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Saw FAN (no spoilers)

Discussion in 'Fan Member Reviews' started by Rishima62, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    What can I say - this movie could have been boring and average - could have been I wrote but it is not!

    And that is because Shah Rukhs performance as both characters is mindblowing!! It really is!! And Maneesh Sharma did a damn bold, modern and fantastic job!

    I can't say that much without spreading spoilers and that itself shows that the story is simple but yet complex if you know what I mean. It really depends on what a director, post production and last but not least the actor do with a script. The story is not really new but who cares when it is delivered in such a brilliant way. Of course there are some things which are not really logical but not in the way we are used to :lol: (no offense here ;)).

    I will watch it again tomorrow - maybe even tonite - then I will come back with a more detailed spoiler-alerted review.

    Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat mostly all the time!
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  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Awwwww you like it. Thank you so much for your Rewiev :hug: saw it now 3 Times ( was Yesterday again in Berlin for 2 Shows) And I'm still got Goosebums. Today i will go again and the next 3 Days too. :)
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  3. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    I was speechless afterwards (that doesn't happen often hahaha) and most of the audience was - they kept quiet until the end credits came to an end. And the backgroud score is amazing!
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  4. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    I said you will or ha ha. Oh yes after the first Time i needed a bit to realise The End and was really shivering so good is Shahh Rukh in the Film. And there some say he can not Act. Tsk And How Shah Rukh can Act. Just Wow
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  5. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    And without spreading spoilers - thank God for the end!!!!!!
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  6. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

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  7. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    Would you say it's one of SRK's best films and performances?
  8. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    actually no - his best performance since MNIK and even JTHJ I would say - for me a bad performance of his doesn't exist, only scripts and directors who are not able to challenge him and give him the oportunity to show his actings skills - having said this, even in the movies I hated (HNY for example) he tries to give his roles something unique - it is not his failure, when it might not work out. He has such outstanding performances in all decades of his carreer - Asoka, Dil Se, Devadas and and and

    But again he took it to another level - in both roles. I hope it will be recognized because otherwise I would be heartbroken.
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  9. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    On my way to see it now. 3 hours bus drive. I booked all 3 shows for today. So far the reviews are excellent! But again I wouldn't give much credit to it. Like you said his performances are always unique.
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  10. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    OMG! Pure genius. It's left me strangely elated and very sad too. My heart is still racing and hurting a little. Have to go now. Second show starts soon.
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