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Rapid fire with Shah Rukh "King" Khan

Discussion in 'Oldies But Goldies **HOT**' started by Wafa, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Happy birthday Shah Rukh. You’re touching the ‘Big 40’ — when most metabolisms slow down. Do you feel it catching up?

    No, it’s good for me if I slowed down a bit. Last 39-40 years, I’ve been running around at superspeed. It’ll do me good to slow myself, so I don’t wear out. In a way it’s a regenerating process. I would want my metabolism to stay the same but I want to take it all at an easier pace.

    Looking back, you feel you’ve done it all the right way? Or would you like to erase, rewind ... a bit?

    Not really, actually. More than what I’ve done, it’s how people have accepted me. I’ve done it the way people have been doing it for so many years. It’s thanks to all the people who’ve watched me and liked me. And I’m glad it’s happened this way. I don’t think very many people get to be so lucky, so blessed or get such a nice life. I wouldn’t want to change anything. I say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. I’m in America so I’m speaking like them, excuse me.

    The natural testosterone-driven reaction to insinuations on a hetero male’s sexuality is to ‘pound their heads in’. How do you stay so calm at such questions?

    I would want to ‘pound their heads’ if I wasn’t happy with the way I am. I’ve never had any problems with people’s orientation. They could be long, short, dark – or even have different sexual orientations, but that’s never made me uncomfortable. Likewise, I know what I’m all about and my friends and family know and that’s what matters.

    Media remembers you as a hot-tempered, angry newcomer, impatient with everyone. What’s caused the metamorphosis?

    Yes, just the other day a friend commented about how patient I’d become. I guess it has happened over the last four to five years; since my kids came into my life. They’re unruly and uncontrollable and they say a lot of things that they’re not supposed to; but I love them. The media is like that too. I treat the media like I would children. And today, I think I’ve learnt to accept a lot of things. Over all, they’ve been good to me. I would not be honest if I said otherwise. I think I can forgive some uneducated people if they say certain things. And now especially with so much ‘tabloidism’ coming into TV, radio; even newspapers have become like that. Maybe with foreign media coming in a big way into the country, things are finding their own levels. I’m in the media too. So I guess as a person I’ve become more patient and understanding.

    They say, as you get older you get more religious. Is that true for you?

    I was always religious. I pray to Allah everyday. Sometimes more than five times a day. I believe everything in life is controlled by Allah. I believe that Islam means ‘peace’ and ‘charity’; just as Hinduism stands for ‘goodness’ and ‘karma’. It’s important to take that time out to connect with your beliefs.

    Your 40th birthday resolution is …

    I think that should be to give up smoking. If I can do that then I will be ‘the king of the world’ – which I already am, of course. So then I’ll be more ‘kinger’!

  2. ananya

    ananya New Member

    Thanks Wafa didi. i really love this one!
  3. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    I think that should be to give up smoking. If I can do that then I will be ‘the king of the world’ – which I already am, of course. So then I’ll be more ‘kinger’!

  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    aww i love the last line.... "kinger" lol how cute
  5. I<3SRK

    I<3SRK New Member

    lol!! and the "kinger" thing is soooo cute :heart:
  6. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Really nice interview! Thank you! :) :) :)
  7. tixa

    tixa New Member

    Thats totally Shah Rukh! :heart:
  8. layla-val

    layla-val Active Member

    Quick, sharp answers as usual:D and he does know how to "handle" the press. although to compare them with children is an insult to children:rolleyes: :p great interview:thumb: thanks Wafa:)
  9. cute_srk

    cute_srk Well-Known Member

    I love this man!:D lol:heart: His responses are so cute in this article...as usual...just can't stop loving him can we girls?
  10. FCOFZ


    I love this interview he is very smart in answering, He is really the best. but he should stop smoking.
  11. Ramoneh

    Ramoneh I Love You ShahRukh

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is soooooo cute :) wish him all the best....Hope he can give up smoking....
  12. srk-nihal

    srk-nihal Winning Hearts

    WAAAAAAAAW i love to read it Thanks Wafa i wish him all the best to give up smoking and to be more kinger as he said :lol: :D thats true :thumb:
  13. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    i was just rereading this and "kinger" still gets me every time :lol:
  14. zahra

    zahra khanaddicted

    Re : Rapid fire with Shah Rukh "King" Khan

    It will be a good thing if he could drop it!Lots of people love and admire him.He is an example for lots of children.So, I hope he could do it.
    I am sure he could since he is a great Baadshsah:thumb: !!!

    This is the only kind of pix of SRK that I didnt like at all.
  15. sabz

    sabz member

    the man does not look like 40 from any angle
  16. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    If I can do that then I will be ‘the king of the world’ – which I already am, of course. So then I’ll be more ‘kinger’!

    More "kinger"? That's not possible, my dear Shahrukh! You are already the King of Kings :D
  17. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    cute interview! Comm on SRK Ji, u need to be that kinger!
  18. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    OMG, i love that
    he's so cute :hug:
  19. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    If I can do that then I will be ‘the king of the world’ – which I already am, of course. So then I’ll be more ‘kinger’!

    awww....shoooo shweeeett!!..:hug::hug:...loveee him..:love::love:..
  20. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    He is always good in rapid fire.
    And this one is fantastic.
    Thanks Wafa jee

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