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Redchillies.VFX: A journey of 10 years, adding our magic to Indian cinema

Discussion in 'Red Chillies Idiot Box' started by tasifa, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Redchillies.VFX: A journey of 10 years, adding our magic to Indian cinema

    It all started out with a dream to create the first superhero movie of India, and 10 years down the line the trio of founding members Shah Rukh Khan, Keitan Yadav and Harry Hingorani continue their expedition on creating yet another landmark piece of cinematic magic with ‘FAN’.

    Yes, redchillies.vfx turns 10 years young on 1 April, 2016. It all began way back in 2003-04, when SRK was on the lookout for a visual effects studio that could pull off some quality effects for his maiden venture under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner called Main Hoon Na. The duo of Harry Hingorani and Keitan Yadav met SRK on the sets of Paheli; when they exchanged ideas on pioneering a new venture under the Red Chillies banner, to later create a superhero flick starring SRK in the coming years, and thus began the journey of redchillies.vfx.

    Although the studio officially got established only in 2006, work on projects like Main Hoon Na and other films had already begun. The biggest milestone for the studio came in 2011 with Ra.One when there were nearly 300+ artists and 14 boutique studios working round the clock to complete the gigantic task of completing over 3,500 plus visual effects shots in the film.

    Over the years redchillies.vfx has built a creative team that includes a department of highly skilled compositors, animators, effects artists, editors and developers. The company also comprises of 300+ multi-talented artists, who work with Maya, Houdini, 3dsMax and Nuke. A dedicated team of engineers of the IT/System Support department manage the render farms, storage and other software and hardware resources in the studio, whereas the production/line producers’ team sincerely value the project delivery, and work hard towards achieving fabulous results.

    We are currently only 15 days away from the biggest and most difficult project that the studio has worked on in ‘FAN’. We have always been appreciated and recognized for our technical brilliance, effortless efficiency and creative genius. And as we step into our 11th year we promise ourselves and our ‘FANs’ to continue going above and beyond in the realm of visual effects and stay true to our DNA of developing stunningly realistic imagery.

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    Wonderful scenes! :D
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    @ferdbouk goodevening mrs planetsrk,very brilliant work,magnificant technology,happy journey of 10 years wishing continuing with their creativity VFC_redchilles ,amazing work especially with Fan movie,awesome i hope many successfully on work and really adding majic to Indian Cienma but for sure there is outstanding actor king SRK one the best actor in East&West Asia who gives majic&spreading smilles&pleasure to audience around world,thank you to give us space writing comments journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon tribute to great civilization of India
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