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Rohit Shetty clears the air on his next film starring Shah Rukh Khan

Discussion in 'Moviewala' started by mumbiene, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Rohit Shetty clears the air on his next film starring Shah Rukh Khan
    Monday, 17 November 2014 - 6:01am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

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    The actors and producers who once laughed at Rohit Shetty are now lining up to sign him. They are willing to bend over backwards when it comes to content, time frame and his fee. And that's because he has proved time and again that he can deliver. He has an enviable hit record. Whether it is action or comedy, he knows how to drive the audiences into the theatres in hordes, even as he drives himself into the hearts of all those he communicates with. Here, he talks about upcoming film and more...

    What is your next film?
    A film with Shah Rukh Khan. No, I don't know what it will be. It has been called Punjab Express, it was called Chennai Express 2, there have been reports that Katrina and Shah Rukh are in the film. Now the latest is it's got SRK, Arjun, Varun and Alia and it is a remake of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi and also a remake of Hum. So that sounds like are eight films which I am making in one year and I don't know which one it is.

    So at this point all you know is that your next film is with Shah Rukh...
    We are still writing the script. I will not lie and I will not hide. If I give a statement, I have to live up to that. The fact is I have not finalised anything yet. Shah Rukh and I are doing a film. We will start working on it and we finalise everything. We will start in March sometime because he is doing Fan, I believe, before that. We don't even have a title yet. And it is not set in Punjab for sure.

    Given that you are a workaholic and never take a vacation, how much time are you able to give your family and son?
    I try to give a lot of time to him because most of the time I am not at home or I am busy. And yes, I am a workaholic, so I have made it a rule that he trains in my office now. So I spend more time with him and then in evenings when he returns from school, my wife brings him to office again. He is eight and growing up now, so I have started giving him a lot of time.

    Are you quite sure he is going to be part of the film business?
    Oh, yes. He is a show-off and totally filmi. LIke if he goes to a restaurant without me, he wants the guys to know that he is Rohit Shetty's son. If he goes to a club, he will tell his mom or my sister or anyone who is with him to tell people 'who I am'. Hundred percent he is going to be in the industry.

    You said something about making him the biggest action star?
    Yes. Gradually when he grows up, and if he wants to do something else, once he gets more mature, then it's a different story but I want my son to become the biggest action hero and he has already started training.
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