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Sayani Gupta talks about homosexuality and life post the success of Fan

Discussion in 'Fan' started by mumbiene, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Sayani Gupta talks about homosexuality and life post the success of Fan

    Written By
    Written By Ushnota Paul
    Deputy Features Editor
    Posted Tue, Jun 14, 2016


    On a sultry Mumbai afternoon with temperatures soaring, Sayani Gupta and I meet at the Starbucks in Khar. Coincidentally, it’s located in the same building as Shah Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment’s office. She sits with folded legs on the chair and digs her fork into a tempting red velvet cheesecake while I sip on my frothy cold coffee. Two Bengalis from Kolkata under one roof are a riot. We're no different. After we've discussed everything from Howrah Bridge to maccher jhol, our conversation steers to her role as Shah Rukh Khan’s close aide in Maneesh Sharma’s Fan. And she tells me that the response to her role was splendid. “It was a difficult film to make and was special to all of us, especially Shah Rukh,” she says adding, “He has outdone himself. It takes guts to do such a film being a superstar.”

    Her big-ticket film happened because of a Facebook message from Yash Raj Film’s casting director Shanoo Sharma, which she read two months late! “I had met Shanoo after she saw me in a play called Noises Off. She told me I had an interesting face. But that I could never be a typical Yash Raj heroine,” she recalls. However, she went for the auditions and as luck would have it she landed the role in Fan, just when she was leaving for the London premiere of her debut film, Shonali Bose’s Margarita With A Straw.

    We both giggle like lovestruck schoolgirls the moment SRK becomes the topic of our conversation. “I’m not an emotional person. But I had tears in my eyes when I first met him,” she smiles. She says there’s a magnanimity about Shah Rukh that reflects not only in his films but even in his life. “He’s God’s chosen one. Even if he’s in a corner, people flock towards him because he’s so funny, warm and giving. He hugs every single person on the floor, including a lightman. He sits on the stairs and smokes just like one of us. He’s so cool,” she reveals.

    According to her, SRK is the most technically sound actor. “He moves a lot while giving his shot but he never goes out of his focus mark. No one can challenge him in technicalities. He’s so sharp,” she smiles. As an actor she’s never troubled by rivalry or insecurities. Leena Yadav’s Parched had her team up with Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla and Tannishtha Chatterjee. “When I signed it I had three scenes and in the end I had two. I did it because those two scenes were brilliant and people still remember them,”
    she explains.

    For Margarita..., they wanted a dusky actor to play Khanum, the blind girl, in contrast to Kalki’s fair complexion. Many were auditioned, some were even selected but they turned down the bold role. People cautioned her about the danger of being typecast but she went ahead with it. In order to play a visually challenged, homosexual girl, Sayani had to understand Khanum’s world first. She approached veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah for help. He showed her the exercises he had followed in order to prepare for his role in the acclaimed Sparsh.

    Says Sayani, “I woke up with a blindfold and did my chores with it on. I watched Scent Of A Woman and Sparsh.” She learnt Braille, stayed at a blind women’s hostel in Andheri and learnt how to walk with a cane. She reveals that Aamir Khan was so impressed that he thought she was actually a blind girl. She laughs, “Rajkumar Hirani thought they’d used VFX for my eye movements in the movie. I had to act out in front of him to convince him it was all natural."

    But she reveals the best compliment came at the South Asian Film Festival in Los Angeles post the screening of Margarita... “An old man walked up to me and said, ‘You were fantastic.’ When I thanked him he said, ‘I’m the editor of Scent Of A Woman Michael Tronick. Al Pacino was brilliant in the movie but after seeing your film, I believe you’ve outdone Al”, she beams with pride.
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    wow. now i gotta see that movie! i really liked her in FAN but it's the only movie of hers that i've seen
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    watch her movie "margarita with a straw" its one of the finest Indian movie...
    Dea says thanks.

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