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S-R-K sections of book Bollywood On The Bend

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Book Club' started by Bridget, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Total recall, Bollywood ishtyle
    June 22 2010
    By Naomi Canton, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

    Jun. 22--MUMBAI -- A Shantaram-style Bollywood book, Bollywood On The Bend, incorporates anecdotes from an Indian journalist's encounters with A-list stars and an analysis of the world's largest film industry.

    The 37-year-old author, Sangeeta Wadhwani, spent six years writing the book based on her 15-year career as a lifestyle journalist in TV and print.

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    Shah Rukh Khan

    He calls back to talk about Gauri Khan's butt Based on a real experience Wadhwani has Tamana ring up SRK to ask for a comment on his fabled love story with Gauri Khan. She leaves a message on his voicemail, and is shocked when he actually calls her back to tell her that he had liked Gauri's butt and still remembers what she wore that day. He goes on to tell her how they broke up when he got too possessive, that her family who was initially against the marriage and on and on.

    Tamana has another encounter with Badshah Khan when she sneaks in to watch him shoot with Preity Zinta on the Dil Se set. She understands why he's called Badshah when he lets Zinta jump on to his back, even though he is just recovering from a back surgery. The eyes reflect pain, but the dimpled smile doesn't slip. It's a perfect shot!

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