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Rohit Shetty to get SRK and Kajol together?

Discussion in 'Moviewala' started by Dea, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    Rohit Shetty to get SRK and Kajol together?

    TNN | Aug 23, 2014, 11.51 AM IST

    Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol make an amazing pair on the silver screen. They have given huge hits to the industry. It seems that SRK and Kajol might again share the screen space.

    According to a report in Mid-Day, Rohit Shetty will direct SRK in his next and has signed Kajol for the film.

    A source was quoted saying to mid-day that the director has signed SRK for his next and has signed Kajol opposite SRK. The pre-production work is going on and soon he might make it official. Rohit is waiting to finish the final draft of the film and it will go on floor in the first half of 2015. Rohit is very close to Ajay Devgn and reportedly he played the peace maker between Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay.

    Rohit Shetty has always entertained us with his films and he is back again taking the franchise several notches higher in every aspect of film making! His recent film Singham Returns has won critical as well as audience acclaim.

    A gripping story, high octane action, power packed performances by the cinema icons of the country and foot tapping music complemented with memorably cult dialogues makes Rohit Shetty's films a hit.

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  2. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: please God let this be true! it's all over twitter as well!
  3. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Until Shahrukh himself confirms it...I'm not gonna get excited about it. It would be nice though to see them reunite.
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  4. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I second that.. moreover, it's been so long seeing them together now I lost that "jodi-frenzy" that I used to feel
  5. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    Srk films - the more the merrier
  6. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    didn't know where to post this ...

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  7. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    which reminds me: here, Shahrukh almost confirms Kajol will be opposite him in the film :p he quickly tries to cover up hehehe :heh: i noticed alright!
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  8. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    Well - I don't need her with him (sorry dear Kajol-Fans) - but if it happens it happens :). Important for me is, he is in the movie :)
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  9. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i'm not necessarily a Kajol fan but i love the two of them together onscreen. so i'm excited! and i always love it when he is cast opposite one of his former heroines. wish he'd be cast next to Madhuri again..
  10. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    Though I dont have a craving to see them together I'm curious to see them together under different direction to what we are use to seeing them in ie no karan and no yashraj. I also like the fact that the rumours are all with actresses that not the latest trend and considered seniors. It would seriously be awseome if he was coupled with an "older" actress and the film was a blockbuster. That would seriously be awesome! it would definately kill this notion that actresses have an expiration date hopefully.
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  11. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean but I don't know if I'd like to see him and madhuri as somehow she doesn't seem the same but I would love a wacky comedy with him and Juhi or a mature love story with him and Ashwariya ,even though I have never liked her as an actress somehow I think that would be nice to see or maybe explore a bit of a serous role with Rani..what ya think
  12. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    oh Rani too, haven't seen the two for so long.. Juhi doesn't do movies anymore, just the ocasional one or two, and i love her too. i admit i'd really like him and Aish together even though i'm not her fan.
    i even miss Preity!
  13. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Dea dear from which News Paper is this Article?
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  14. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    have no idea, i just found the pic :biggrin1:
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  15. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    The early expiry date for female actors puts the males into a difficult situation too - who to act with? There are so few mature women in leading roles they are invariably teamed up with women virtually half their age.
    It still works for srk, but only just, and obviously there is an end date to that approach. He is getting older but the age of the popular actresses stays the same.
    I wish there were more women who can play parts somewhere between the 'cute young thing' and somebody's mother, even if only to give srk more options of co-star.
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  16. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    I was also wondering how come the actresses don't turn to direction and production like the men do as they get older. If there were more female directors and female producers doing commercial cinema then surely women would have more longer careers as Shahrukh has said before that producing hs provided him with the ability to make films of his choosing instead of relying on what he is offered. when it comes to these things. It's a damn shame that Farah is the only one but they should definately follow her example however somehow I don't think any seem that bothered atleast as much as it bothers me as a viewer. Quite sad honestly
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  17. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    it bothers me that Shahrukh has to go and romance women half his age because the women he used to romance are considered "too old". that's just rubbish.
  18. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    Honestly I'm more exicted if he will work with Aishwarya again :)...about Kajol im not against but not so exctired like before....and honestly cant imagine Kajol in Rohit Shetty movie:lol:
  19. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    Aishwarya replaces Kajol in Rohit’s SRK starrer Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
    DC | Reena Kapoor | December 02, 2014, 06.12 am IST

    She has been in the news for her exits from big projects. After opting out of Ram Madhvani’s film, Kajol has now opted out of Rohit Shetty’s Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi. But what has been her loss, has turned out to be Aishwarya Rai’s gain.

    The actress who is apparently well into the process of resurrecting her career in Bollywood will be replacing Kajol in Rohit’s film.

    The film is a remake of the classic that starred Kishore Kumar and Madhubala. It was supposed to be Kajol’s big comeback where she would have shared the screen with Shah Rukh Khan once again after My Name Is Khan. “Kajol had opted out of the film some time ago. Rohit’s association with Ajay Devgn was the reason Kajol had given the nod to Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,” says our source.

    While the prospects of watching SRK-Kajol on screen together again might have been exciting, the anticipation is no less, to see how the famous Devdas jodi rekindle their onscreen romance.

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  20. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    wtf. since when is it named Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi??? and is every film Kajol is supposed to start in another comeback? she just doesn't do a film every year, what's so hard to understand, sheesh...

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