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Review of new International Version

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Media' started by DianaDimple, May 17, 2010.

  1. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member

    KJo, refund my money

    MNIK director Karan Johar had promised to use the new cut to deliver an improved, slicker film. I have to sadly report that despite the shorter length, the new version is sluggish and heavy-handed

    By Aseem Chhabra
    Posted On Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 03:27:38 AM

    Karan Johar owes me $13. That is the amount I paid to see a screening of the international cut of My Name Is Khan at the Angelika Film Center — New York City’s leading art house theatre. I would not have paid to see the film, but there were no press screenings of this new cut, even though Johar could not stop talking about it, especially on Twitter.

    I know I went to see MNIK for the second time at my own risk. Johar had promised us an improved, slicker film but I have to sadly report that despite the shorter length, the new version is still sluggish and heavy-handed. It is neither cleaner nor better than the original film I saw at the Berlin Film Festival. The same version was also released in India, North America and elsewhere.

    Here are some facts. After the February release of MNIK by Fox Searchlight that grossed $39 million world-wide, as Johar said in an interview earlier this week, the director and the distributor brought in a team of editors to cut the film by nearly 40 minutes. The international cut was supposed to appeal to a more mainstream audience in the US.
    My Name is Khan’s international version earned only $7,080 as compared to the $4 million it grossed in North America
    As an experiment the new cut opened on only two screens in the US — the Angelika and Laemmle Monica 4-plex in Santa Monica, California. There was no publicity around the re-release of the film other than a couple of ads in the local papers. Not surprising hardly anyone turned up to see the new cut. The experiment that Johar had hoped would take his film beyond the desi market in North America was a failure, rather a non-starter!

    The numbers speak the real story. MNIK’s international cut earned only $7,080 in its one week run on the two screens. The Wednesday afternoon screening that I attended had three other people in the theatre. There were four shows each day, but MNIK earned only $258 that Wednesday. As compared to this, the film earned $4 million during its initial run in North America. MNIK is the second-highest grossing Bollywood film here.

    Back in February, I had highlighted the substantial flaws in MNIK and had written here that the film in that format would not crossover to mainstream American audience. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new cut had a lot of the embarrassing sequences edited out. Most of Rizwan Khan’s journey to the stereotyped African American community in Georgia is gone. In a brief section, Khan shows up to help the hurricane victims, but it is never explained what draws him to that community.

    Gone is also most of Khan’s encounter with President Barack Obama at the end of the film. That scene had made me cringe in my seat. In the new version, we do hear Obama’s voice and see his face in quick cuts.

    A security personnel walks up to Khan, mentions to him that the president would like to see him and then the screen goes black. We hear Shah Rukh Khan’s voice “Mr President, my name is Rizwan Khan and I am not a terrorist,” and then suddenly the credits start to roll. Also cut out is the silly and odd conversation between Khan and his wife, as the actor playing Obama looked on.

    But despite these cuts, the troubled soul of MNIK still survives. Shah Rukh Khan still does his Rain Man/ Forest Gump act and remains the Bollywood star, trying very hard to be a complete Rizwan Khan, but rarely succeeding.

    The flirtation and love between him and Kajol’s Mandira is an extension of the chemistry the two have portrayed in their many screen appearances. They never stop being the stars of DDLJ and many other films.

    Finally the writing of MNIK and Johar’s direction is too obvious, packed with underlined statements. Things have to be explained and spoken out or else there is a fear that the audience will not get the film. I felt cheated watching the international cut of MNIK and so, for that reason, Johar should refund me my money.

    Aseem Chhabra is a freelance writer based in New York who has previously written for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer and Time Out, New York

    Ahmedabad Mirror.com
  2. Number8

    Number8 Well-Known Member

    Seems like this guy needs money thats why he writes such a review to get some money...
  3. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    this guy is so full of himself.. seems like he was expecting a completely different movie the 2nd time around. if you didn'tlike the first version.. why go watch it again? :twitch: give me a break! and he's probably freelancing.. bc no one will hire him.. bc of his TERRIBLE taste in movies!
  4. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I guess he is broke now and need that $13 now.
    ...but in a way even though I was trying to be positive and have all hope, I expected nothing great to come out of this cut version, because only a FEW people outside the BW audience know of this movie:tsk:
    FOX did nothing to help at all.
  5. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    ...FOX did nothing to help at all...

    Meshanna, this has been bothering me a lot lately!

    What happened to seeing previews and posters and some kind of advertising for MNIK here in the US? I amtruly disappointed. I thought it was going to have somegood exposure for my friends and family to get excited about. But as I see it right now, MNIK is dead in the water here in the US. I hate to say that, but nothing is leading me to believe anything else. Where is Fox Searchlight Studios right now? :mad: I have not seen any "promotion" other than to hear of only a few like New York or LA. There are a lot more of us in between those two places!!!
  6. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Whoa! What a dumbo to expect a new movie? It truly seems like he does not know the ABCD of movies AT ALL!

    And I agree Fox sucked at promoting this movie, in fact they added additional problems since they have not released the DVDs here in US OR the new version, thumbs down for Fox!
  7. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    how dare is this guy to write such horrible things? :mad: y on earth did he went to watch it again if he didn't like it the first time? :mad: stupid me y did i ever read this article :frusty:
  8. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I agree!
    maybe we should tweet them about how they suck!
    MNIK is better than some movies they do. Karan should have go without them.:tsk:
  9. ShahRukh's Jungli Billi

    ShahRukh's Jungli Billi Shahrukh's JungliBilli

    Hey Meshanna.

    i know the feeling i havent seen one thing here in SA about it at all.. so i came up with my own way of promoting MNIK here at the AMC 24 Hopefully they'll listen to and maybe this pagal journo would come and see it with me so i can tell him what he's missing.. I am expecting a full audience on the opening show when it releases here.. cross your fingers.... heck i'd pay him back the $13 bucks if he could at least watch with an open mind..
  10. pleasant

    pleasant Active Member

    It's a good idea to tweet them to tell how bad their promotion and release strategy for MNIK has been for the international version. Who do we tweet to though? Such a beautiful movie and fantastic performance of SRK is going unnoticed. Probably, SRK and Karan on their own could have done a way better job.
  11. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    me too Samantha. I hate how people always have a close mind to Bollywood. it's not that it's not good, its their close mind. They want to live in the bubble. Its like the rest of the world doesn't exist unless they see something on the news and want to comment on something bad that is happen in the rest of the world, or they want to go for vacation.:rolleyes:

    anyways i wish you good luck on what you are working on. Hope it happen.:thumb::thumb:

    exactly what I said a few times before.:tsk:

    they are on twitter:)
    everyone is on twitter:D
  12. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member


    My Name is Khan DVD Review
    By Filmicafe.com, 12 August, 2010
    His Name is Khan and He is Different.

    A simple man with a simple message, “My Name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.” Through simplicity, naivety, innocence and goodness a simple man with a simple message captures hearts in this Karan Johar directorial venture starring the legendary pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

    ‘My Name is Khan’ is the triumphant story of a simple man, an unconventional hero overcoming obstacles to regain the love of his life. Rizvan Khan, a Muslim man from India, moves to San Francisco to live with his brother and sister-in-law in a new and known land. Rizvan, who has Aspergers, falls in love with Mandira. Life is a bed of roses until September 11, 2001 when everything turns thorny as the world around them changes monumentally. When tragedy strikes, Mandira is devastated and they split. Confused, upset and perplexed at this sudden turn of events, with the love of his life no longer by his side Rizvan decides to win her back by embarking on a touching, inspiring and riveting journey across America.

    With a running time of 2 hours 41 mins (161 mins), the DVD includes 20-minutes of extras consisting of several featurettes and two promotional music videos. The making segment is especially well-presented with a definitive narrative quality and is supplemented with commentary by Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan.

    The DVD is now available from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and is timed perfectly for India's Independence Day celebration. Showcasing the changing times in Bollywood and the enamouring on-screen pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, this one’s surely a keeper.
  13. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    WAIT, I am behind so help me. This is the cut version?

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