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Rate Chak De India

Discussion in 'Chak De India' started by hashim, Aug 9, 2007.


Rate Chak De India

  1. I don't like it

    0 vote(s)
  2. I think it's okay

    0 vote(s)
  3. It was good

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  4. Very good

    9 vote(s)
  5. Super (Fantastic Amazing, I recommend it)

    71 vote(s)
  1. hashim

    hashim New Member

    if you have watched Chak De India rate it from 1-5, 5 being SUPER!.
  2. Fardeen007

    Fardeen007 Member

  3. love you SRK

    love you SRK New Member

    i saw the film and i rate it 5 from 5 .. verry good and i recommend it too ..
  4. Farida K

    Farida K New Member

    it was fantastic!! I loved the movie and I will watch it again :D
  5. Basma

    Basma Active Member

    Super :d
  6. inga

    inga New Member

    I LOVED It!! SUPER. FANTASTIC, MAGNIFIIIIIIII. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  7. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    Fantastic movie! 5/5 :thumb:
  8. junibrown

    junibrown New Member

    I give it a 5/5 for all the messages conveyed in the movie.
  9. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    i loved the moview...and i think i'm gonna go and see it again also.
  10. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    I voted for 5. Not just for the sake of loyalty to SRK, though he was the soul of the film, but also for the intelligence that Jaideep Sahni and Shimit Amin have brought to it, the excellent cinematography and the courage of the whole bunch to have produced a film that doesn't have any of the usual 'props', and yet works so well in the 'commercial' genre.
  11. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    i say SUPER DUPER!! a must watch....:thumb:
  12. melan

    melan New Member

    nothing less than super! :thumb:
  13. cammy

    cammy New Member

    super. I loved it :D
  14. enass

    enass New Member

    nothing less than super. fantastic super duper movie
  15. cyndi

    cyndi New Member

    I agree too. I will see it again tomorrow :D
  16. hakim

    hakim Well-Known Member

    just watched it and I can't get over it yet. I think its superb and I am planning to watch it again this week.:thumb:
  17. Rund

    Rund Active Member

    OMG. this movie is worth the wait its awesome I can't get over it either. I cant wait to see it again. I am dreaming about every scene now. srk made me want to learn and play hockey:eek::p

  18. JohnyDee

    JohnyDee New Member

    I am very impressed. SUPER MOVIE and Great acting :thumb:
  19. JohnyDee

    JohnyDee New Member

    for the first time I would want to watch a movie for the second time. and I will watch this with my friends again.
  20. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    Chak De India is Super. a very Fantastic Movie..... :thumb:
    Don't miss to watch this movie..... ;)

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