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Reckless Touch

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by maza, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Hi guyz , this story is in Process , HOPE u like it :)

    Kajol as Heer
    Shahrukh khan as Daksh

  2. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    I can’t escape! I feel…I won’t be able to run away from him….he stalks me , like a shadow would do….even when the sun is not around……No! I am wrong! He leaves my back when I put my feet out of the college boundaries….

    He is the richest and most spoiled boy of the college…what they say ah!! “Play boy” but I have never seen him with many girls yes I have heard that he changes his girlfriends like a tissue paper but he does not show it much….he keeps his activities mostly away from the college not that he comes and studies or acts like a nerd…..

    I need to throw him out of my mind….he occupies my every single thought! I don’t know if i am afraid of him or attracted to him but one thing I know is that my heart flutters up and down watching him near me or even he is ten miles away….his eyes hits my every single part equally…like a loin stares at its prey…..but I need to keep walk…Yes! I need to….i am here in the corridor of my college coming out after attending my economics class and he is after me…right after when you count ten steps….and he always keep that distance knowing or may be watching my pale face…..

    “Shut up!! Shut up shut up!! …..Heer”

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! ….look she is talking to herself again” one of the boys behind her have heard her babbling and said aloud making her more nervous…..

    “Shut up Guyz…let her Be!” it was him …who had made them quiet but she knew that he was not serious at all, by easily recognizing the tone of his voice…

    At least that much I know him by now! She talked to herself again and kept walking ignoring the fact that the group of the boys had turned to the stairs except one who was still walking quietly and steadily after her…….


    Ahh!! Why this girl has to be so lame? Cant she just know that since when I have laid my eyes on her I want her!!! ….her every single move excites me….i don’t know when she had joined the college. All I know that when she entered the economics class…the only crazy class we share together….she was nervous! She was late for only five minutes and for the first time in my life ….i was early in any class…may be I had to see her coming in the class and settling a position in my heart….

    There I sighed again and still walking after her and now we have reached the big college ground..... some of my stupid old girlfriends will surround my pretty peaceful atmosphere and ruin the soft smell which has made a spell around me….Yeh! its her scent…I wonder if she uses some flowers to bath….Damn! her hair are still moving with the slow breeze…I want them to put aside and take a whole look on her beautiful back…I can easily imagine the inside of her as well as outside…she is like a untouched flower from head to toe…. Her eyes gives a snowy touch when the sun rays hit them…..misty green!....her fingers are long and her hands will easily fit in to mine….

    “Shit!” she quickly turn around a little hearing him curse….so he was still walking behind and she thought….but how could he?.....their eyes has met for a small fraction of second and she found herself trembling from head to toe…..his eyes had shown so much in a small moment that she felt like running away….

    Yes! Yes! I am just scared of him…..yes I am……she told herself and literally ran away to meet her small group of friends consisting only three girls like her…..

    “Heer!” why cant you understand …we need to talk once before I lose my mind totally….you have to come to me in any case or I know how to get a thing by hook or by crook….you just don’t know whom you have come across….you wont be able to escape from Me!...

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  3. Egyptian Fan 95

    Egyptian Fan 95 Dreamer ツ

    I really love that name "Heer" :heart:
    Nice beginning.. i want to know what will happen next :bounce:
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  4. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much . sure here is the next chapter hope u like it ;):D
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  5. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    “Heer!” her mother called her another time and she quickly closed her book and got up leaving her study table to have dinner …

    But wait!! I have forgotten something…..what what what!! ….there opens my drawer and my secret cell comes out of it…..she talked to herself like other times and smiled while pulling the receive button on….

    “hey!” I don’t know what happens to me when ever I talk to my fiancée but I feel complete and content….thats how one should be when u are in love right! “you have called so late..now its almost dinner time and I cant talk to you longer” she replied softly after he greeted her…..

    “ok ok! You can come to meet me at home but you have to get the permission by my parents first…love u bye!”

    “Heer!” she quickly ran down the stairs straining her salwar….oh how can I describe the feeling when I see my family together on the dinner table….my father , mother and my two brothers….they mean the world to me …including my soon to be crazy husband….

    “You are late again!” it was her oldest brother who smiled and told her to sit next to him…..

    “Sorry Bhaya!” she smiled a little and started eating her food waiting for her father to say something…I am actually waiting when my father would say that I am allowed to go my fiancée’s birthday party next weekend….

    “Heer! You can go to the party but one of your brothers will accompany you” finally her father started bringing another smile on her face….

    ”Thanks Papa!” she quickly got up from her chair leaving every one in shock and hugged her father…..”you are great!”

    “ok ok! But first finish your dinner!” Nihat tapped her back and smiled while looking at others…

    “Thank you” she pulled back and settled on her seat again but the appetite was not anymore….she was so excited to go there….he had invited her friends too and could not wait for Sunday…..i knew my father would never deny my any desire…..i am engaged to marry soon after the college finishes and it’s not love marriage but he is the son of my father’s friend and we all are happy with it and with time I have started to like him more say love him….he is a great man one could meet…and there the phone bell interrupts my thoughts….

    “let me check it!” she said smiling while others continued eating…..”Hello!” she greeted after picking up the receiver but the other end seemed to be totally quiet…I don’t know why people call when they don’t have to talk eh! “hello!” she said a little aloud this time so some body could listen to her and she was succeed….

    “Heer!” the reply came in a mere whisper making her tremble all over….he was calling her again….it was not the first time he had called but like every time….he was succeed to make her scare…..quickly putting the receiver down she turned to reach the table again…

    “Papa! I guess we have to trace this number out…these blank calls are getting on my nerves!” her younger brother Mirub said a little pissed off and she passed the dinner with silence trying to finish the fear….

    What did I done to get such thing? I have not talk to him once , did not smile at him since when I have joined the college but still he always stalks me…should I just tell him that please stay out of my way! But how? I don’t even have the courage to tell him that….he looks so intimidating….all I can do is tossing and turning in my bed just like now and think about him….

    She might get lost a little more in her thoughts if her glass window wont make a sound scaring her more….getting up from her bed she pull on her shawl to see what had happened?.....


    She never answers me on the phone nor in the college! What does she thinks she is doing? And now I am here right under her nose….resting my back with my car's door and waiting for her to come on her window for that I had to throw a stone like a cheap and loser lover….and there she comes with the same fear in her eyes….i can understand her fear but she does not need to be scared…I love her , I am intimidating and a bad boy as per say does not mean I will harm her too…..


    “Oh God!” he is there….how can he? What if some one had seen him already but as far as I know he does not care…should I just plea him to go…Yes I should! This is the only thing because from last fifteen minutes we are staring at each other silently and he does not seem to mind it….


    ahh! Look at her…she is forming her hands in front of me at least it shows that she knows I am here…this is the first time she has responded to my actions and I am quite happy about it…I will leave but on one condition!..... Here comes out my mobile out of my pocket and I am gonna ring the bell….and there she runs away to pick up the phone….

    “Hello!” she looked around the hall and breathed relieved she had to move like light after she saw he was pulling his mobile out of his pocket he was going to call her again like other times and she could not risk the phone’s bell at this time…if some body would wake up…she will be doomed for no reason….

    “Heer! I will leave only one one condition!” his voice popped up as soon as she rested the receiver near her ear…..but she did not dare to reply….”At least say something and make a sign you are hearing me….i am not a monster or Am i?” he has started to get amuse again….he had an idea that what was her thoughts about him and most of them was right but he wanted to tell her that…he truly loved her and could not leave her in any case…..


    “Good! Meet me tomorrow in the college or I will wake your family up” he said simply and Heer’s breath had stooped abruptly…he was blackmailing her and she had not other option but just to accept it….she was badly trapped…


    “No buts! You have to meet me or face the consequences!”

    “you are blackmailing me!” she did not know why but she felt like crying suddenly….how come she met such man? She was more scared now…may be she needed to tell her brother or fiancee….

    “will you meet me or not!” suddenly his voice became demanding like he was starting to get angry….

    “ok!” she quickly cut in and put the receiver down to control her heartbeats……she had to go to her room as soon as possible but for what? Because sleep was not gonna accompany her anymore……
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  6. maza

    maza Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    “Katrina! Would you please just stay away!” he literally pushed her aside from his lap and looked towards the gates while his whole group of friends was sitting in the college ground …

    “look at Daksh guyz! Don’t you think he does not value us anymore!”

    “Shut up Kat!” Daksh hissed and tried to concentrate on the crowdy area again….Miss Katrina says I don’t value my friends anymore…totally wrong! I never value women….every single one seems to be like my mother who had left me and my father when I was only ten years old and guess for what?

    For another Man! And look at this girl named Katrina…one side she flirts with me all the day and in the evening she will go to movies with another boy….every girl is like that! Every single one but not Heer…Yes! She is not like others..i know she is engaged to married and she would never deceive her fiancé since she loves him a lot …her dear friend had told me about it when I flirted with her a bit not flirted actually! …Am I devil right of course I am! I needed to get information about her ..right way or wrong never really matters for me and it does not matter for me if she is engaged or not and if she pays attention to me or not…I want her and I will get her sooner or later!....

    “Look who is coming!” one of his friends exclaimed when Heer entered the gates with nervousness….her dupatta was slowly flowing with the fast wind and she was trying her best to set it on her shoulder unaware of the fact that her every move was taking his breath away….

    “I will be back guyz! “ Daksh quickly jumped from the bench and straighten his t-Shirt with the words written *Woo-Me* “But don’t wait for me!” a devilish smile encircled his lips as he started walking towards Heer ignoring the loud sounds of his friends’ laughter….


    Why this wind has to be so strong…and why I had to pick up such Salwaar which dupatta is nearly flowing like river under my feet…..Shit! there I stumbled over my feet and landed on to floor…actually not really!......................

    “Perfect landing!” an amused voice has touched her cheek forming goose bombs on her face in the process….she could easily recognize it with out even watching his face as his strong arms had imprisoned her waist and her face was hidden below his shoulder…..

    “I am sorry!” she quickly pulled back but did not see up to witness his face……her breaths has started to get shallow and her skin has become cold and sensitive suddenly….he too left her waist a little undecided and put his hands in to his pants….

    “Don’t be! I liked it” he winked watching her face and she quickly looked up to see him smiling…like always an amused and devilish smile was playing on his lips….

    “Excuse me!” she walked passed him and put her feet on fact acceleration…

    “You are forgetting your promise! And by God you have to bear it Heer!” he raised his finger behind her and shouted making her stop In her tracks….

    “I thought we met!” she rather told herself but he was exactly one and half inch’s distance to listen to her easily……

    “Not like this! If you want your soon to be marriage on place then you have to meet me in the backyard after classes…I will be waiting” he said simply and walked passed her leaving her with sheer dominance….he was again blackmailing her but for what?....what did she had done to get this? The same question raised in her mind and she started walking like a robot to attend the classes ……may be she needed to quit the college soon to get rid of him…


    Its been twenty minutes I am waiting for her under this big Tree and deserted backyard….but there are no signs of her….i feel she wont come…but if she wont then I have to go to her house again….according to her I am blackmailing her….but I have no other way to attract her towards me…she looks too much in her fiance that the world around her nearly does not exist….but I will make her realize that world do exist and people like me too….she will come to an understanding that I need her and she needs to be there for me…..

    Ahh! Finally there she comes and I can feel my heart beats fastening with her each step towards me…I just wish she knew how much I love her!....one , two or three and now I know she is going to start first I can tell by that beautiful face of hers….

    “I came here because I want to ask something!” she said meeting her eyes with him and gaining the confidence she needed at the moment…..

    “I am all ears!” he smiled a little and grabbed her arms in a swift moment making her shocked when her back touched the hard tree behind her….

    “What are you doing?” she questioned him with uneven breaths and found his face nearer than ever….

    “We should talk a little intimately at least…..when we are alone” now his both hands were making a prison on both sides of the tree…leaving no way to escape and she was just staring at his face dumbstruck…..” I am waiting Heer!” his voice became hoarse forming goosebombs on her skin…

    “I am afraid you..” but before she could complete he cut in pressing her body close to his…..”Daksh please! What are you doing?” her plea made him smile ….

    “Trying to tell you..there is no need to be afraid!” his amused smile made her heart shuttered down…..

    “I am afraid I don’t know your ways.... I am scared” a tear had quickly streamed down her cheek making him serious…..

    “Don’t cry! Please” wiping her tear he leaned to kiss her cheek making her stiff and stopping him from doing so….”fine! I won’t touch you if this is what you want but not for long” he pulled back both his arms and sighed long still watching her face….

    “please leave me! I am engaged and” he cut in again while putting his hands in to his pant pockets…

    “Does not matter! You have to be mine ….your fiancé does not have a big role in our story”

    “Our story”

    “ok! Love story!” a smile came again on his face which she always used to recognize as evil…..” you are engaged to a person..who wants a car in the dowry , furniture and a house wont be bad and you think he loves you” he laughed sarcastically making her nervous…how did he knows that my in laws wants all that?....”don’t deceive yourself Heer! He does not love you…nobody loves you like me and I will prove this to you very soon” he came closer again but not touching her this time…”and I will repeat my words! There is no need to be afraid….i will get you by hook or by crook”

    “Daksh! I don’t like you”

    “So what? You will start loving me after marriage” he winked with a victorious smile making her heart stop…Marriage? What were his plans? What was on his mind? …..

    “I need to go!” she placed her dupatta on her shoulder again which had slide down don’t know when and turn to leave but was stopped by his voice again…

    “Heer! Don’t you dare think to leave the college or I will come and tell your family we love each other and I know it very well that your family wont take a minute to believe”

    “You are blackmailing me!” she rushed to turn around but did not…..she had no courage to face him and tell that yes her family was too strict and mistrustful when it comes to girls….

    “of course I am because you are leaving no other way…..i wont take a minute to make them believe that we are emotionally involve as well as psychical” he said smugly bringing his face close to hers…..

    “You are!”

    “just Yours!” he laughed taking some steps back and watched her running out of the backyard till she disappeared from his sight…..i am not happy making her cry or blackmailing her but I have to do it….it is the first time …a girl is not ready to be involve with me and i can not take that….I love you Heer! And you have to understand it!...
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  7. Egyptian Fan 95

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    Update please :bounce:
  8. zahau30

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    i hope u are well i started reading this story again .it was going really good. hope u can update soon. take care.
  9. maza

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    Sorry guys , i was lost will update now :D
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    Chapter 4

    “Dad! I am in love with a girl!” he told his dad who had come after a long business trip from Europe….

    “Ah! Tell me something new Son! As far as I know you..you change your girlfriends every month!” Sharat kept reading his newspaper while sipping his coffee…it was not a new thing that he liked any girl but he was surely telling him the first time….

    “have I ever come and told you that I like any girl?” Daksh snapped making his father a little astonished throwing the fork which was in his hand a moment ago….

    “ok ok! Don’t be so offended Daksh! Calm down” his son was always a little short tempered but he knew it how to control it too….

    “Sorry!” Daksh apologized and wiped his hands with the napkin…..” I wanted to share it with you because I really like this particular girl and after I finish my college and join your business I would like to get married and settle down” his tone was more calmer this time as expected but that did not mean he was calm inside …..

    “oh! That’s Great!” surprise was visible in Sharat’s voice….”are you sure? I mean”

    “of course I am Dad! Or I won’t tell you” he has started to eat again by now but Sharat’s appetite was totally vanished hearing this news …he had never thought Daksh would marry any one since he had seen her mother and his split….he was badly affected by the name of marriage…..

    “Good! Am I going to meet the girl?” he smiled imaging his son having a prosperous life not like his….and the thought was not anything but great….

    “Unfortunately No!” his hand stopped from moving further as he was preparing to take another bite and he looked up to watch his father’s blank face…..”she does not like me!”


    “Yes dad! And she is going to get married to another guy but I wont let it happen” he said flatly and put the omelet's piece in his mouth…..

    “But if she does not like you how would you be able to stop the marriage and live happily with her if she is not ready?” Sharat asked perplexed watching him…he did not know if his son has some plans but if he would then they were not surely good….

    “I don’t care! All I know is if I wont marry her then I wont be with someone else…she has to be mine and I am telling you this because what ever I will do to get her…you have to support me ….does not matter if its good or Bad!”

    “Daksh! This wont be fair with her and” but he cut in again a little anxiously…..

    “Dad! Tell me one thing? Are you with me or not? Do you want me to see happy or not?”

    “I am with you Daksh! What ever you want!” Sharat held his son’s hand…he could not lose him for anything…he had always accepted or agree to what ever he wanted he still remembered how he had tried to commit suicide after his mother had left them even then he was only ten years old he was so sensitive that he used to scared for him the each moment he spent outside …he was the only person whom he had in his life….he was his world may be this had made him a little spoiled but he did not have a bad heart….

    “Thanks Dad!” finally a smile occurred on Daksh’s face….” I need to go dad!” with that he left the table leaving his dad staring after him as he grabbed his car keys from the side table and made his way out…..

    Sorry Dad! I needed to be assured that you are with me because what I am going to do is surely not gonna make a good impression on any one in your society since she is not as rich as us…..and now I have to get to college to see her I am very much afraid she will leave the college because of me but I have my ways to stuck her there till the last day at least….there my car starts and I am coming to you Heer!.....


    “Nisha! Why did you tell him that I am going to get married?” Heer asked her friend a little hurt…how could she do that? Am I that bad that my friends does not keep my personal life secret to such Stalkers….now I am more scared of him…I need to talk to my brother Rohan Bhaiyya the only life line I have for now…I feel Daksh is late for college today or he would have been here watching me from some where and it gives me a breath or freedom and relief…..

    “don’t worry he has not come yet!” Nisha said making a pout “and I am sorry but he actually blackmailed me for this!”

    “What do u mean?”

    “he blackmailed that he will talk to the examiners and declare me fail and trust me its easy for him he has money” Heer saw the water forming in Nisha’s eyes and touched her shoulder soothingly….”I know how important is for you to pass your exams and do a job Nisha! I guess what happened ! is happened and we both cant change it”

    “You forgave me!” Nisha asked a little hopefully and saw a smile on Heer’s face…

    “Yes I did!” she quickly hugged her

    “Thank you so much! You have a heart of gold just don’t give it to some one like Daksh!” Nisha said earnestly…

    You are right! I cant give it to some one like him…and you are right he must have blackmailed you to do this since he is doing the same with me….what does he thinks he is? I will leave the college as soon as possible and he will leave my life…..

    “lets get in to class!” Heer broke the hug and said with a small smile ..

    “Sure!” they both got up but was stuck for a moment as the person in front of them was blocking their way….

    “Going some where lovely girls!” feeling the quietness he said with a wicked smile but did not get a reply….”Heer! Nisha can go to class but we have something important to talk” he took a hold of her hand and pulled her with him…

    “But!” she saw Nisha helplessly and started walking with him with out any resistance…this is my fear I know which makes me drags towards him ,nothing else!! and here I am going after him again because I am scared he will do something I wont be able to bear…..


    sorry for the delay..hope its not boring! [​IMG]
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    Mazii is back yaaaaaaaaay:bounce::bounce:
    No it is not boring at all.. Going good :clap2:;);)
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    It is going great .don't stop updating plz take care I want to see what happens at the end .very exciting
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    Chapter 5

    “what do you want Daksh?” she literally cried as they reached the empty lockers room…

    “do you really want to know it!” he pressed her with the locker softly and put his both hands on it not leaving a way to escape for her….she just looked towards his face which seemed fresh showing that he had a good sleep last night ….but what about me? He does not know I am not able to sleep anymore…he interrupted her thoughts by saying…

    “You think too much..dont you?”


    “Sound’s good on your lips!” he winked and flashed his dimples but the room door was opened suddenly making them shift from their place to the corner of the locker where the entrant could not see them anymore….this brought him more closer to her almost blocking her air as she found his chest pressed near her heart…..his face seemed to be more glowing than ever as he leaned a little taking the advantage and stroking her bone cheek with his lips….she prevented her mouth from widely opening , and screaming loudly…his touch was making her more scared despite the fact that he was treating her like a rose...water was ready to stream down her cheek by the time…the person who had come to the room was gone…..as soon as the door closed she gathered the courage to push him away and watched his amused face….

    “what do you want Daksh?” her voice became heavy due to the tears which were stuck in her throat and it had surely affected him as he took a step forward to hold her arms softly….

    “You know what I want! And you don’t have to be scared” his thumb were stroking her arms gently but it was not affecting her at all instead she kept crying and formed her words to tell him she did not want anything with him….not with a crazy play boy…

    “Daksh! I will tell my family about you and I m sure they will believe me..they love me you cant blackmail me for long” his sudden hysterical laughter made her knees weak….

    “try out! It would be interesting really but that does not mean you will escape from me” he traced a line on her cheek with his finger and stooped abruptly….”I brought you here to show you something” he continued and tugged out some small snaps from his wallet making her gasped in shock…..her tongue tide up watching the pictures in his hand….”Nice! no?” he smiled smugly not caring about her dumbstruck face…”Well my friend took it the day we met in the garden for the first time and trust me i did not even know me but" he paused to look at them merely observing something " I love them…"

    “You cant do this to me!” she brought herself back from the shock and watched in his sharp eyes…..

    “I can! You just have to be quiet and meet me when ever I want…talk to me when ever I need to ….be with me for the rest of my life” his voice became hoarse saying the last words and she again finally found her way out of the room by running as fast as she could…..

    I know I am hurting! Hurting her so much that every time we meet she end up crying and left me alone frowning and with a heavy heart but she does not know it….she does know it that I would never show such pictures to her family…I would never want to disgrace her …when she is not like others…she is a untouched rose and I would never want to ruin that scent of hers….i am sighing again thinking that now I have to bring her brother in the plan to …to marry her….i will do it in a fair way….not in a fair way really…since fair ways are not in my books but I wont be that scoundrel promise!! I will keep it sure and these pictures will help me a lot making her quiet because if she says something her family would never believe her ….and I need to get out of the college early to put my plans in to action…I will miss watching you just for today……


    I cant believe this! I really cant! I have never come across such man in my life….i know I have never met many people because most of the time I spend in my house and I don’t get to chill out with my friends a lot…its not that I don’t want to do it..its just that my family does not allow me….i don’t know what to do anymore? I wanted to tell my elder brother about him but I don’t even have the slightest idea if he will believe me …what if he will show the pic in which…he was so close to me that it looked like he was kissing me…and I don’t know how he got the right expression that I was not looking as scared as I felt…..shit!...where is Rohan Bhaiyya he should be home by now….

    She looked up from her plate and found her mother staring towards her…

    “What happened dear? You are not eating properly!”

    “No Ma! I am just not hungry!” she said with a flat smile and looked towards her father who was busy with his meal….

    “Papa! Rohan Bhaiyya has not come yet? Don’t you think its too late?” Merab her younger brother shrugged while replying….

    “he told us! He will be a little late”

    “But Bhai! He never misses his dinner?” the phone ring had interrupted the conversation as Merab got up to receive it…”let me hear it!” he raised his hand to stop Heer who had also gotten up to hear it thinking it could be Daksh calling again…as soon as Merab picked it up..her heart beats became fast watching her expression which has suddenly started to shattered…

    “Papa! Ma!...Bhaiyya met an accident!” he exclaimed turning around and throwing a bomb on all their heads….

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    o man!:frown: i have a feeling dashk is involved no doubt. going good .:suspicious: keep it comming. :pray::bounce:
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    Mazi where are you:(
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    Maz hope u r in good health . Story is going really good. Hope u get a chance to finish posting the rest of the story of the story
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    Oi como vai? atualize obrigado
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    Waiting for your updates
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    Yes eagerly waiting for the continuation of the story :)

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