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Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992)

Discussion in 'Raju Ban Gaya Gemtleman' started by Aishagul, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    I totally agree. Whenever I watch this movie I'm just in awe of the fact that it was one of his first films. Soo much potential from the very beginning!! No offense, but compared to today's new actors especially...uhh...:suspicious:

    Thanks for the caps!:)
  2. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Yes, this is also one of thing I noticed, and it made me think of how Shahrukh is also like that...
  3. kalhonaho

    kalhonaho New Member

    This one belongs to my collection, I like it, but it's not one of my favorites. To say more I'd have to see it again. It's been quite a while since I've seen it.
  4. Janine

    Janine Active Member

    AW: Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992)

    I just received the DVD today and I like it to much. This movie, one of he's first, is like his others he made later. Beautyful .
    The only thing I dont like is that BODY with Biba Bashu and John Abraham is join to this DVD as bonus.
    This seems me a little bit strange because of that have nothing to do with Shah Rukh.
    I dont like this actors and this movie.
  5. Laurakis

    Laurakis Hot for SRK!!!

    i totally agree... i watched this movie this week, it is one of the 4-5 SRK movies i still hadn´t seen, and didnt have much expectations about it. but, after the first 15 minutes that were quite cheesy, the movie is good, entertaining, with some kind of moral teaching. the songs are good. the only thing i disliked is that some of the song picturizations are cheap and not reallistic (for example the rocks in the beach during the sexy song, they look so fake and ruin the whole thing). and some of Juhi´s outfits are really ridiculous (i dont think someone would wear them in real life, no, not even in the 80s).
    plus, the story is quite realistic: boy goes to town to build a career, at first he struggles, then he starts ascending, and then is forced to commit corrupt acts to stay in the job, and gets dissappointed of city life. and in the meantime meets a girl. i think its something that could happen in real life.
    and juhi and SRK have a great chemistry in this movie.
  6. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    hehe Laura. Your comments about Juhi outfit in the film:lol::D
    I love this film. Its very good.
  7. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Spoiler alert!
    Movie count down:
    1) Dil Aashna Hai
    2) Deewana
    3)Idiot (this was a TV show converted into a movie. We can't find it anywhere.)
    4) Chamatkar (Miracle)
    5) Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. (Raju Became a Gentleman)

    Amazingly all 5 of these movies were released in 1992.

    RBGG was inspired by a classic 1951 American movie called A Place in the Sun. This was a very dark movie about a similar love triangle which did not have a happy ending.

    Chamatkar and RBGG were the first 2 movies in which SRK was the central character. In both movies he was well supported by another strong actor, Naseerudin Shah in Chamatkar and in RBGG, Nana Patekar, playing a street performer and philosopher named Jai who befriended Raju and guided him as he grew to maturity. In RBGG for the first time SRK appeared in almost all of the scenes. For the first time also he danced often and most charmingly and gracefully. The movie has 8 songs. Another first was his pairing with Juhi Chawla, my favorite of all his leading ladies so far. It makes me happy to know they are good friends in real life after all these years. (She is only 2 years younger than him.)

    I like the plot of this movie about a young ambitious engineer who comes from remote Darjeeling to Bombay pursuing wealth and success. He becomes involved with Renu, a middle class woman and then Sapna, an owner of the construction company where both Renu and he have jobs. Raju is gifted and intelligent and Sapna promotes his career, but more because she is in love with him than because of his talent. Though he values Sapna's friendship and help, he is oblivious to her feelings for him and remains steadfast in his devotion to Renu.

    The title of this movie has a double meaning. Raju and his friends first said he had become a gentleman when he began to gain the material success he craved, yet he did not TRULY become one until he was mature enough to realize and grasp onto the things that are most important in life. The journey to that point took Raju through some very rough territory, where he sadly compromised his fine moral character, but he triumphed in the end.

    SRK talked fast in this movie but did very little of the stuttering and other silliness that we saw in Chamatkar. He plays a character with more depth and sophistication, who is not apt to fall prey to con artists. (When he visits a shrine in the city, he is careful to keep his luggage close by.) He still, however starts out with the quality of endearing and innocent youth that we saw in Chamatkar. He is given the opportunity to express a full range of emotions from joy to romantic love to rage and sorrow. I am struck again by the way he uses his entire body all the time while acting. Even when seen from behind and at a distance you can tell what he is feeling. I don't think we see that very often in an actor. I am wondering if this is part of the reason why he gets accused of over acting. Few people in real life are so expressive in their every move.

    I liked the character Jai very much. He added a lot to the movie, but I don't think he overshadowed Raju. He was in the place of a mentor so naturally he seemed to be the dominant character in their relationship at times. I believe this may be an example of how SRK always puts the movie ahead of his own ego. He is always content to stand aside and let another actor shine if it will make the movie better. I don't know if he had a choice about this so early in his career, but I know that at other times he has done the same over the years.

    In the movie Dil Aashna Hai, Amitra Singh played one of the possible mothers of SRK's girlfriend. Amitra Singh is in fact about 8 years older than SRK. So it seemed odd to me at first that in this movie she played a woman who romantically pursued his character. After seeing the movie, I do think she was very well cast. She was in a position of power and dominance over Raju and her being older added to that. She was not as pretty as Renu which was fitting, but at the same time she looked much more attractive than in DAH. This added an element of uncertainty as we could well imagine Raju forsaking Renu for this older, more influential, and yet quite appealing woman.

    SRK and Juhi were just beautiful and sweet together especially in the song Keti Hai Dil Kai Laga. I was so happy in the end when he made it clear that he had never loved or wanted any woman but Renu and it was easy to see that he had never compromised himself with Sapna.

    I enjoyed the first scene of the movie where Raju and his friends traveled in an open jeep to the train station, singing and dancing all along the way. Large crowds of village folk lined the road to wave goodbye and it was fun to see the different ethnic look of these people who live so close to Nepal and China. Raju left his village in a train pulled by a steam locomotive which reminded me of Dil Se.

    I much enjoyed this movie, watched it twice so far, and look forward to owning my own copy of it sometime!
  8. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I loved everything you did. It's just the sweetest movie!
  9. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I too love this movie, he shows such a range of emotions.

    Loved the character Jai, I have seen him in a few other movies, and he is a very good actor. The way he takes Raju under his wing, becomes almost like a father figure. And then when the accident happens, how heartbroken he is when he feels Raju has forsaken the values that he holds dear. The scene when he tells the other fellows in advance what is going to happen at the balcony scene of Raju and Renu is one of my favorites.

    The romantic scene between Raju and Renu when he buys her the dress, is one of my favorite of all SRK's movie. It is a beautiful scene in fact I am getting goosebumps just writing about it. In my mind there could be no doubt that he is the king of romance.

    The attack on Raju at the end of the movie is very hard to watch, but his scene in court is breathtaking. And finally Sapna realizes that good must overcome evil.

    Definitely one of my favorite films of SRK.
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  10. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    The dress scene: He has never ever done anything more romantic.

    I also didn't like the scene where he got attacked. I just cringed when they slammed him into the pillars again and again. However I think it satisfied a sense of justice that he had to suffer for events that were at least partly his fault. I thought the same about Josh when Max got beat up in the jail. Mercy was shown in the end, but some price had to be paid for wrong doing.
    Jasmine says thanks.
  11. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    Warning: Spoilers!

    At the beginning of this film, when the song Dil Hai Mera Dewana begins and Shah Rukh Khan starts to sing and dance, it is like a burst of sunshine. After seeing Deewana, Chamatkar, and Dil Aashna Hai, seeing Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman felt like a breakthrough to me. I felt like sighing with relief. Even though I loved every second of seeing Shah Rukh Khan in the earlier films, this time, it was really nice to see him as the central character with so much screen time. It was also nice to see beautiful Juhi Chawla partnered up with him for the first time. Juhi has the most beautiful smile! The music and dance numbers were wonderful.

    When Raju (Shah Rukh Khan) was first walking, so enthusiastically, in Bombay, I wondered about the time when Shah Rukh Khan first walked in Mumbai. And I wondered if his real experience of arriving in the city mirrored at all what he portrayed in this film.

    I thought the mole on Gulu Dada’s face was too extreme. It made his character cheesy. It was distracting and unpleasant to look at.

    I loved the moment when Renu (Juhi Chawla) poured water on Raju, and then later threw him a towel to dry off. It was nice to see those first moments of them looking at each other.

    I really liked Jai, Raju’s friend. I think that Nana Patekar is a good actor. It was fun to listen to his colorful speeches and to hear him continually foretell the future. I liked seeing how Jai looked after Raju when Raju got drunk. I liked seeing Jai bring Raju to his senses after the deaths occurred at the work site. Jai was like the big brother Raju didn’t have.

    I liked how Raju was such a big dreamer. He didn’t want to do small jobs, because he didn’t want his dreams and ambitions to get small. And he was clear with Ranu that he didn’t look down upon others who had small jobs. It was just that he felt it wouldn’t work well for him to do small jobs, because he didn’t want his dreams to get small. Later, he showed that he wasn’t too proud to take on a small job, by working in a library. As I saw Raju here in the film, I thought about how Shah Rukh Khan, in real life, also dreams big. It’s hard for me to imagine Shah Rukh Khan doing a small job. His talents and abilities are too great.

    I liked the scene where Raju’s shoe was torn and Renu had sprained her ankle. And Raju was walking a short distance behind Renu. And Renu mistakenly interpreted Raju’s limping to be making fun of her. She called Raju names. And then Raju got mad and defended himself. When Renu realized Raju’s plight, she helped pay for his shoe repair, insuring him that it was only a loan.

    I liked the scene when Raju waited outside Renu’s work to meet her. He was so cute when he made up the story about needing to take books to a nearby shopkeeper and just happened to be there. It was fun to see how she figured out that he really did come purposely to meet her. And she admitted to wanting to meet him, too. It was fun to see Raju and Renu as they were walking home. And Raju tried to put his arm around Renu – so slyly stretching out his arms. It was cute how she blew him a kiss and he caught it and put it in his shirt, by his heart.

    After Raju got his first paycheck, I liked how Renu wanted Raju to be careful with his money. But, Raju wanted to just go out and spend it and have fun. I have read somewhere that Shah Rukh Khan said he was a spendthrift. I think it is interesting to consider the possibility of Raju having a similar trait to Shah Rukh Khan here, too.

    I loved the scene at the car dealership when Raju got Renu to sit in the car. And then he rolled up the window, so they could be alone. I loved the moment when he said to Renu; “You look so beautiful, give me a kiss.” Shah Rukh Khan is so attractive while he is with Juhi Chawla in this scene. It was sweet how he told the car dealer that he would bring Renu back someday and buy her a car.

    I liked how confident Raju was in his job interview at Chabbria’s company. I liked how he spoke up and said his opinions at the board meeting. Raju was so cute when he was acting nervous in Chabbria’s office. When Raja told Chabbria & Sapna that he “has a hard time sleeping, and when he’s awake he keeps thinking”, I wondered if something like that is similar to Shah Rukh Khan in real life. I have heard that Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t sleep very much. And he does think a lot!

    I liked the dancing during the song Seene Mein Dil Hai. I thought the choreography was really cute when they were listening to each other’s heartbeats. I liked the clothes Juhi wore in this film. I have seen similar styles in America, a couple of decades ago.

    I thought the scenes with Sapna on the business trip were really nice. I liked Raju’s sense of modesty for women. And I liked how he covered Sapna’s shoulders with his coat. As he put his coat on her, I loved it when he said; “…even the mosquitos won’t bite you now.” I loved the scene when they were eating dinner together, too. It was fun to see how he taught her how to eat with her hands and to lick her fingers. And I loved the part with the buttermilk mustaches. I thought it was interesting that Raju mentioned that the food was good because it didn’t have much salt on it. I remember hearing that Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t like salty food.

    The next part of the film is the highlight of the film to me. It is the scene during the song Kahti Hai Dil Ki Lagi when Renu is wearing the beautiful strapless dress that Raju bought for her. The desire Raju shows in his eyes for Renu is incredible. And as he danced with her, I loved to see the strength and passion of his movements. When she had a net over her head, and he came up under the net, it reminded me of a scene in Veer-Zaara, when Veer came up under the scarf of Zaara. I loved how Raju’s shirt slipped off of one shoulder. He looked really good that way. During the song Kahti Hai Dil Ki Lagi, there was a moment when only Shah Rukh Khan’s black pants and black shoes showed. He was just walking – and even that was attractive! It reminded me of how attractive Rahul was in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham when he was running to a helicopter and you only see his legs and feet. If wishes were possible, I would love to be Juhi Chawla in this scene (but only if I could look as beautiful as she is).

    I don’t like the part when Chabbria and his partner, Malhotra start messing things up for Raju. I don’t like how Raju felt so much pressure that he compromised his values. It was sad to see the turn of events at this point. I was glad that Raju realized he couldn’t continue to follow the way of these bad men. I was sad to see Raju beaten up and stabbed by bad guys. I was glad when he finally was able to tell the truth in court. I was glad that Sapna stood up for him.

    The final scene is sweet, when Raju was walking away from Renu. Everyone was hoping he would turn around and look at Renu. And he did. I loved the expression on Shah Rukh Khan’s face at the end when he was smiling. Shah Rukh Khan has so many endearing expressions.
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  12. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I was reading a biography of Shah Rukh the other day and found out that Amritra Singh who played Sapna in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was a childhood friend of SRK's. She went to the same school as Shenaz and the three of them often went to movies together and hung out at Amrita's house.
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  13. Misty45

    Misty45 Well-Known Member

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  14. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Hi Linda, nice to meet a colleague here :D

    And I totally agree with what you say.. I was quite upset about the comment about working in a library being a small job, when in fact it is one of the greatest jobs one can have... But I think Raju also missed that... Too bad for him.. ;)

    Still, this is such a lovely film... :)
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  15. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Exactly right Misty. Raju had wrong priorities in the beginning and had to learn differently.
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  16. Misty45

    Misty45 Well-Known Member

    Hello Katja
    Nice to meet you too! We librarians have to stand up for ourselves and change how people perceive us:)
    I think SRK is so cute in this film and plays his role to perfection (apart from the library bit!)
    I especially like the opening song 'Dil hai Mera Deewana' as I am learning Hindi and can remember the words (or the refrain at least) to sing along to in my car on the way to work:D
    Pompula says thanks.
  17. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Ok maybe I remember this wrong but when Raju talked about little jobs wasn't he referring to working in the bakery? As I recall the library job was offered later and by then he was quite willing to accept it. When watching the movie I was thinking that working in the bakery would definitely have been below his level of education and ability while the library job was a far better one for him. Even so he was not wrong to still want to work in his own chosen field.
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  18. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I have a good friend who just went back to school to train as a librarian and she absolutely loves her new career. My older son's very first job during high school was as a library page, which he enjoyed very much.
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  19. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Kehti Hai Dil Ki Lagi video is one of the sexiest performance in a song from Shah Rukh.:kiss:I wonder who did the choreography for this song. I used to watch all SRK's films with my nephew since he is also a big fan of Shah Rukh. I always felt shy & uneasy when that song part came. Would've enjoyed the song much better if I watch it alone.:p I also loved his child like expression in Dil Hai Tera Deewana.:hug: Since this is SRK's first film, we can see so much innocence in his eyes & all throughout his performance in the film. The scene at the court did went a little bit over he top but the way Jai gave his speech to the lawyers outside the court is really cool. Eventhough Sapna is at fault for what happened between Raju & Renu, in the end, I kind of feel for her too. I'm glad that she went against her father's wishes and gave a statement to support Raju in court. To me, RBGG is a really feel good film. I think the combination of Aziz Mirza, Shah Rukh & Juhi worked very well in their few earlier films. The simplicity of films directed by Aziz Mirza makes it easy for every common man to identify with because the story & characters are so real. Wish one day Shah Rukh goes back to his roots & work with Aziz Mirza once again.:)
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  20. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    I apologize for my comment regarding the job at the library. I had only meant that working at the library was not the career that Raju was hoping for. I never meant to play down the field of librarians. I love the library and I think very highly of librarians. I have often thought that I would love to work at the library. My children and I go to two nearby libraries at least once a week. Our family has special permission from one of the libraries to check out many more books than the usual amount allowed to other patrons, because we are such voracious readers.
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