (I am loving 'bad' a lot nowadays.... say, the DON 2 effect!!:madgrin: )

    A request/suggestion : Keep his name Rahul, pls. Its just a silly request, keep it if only its fine with you :)

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  8. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    Shit!!! im imagining his voice to be Donish :target::target:
    LOVE IT :hugs::madgrin:
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  9. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.


    :lol: I didn't paid attention about the DON factor when I chose the heroine's name :tsk: only wanted the connexion with Sonia/Sun :doh:

    but you're right, if he says ...all what he says...in a Donish voice :faint: then I guess Sonia will be overwhelmed even more :faint: :eyebrows:

    But I can't call the hero Don...it would be too much :tsk: and Mark doesn't sound good enough...:madgrin:
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  10. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    Chapter 2

    I yawned and started moaning, feeling the warmth of the sun coming through the window... The bed was empty. Gosh! why did he let me sleep again? Such an ...

    Don't lie to yourself, Sonia, you can't be angry at him more that a minute...Especially after what happened this morning.....
    ......hello??? don't get all lost in dreams, idiot! ...Keep this stupid smile if you wish...He likes it, after all...but move! Bathroom , fast!

    After a shower I felt better...More like a human being. I came down the stairs of our little house, wearing a light blue summer dress. Blue had always been my favorite color, probably because it matches with my eyes...Karan aur Me, we both had blue eyes, from our father. Sahir says it's fascinating...well, on me, not on Karan !
    I didn't wear make up... It was a holiday today...And I had my hair in a ponytail, to feel more comfortable, because today promised to be a real summer day...already hot...

    I entered the kitchen and smiled with the smelt of coffee all over the place. Exactly what I needed now!

    "Hey, Sahir! you should have pulled me out from bed!"

    "I've tried HARD, Sunnie" ....Husky voice...So nattu! Shit! I am blushing...

    He winked over his cup and had a sip...Gosh! Did my heart just ...skip a bit? Control, Sonia!

    I poured me some coffee, kissed his hair ( I've always loved the smell of his hair...and the touch too...especially uncombed...) and sat next to him.
    We had a silent breakfast... Simply enjoying the coffee...and the moment! We had so rarely occasions of taking our coffee time together...Usually we wouldn't even sit down...I mean, he worked 15 hours a day or more...and I was the "Miss late" type one. Probably because I wasted so much time dreaming with eyes open! Let's say I was also the "thinking too much" type one..I was always lost in thoughts...talking to myself... But Sahir was happy with it...He would say that he could read on my face what I wouldn't say loudly enough...His exact words were : "I've made a partnership with your eyes, Sunnie....they give you away to me, always!"

    He took my hand and pulled it to his mouth, kissed my palm, before putting a small wrapped box inside it
    "Happy birthday"

    I frowned "Arre, Sahir, we've said no gift before tonight! you're not playing fair yaar" I said while pushing back the box on the table. He knotted his eyebrows and grabbed my hand again, forcing me to take it back.

    "Sonia, are you saying that I'm not allowed ot give a present to MY wife on her 29th birthday?"

    Now it was my turn to wink at him : "I thought I've already had it, that's all..."

    He burst out laughing...and blushed, brushing his hair with his other hand...Yes, I'm married to the only nattu on Earth who is also prude and shy! and he's so cute when he bites his tongue like that...
    "Well...then it must be my birthday too...because the gift actually was for me!"

    I sighed, taking up the little box. "Karan will beat me up and rant against my lack of patience..."

    He pressed my hands under his fingers, adding in a laughter: "Your crazy brother knows perfectly that he's not better than you on this matter!"

    "Sure, probably because we are twins"

    He nodded : "Right! and he better never try to beat you up...or I'll kick his ass and smash his butthead!"

    I gasped : "How dare you threatening your best friend? Without him...."

    He stopped me with a quick kiss : "I know...without him as my schoolmate, I'd never have met you. Karan knows I'll always remain thankful to him for having introduced you in my life...But he knows that if I had to chose, there's not even a second needed to take the decision: it's you! has always been, will always be : You, no matter what!"

    "Oh My God! Sahir you're crazy!" I had unwrapped the box, it was a jewel case; inside it, a simple but so beautiful necklace, with a solitaire.
    I looked at him with eyes wide open. He was grinning.

    "Won't you cry a bit?" I slapped his hand and nodded as no, feeling the stupid tears coming to my eyes already. He stood up and came behind me to attach the necklace...Uffu, feeling his fingertips and his breathe on my neck made me shiver...I closed my eyes while he untied my hair. He kissed my neck, then came in front of me to kiss my lips...He looked at me smiling and whispered : "Beautiful."

    "Yes it is...Thank you so much"

    He giggled "I don't speak about the jewel, Sunnie! But I'm glad that you like it! and that Karan was wrong!"

    "Karan? kyu?"

    "Yeah! he came along with me to...help with the final choice. But wasn't helpful at all! God! You're brother has such a bad taste when it comes to you. He wanted me to buy a long chain necklace, filled with different colors stones..."

    "I'm happy you've taken this one!" That was true...Sahir's taste was alway sure. He had really an artistic vision...Not that creative...but he was fond of beautiful things...all kind of beautiful things...He helped me having the house decorated. He had valuable opinion on my clothes and hair style...and he had a wonderful look himself...Awesome!

    "I thought so too... A unique diamond is perfect match with you... As you're unique... There's only one Sun in the sky. There's only one Sun in my life."

    "I love you so much"

    He kissed me again on my forehead, had a glance at his watch...and let me go. My heart always aches me when he lets me go...that's stupid I know...but....shesh! I feel good only in his arms...
    "I must leave...A bit of work to finish...we'll meet at the party tonight; alright?"

    I sighed and followed him to the main door... He stopped and took me again into his hug. He knows me too well.
    "What are your plans for today?"

    I listened to his heartbeats before replying : "Shopping. I need to buy a gift for Karan. Then, I have to go & see Dr Sharma.... Normal check up!" I added before he started overreacting... "It's been a while I didn't go"..

    He bit his lips...I guess I know him to well also. "Alright. Tonight, then? "

    "Yes....I'll go earlier by bus to help Kareena with the dinner... Call me when you've free time"...The phone rang! We burst into laughter "wow! you're fast!" ... He caressed my cheeks and waved while starting his car.

    I ran into the house and grabbed the phone. "Hello? am I speaking to Madam Sonia Khan?"

    "Ji". My heartbeat went faster. This was the call I was waiting for...one month ago!
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  11. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    pregnant?! :madgrin: (let the drama to me Anne :heh:)
    this story is so sweeeeeeeeeet!! love is in the air :heart:
    and who is Kareena?! i just imagined the witch here :lol::peace:
    surprised to know that she has a twin brother Karan!! imagining KJo already :nod::lol:
    haye! Sonia is so much in love man.. and Sahir seems too good to be true :heart::love: Khan :faint2::faint2: can i be a Khan too :madgrin::target:

    U-PDATE! :becky:
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  12. franny

    franny smile!

    so sweet.....they are so sweet :) love them....more :p
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  13. Yeh Dil

    Yeh Dil He is my live

    Oh Anne, your story ist so sweet.:kiss: It tingles in the stomach.:heart:
    Please :typing: . Is it the new script for the new film with Shahrukh und Kajol. :director:
    :flame: What a scene. :violin:
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  14. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    Sooooooo cute ji love it:love: i want to lnw more :D
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  15. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.


    How could he ruin this wonderful evening? Karan is such an idiot! Can never keep his mouth shut up!

    All was going wonderfully. Kareena and I had spent a funny afternoon cooking, joking, making everything ready before our party at their place.

    I was blessed that my twin brother married a nice girl, who accepted me as her friend immediately. We often would have dinner for 4 : the double K, Karan & Kareena, and the double S, Sahir and Sonia. We joked about this often, but I deeply felt it was slike a sign of fate or something special. ..
    Because I was lucky enough that my husband and my brother were best friends. I mean, not only they loved each other, but also each would accept the relationship I shared with the other...

    Karan and me...It was really special since childhood. We were very closed, probably because of being twins...but it got stronger again after our parents death, when we were 14 years old. Karan was...all my world. And I meant everything to him. So, it wasn't that easy for him to accept Sahir's proposal. Ah aha! Yes! Sahir did it the right way : he went to my brother and asked him his blessings to marry me...Karan's face was too funny, his eyes were about to pop out of his head...and he chocked with his sandwich! Me? as usual, I was crying from happiness....Sahir stood seriously, holding my hand, waiting for Karan's agreement with one of his eyebrows knotted...As if Karan would have any choice! But those idiots played the scene fully : Sahir touched Karan's feet and my brother caressed my hair and gave me his blessings...Gosh! the tears I shed this day were delightful...

    We had met when students, Sahir was Karan's mate and their were associated in a project, so he came at our place to work....We were good friends...a trio...but quickly friendship disappear and love was here, we hadn't wanted it but it was a matter of facts.....and...omgosh! First, Karan and Sahir....they fought like dogs! I had to slap both their faces to make them stop! I had to threaten them that I will leave them both if they forced me to chose... And it worked, thanks God!...magically.
    Since that day, Karan have accepted us as lovers...and Sahir never complained that I need my brother's presence and opinion every other day, until today...

    We were a happy family on our own, and we had worked hard to make us a life. Karan and Sahir had become workaholic, they ran their own advertising agency, and their partnership was a win-win: Karan's creativity with Sahir's sense of business and realism...They had started really earning money a few months ago, which was really a good news; especially for me and Sahir. Karan was much more financially comfortable since his wedding with Kareena. It was a love marriage, but Kareena's father helped them with settling in their BIG house, and with everything else they would need.

    But Sahir's family was quite poor, and back home in Punjab, they couldn't afford sending him any money, which he would surely have refused, anyway. It was even the opposite: he would try to save what he could and send there to his uncles what he could from time to time....
    Sahir was quite "proud" about this kind of matters. And he never allowed Karan to help us either...which I accepted, willing or not...I mean, he was my husband...and I was used to live simply anyway! That's why the diamond today made me cry : I knew that Sahir had fought almost all his life to be able to get me such a jewel...and I've guessed how important it was for him to make those presents to me...

    Before that, we' d had tough days, we couldn't afford almost anything... Only eating without knowing hunger, and being healthy and together! I was happy with our life though... But Sahir couldn't bare it...because of me, precisely! He would repeat that I couldn't be happy living like that, that I deserved better than that...He felt guilty for not being able to make me a better life, and I felt guilty for putting him into those kinds of troubles!

    We had many fights about this stupid guilt... One day Sahir even asked me to leave him, and to accept a small appartment bought by Karan. Gosh! I slapped him so hard that I feel like my palm is still burning...He grabbed my hands violently with tears in his eyes and kissed my mouth passionately... Like all our wars, this fight ended making love too...

    I never could stand his sadness...

    Seeing the tears in eyes now makes me shiver...

    I won't cry, I never cry when I'm in pain. It's weird but...I know only tears of joy...When I'm sorrowful, I'm like blocked...I can hardly breath nor utter a word...But I can't shed a single tear.

    But Sahir's face now is...God! He is devastated....A mixed of sorrow and...Fury? His eyes are red and I can see his hands forming into fists...I should go and hug him now, we need to talk, to make things clear! But this stupid party is going on...and as it's my birthday, I'm the center of all attentions! Shit!

    His voice was so harsh earlier when he said to Karan : "Don't worry I'll behave! I won't be a popper in her birthday" He wasn't even looking at me and pulled my hand off from his arm adding "I won't be a popper in her life anymore"...
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  16. franny

    franny smile!

    hey.....what happened? why is he angry? :confused: o. o.... can't wait to know :p i love their relationship with Karan...a true family :) that's so nice....
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  17. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    Mrs. Anne :boink: i was just telling you to leave the drama for me but that was.. :scared:
    GREAT now we have to wait right? :frusty: what did Karan do that Sahir went so angry!?
    U-PDATE!! :moony:
  18. Yeh Dil

    Yeh Dil He is my live

    What a problem has Sahir. :noidea: Why is he so angry. :confused: Please write more
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  19. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    chapter 4

    Kareena shouldn't have made these drinks...

    Sahir has been drinking to much and...now...I start really feeling worried about what he might do....
    His eyes are like...shooting fire towards Karan. And.... Dammit! he keeps on avoiding to look at me. Though I know, and he knows too, that he's more angry at me...

    Oh God! Why am I not able to...go back in time? delete the past 2 hours? Erase Karan's stupid "Happy Birthday" speech!

    Speaking of the Devil...My brother was closed to me, he hugged me... How dares he? and kissed my temple. "Why did you do that, Karan?" I spoke with a rude voice, crushing my teeth.

    "What did I do?" He had an idiot smile...

    "Don't play now, Karan! Why the hell did you need to humiliate my husband?"

    He rolled his eyes to the ceiling . "Come on, Sahir has to face the reality, baas..."

    "Baas? BAAS ! you're ruining my birthday, Karan!"

    "And you're ruining your life, dammit!"

    "Haan, for her husband, each and every of our friends know this thanks to you, now."

    "Sahir..." I swallowed the words in my throat. We didn't see him approaching. He raised his hands to stop me from speaking. And he is not allowing me to touch him either! His other hand was carrying a glass, almost empty...He tightened it so strongly that his fingers were white... All his face was pale in anger.

    "Sahir... Karan didn't mean it" I tried again

    "Yes he did" He kept on ignoring me. His eyes were still stuck on Karan's face, who had a sarcastic smile. Sarcastic ! I think I might kill my beloved brother right here right now!

    "I'm sorry dude. You know I'm your friend and I love you. But someone had to say it! Refusing this job is the most stupid thing Sonia has ever done!"

    "Sure" Sahir's voice was hardly audible... He nodded...Painfully....

    "Stop it, guys! I'm an adult, and I'm free of my decisions... and it's not the right time to..." Hello? None of them seemed to have heard what I was saying. Suddenly, Karan sighed and extended his right hand towards Sahir.

    "Okay. Let's say I was stupid" Right! " Forgive me yaar. I'm always wanting the best for my sister.."

    "And you think I don't?" Sahir didn't take the hand... God! he didn't take it!

    "Answer me, Karan. You think I don't want the best for my wife? you think I don't work all day long only in order to give her the life she deserves? you think she IS NOT HAPPY WITH ME?" He almost shouted. All his body was shaking with anger... They were tears in his eyes....He took a sip of... whisky! My God! this is all going wrong....

    Everyone was looking at our trio now. Kareena had her hands covering her mouth and I could see surprise and fear in her eyes. I should have done something but...I felt like paralyzed...Not again! This is not happening now!

    Sahir slowly put his empty glass on the next table. He didn't make any more effort to low his voice.."Tell me Karan? You think I wouldn't give MY LIFE for her?"

    "Enough! you never did! she is the only one who did it!"

    Noooo Karan! I shouted...But the words were blocked in my throat.

    Sahir made a step forward. His face showed a perfect sorrow. But my brother didn't stop here.

    "Sonia had stopped her studies before... to help us completing our projects! She had been working in a stupid coffee shop to make things possible for me and you, remember? She had to wait til her 27th year to be graduated because you refused my money, and you both couldn't pay her studies! because YOUR dreams were more important than her's! and today what? She refused the best job! Do you really think she wouldn't like to be hired as the new fragrance creator of Enigma Perfumes? Do you think I will allow her to give up with all of her dreams because of y..."

    Sahir's punch on his face was so violent that Karan fell down, breaking the next table with the glasses all over it. After the noise and a quick shout coming from Kareena's corner, all was silent around us. I ran to Karan and helped him standing back. We both looked at Sahir in disbelief.

    He had both his hands covering his eyes...as if trying to avoid a terrible nightmare... He uttered with a harsh voice : "Don't you dare say this again. I would never ask her such a sacrifice"

    Then he lowered his hands. ....And finally turned his eyes on me. Gosh! I would have prayed for death instead of seeing such a look on his face...

    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    I tried with inarticulated sentences : "Sahir...It's not that...Not as simple.... Now... I mean.. Let me..."

    He closed his eyes "I can't stand this anymore..."

    And before I could say anything else, he gave me his back and walked to the main door.
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  20. franny

    franny smile!

    i think i understand him....he feels guilty :) you wrote is so well Anne.....great...:hug: now i need more...
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