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Remix King Hits High Notes

Discussion in 'Happy New Year' started by SharlaJ, Mar 18, 2014.

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    Remix king hits high notes
    Mar 19, 2014 - Nivi Shrivastava | Age Correspondent


    This Delhi-born DJ is always belting out songs about the happy times, and even though he is famous for his awesome Bollywood remix tracks, he likes to keep things simple. Meet DJ Khushi, who is currently working on his next big Bollywood project with Shah Rukh Khan for Happy New Year, which is being directed by Farah Khan.

    After his successful Chammak Challo remix, the artist has gained SRK’s support for Happy New Year soundtrack and speaking about it he says, “The original music of the movie is by Vishal and Shekhar, who have come up with really cool music. Since the movie is a light-hearted film, the musical score is mainly upbeat and there are some really awesome party tracks, which I will be remixing for the movie.”
    Speaking about his work experience with Shah Rukh, Khushi mentions that he is one of the finest professionals in the film industry. He says, “SRK took personal interest in the music of this film as he understands that good music plays a very important role in the success of the film. He believes that music is the essence of the film so he was involved throughout the album.”

    Apart from the big Bollywood offer, DJ Khushi is also looking for some global success and he recently collaborated with renowned DJ Peter Brown on a track called Party All Night, which was signed by the House Session Records. Speaking about his international ventures, he says, “I have collaborated with Peter Brown, the resident DJ of famous nightspot Pacha, Ibiza; the track is called Party All Night. Also I’m working on a new international track called Get Down with Dany Cohiba, which will be released in June. I am also in talks with other global artists like Akon, Rihanna and Chris Brown for some upcoming collaboration projects, to establish myself as an international artist.”

    He adds, “In India, we still don’t have any artist who is known internationally for popular party music. So I want to make it big internationally and take Indian music across borders. When I was growing up, hip-hop was a big rage, and now EDM has taken over. Similarly, I want to develop a signature style of music that will be a fusion of Indian melodies and international beats.”

    Speaking about his favourite music, DJ Khushi, says, “I am very fond of melodies, even when I’m remixing a track I keep in mind not to disturb the melody of the song. Personally, I love playing music from the 70’s and classic rock, however, among Indian audience Bollywood still rules.”

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