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Ram Gopal Verma postpones film with SRK

Discussion in 'Movies T-Z' started by Masala Maami, May 29, 2006.

  1. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    The ongoing battle of supremacy between the Bachchans and Shah Rukh Khan has now taken a dramatic turn.
    Ram Gopal Varma, who was supposed to launch his first film with SRK this September, has decided to scrap the project and launch his long-cherished dream project, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Sholay, instead.

    While SRK-starrer Time Machine stands shelved, the long-in-the-pipeline Sholay remake, featuring Amitabh Bachchan, is being launched at exactly the same time when the SRK-Kareena film was supposed to roll.

    Kisko chunoon?

    A Varma-Khan confrontation has been brewing for some time now. Right after Varma announced his decision to work with SRK for the first time, there were serious second thoughts on the proposed project. Varma was torn between his loyalty towards the Bachchans, and the temptation to work with Khan for the first time.

    The director finally decided to pitch his might , completely and unconditionally, behind the Bachchans, who will now be seen in several forthcoming RGV projects, including the sequel to Sarkar, and the ambitious epic, Ek.

    Karan slur
    Apparently, the flashpoint between Varma and the proposed SRK project was reached when the outspoken director referred to SRK’s best friend, Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, as a “horror film”. The “jest” wasn’t taken kindly to by Khan and Johar.

    Says Varma, “Yes, it’s true that I’m starting Sholay. That should put to an end to all the speculation about whether I really intend to make the film or not. In fact, I’m starting it in September.”

    Isn’t that the time he was supposed to start the SRK film? “Yes. But since I’ve decided to scrap Time Machine, I’ll start Sholay.”

    Could this decision have something to do with Ramu’s remarks on Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?

    “When I called K3G a horror film, I was actually paying Karan a backhanded compliment. I’m not capable of making a film like that. As you know, Sholay is my favourite film.

    To do my take on my favourite film, with my favourite actor in the lead, excites me more than any other project. As for Karan, he’s one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. I wish Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna all the best. And I’m sure Karan is equally enthused about my Sholay.”

  2. I<3SRK

    I<3SRK New Member

    As much as i love watching Shah Rukh i hope he doesn't do a movie with Ramu ... thnx for sharin
  3. maariposa

    maariposa New Member

    ???? What`s this all about? I don`t get Ram Gopal`s approach. The things he says and the decisions he takes are so confusing... I really don`t know what to think about it. And I wonder how Shahrukh reacts to all this commotion.
  4. Michelle


    kies am not tht xcited bout ram gopal varma's time machine nywayz.i think he's just confused with so many stories in his head.:crazy:
  5. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    What???!! How could RGV just shelve "time Machine" on an impulse??...I mean what about Shahrukh's & Kareena's agreement to allocate their time to do his movie?...He can't just leave it as that!...He said too much about the movie already & people are already anticipating the it....man this is just not right!:mad:
  6. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    If this is really true... then should Shah Rukh kick his butt
    and this crazy guy should go to hell!

    Shah Rukh doesn't need him.

    ...I’m not capable of making a film like that....

    He is not capable to make a film with the great King Khan!
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I don't know what to make of this..:confused:
    I doubt this has to do with any alleged "supremacy" between Shah Rukh Khan and the Bachchans. something is brewing alright but I hope its all in SRK's favor.
  8. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    lol this rgv is confusing man!!! make up your mind..:mad: :argue:
  9. Cristina4him

    Cristina4him Inspector number 8

    He obviously has bad blood towards Shahrukh & Karan. Even when jokes, there is a grainof truth to it. I think he is bad for Shahrukh & Karan.They should throw salt over their shoulder and ward off this bad man!:suspicious:
  10. kzaara

    kzaara New Member

    i heard this movie was shelved
  11. sonumonu

    sonumonu New Member

    Ram Gopal Verma not making the time mahine anymore.

    Thats what I heard.
  12. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    the project has been shelved because ramu wants to make nishabd and his own sholay so time machine is cancelled but im not sure if it will carry on i hope it does

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