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Rajinikant - sp. appearance in Ra1

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by DianaDimple, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. precious_ain

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  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I have to be honest and say my husband and I sat through Robot for 3 hours without subtitles and absolutely loved the film!! I didn't even know who he was at the time. I thought I was going to see something in Hindi and did not know that it was Telugu! LOL I think it is an honorable thing SRK is doing with this Hero!
  3. precious_ain

    precious_ain Well-Known Member

    That is a wonderful step, awesome strategy :) :first:
  4. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Great! :thumb:
  5. Ella

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    Because Marlies posted the same article earlier .. i moved it to your other thread :)
  6. DianaDimple

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    Why is Big-B article posted in Rajnikant's thread? Mods please move it to separate thread instead of deleting MY separate thread -
  7. mumbiene

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    I'm a Rajini fanatic: Shahrukh Khan

    Meena Iyer, TNN | Oct 7, 2011, 11.45AM IST

    The Bollywood Badshah will be in Chennai on October 9 to meet the Superstar

    Shah Rukh Khan is flying into Chennai on Sunday (October 9) with a twopoint agenda. Says a source, "He will be there because his IPL team will be in the city and he will also use this opportunity to pay Rajini a visit."

    People say that the exact details of SRK's visit to Rajinikanth's residence are being kept low-profile but a few days ago, SRK told this reporter, "I'm a Rajini fanatic. I will definitely pay him a visit at home on my next trip to Chennai."

    Shah Rukh said interacting with the Tamil icon during the recent shoot of his film RA.One has been the most memorable experience of his life. Said he, "I get goose bumps even as I talk about it."

    Apparently, SRK thought of using Rajini's Robot avatar (Chitti) in his film a few months ago. And then he was distraught because the Superstar took ill.

    However, just when he was giving up, Rajini's younger daughter Soundarya emailed him to say that her 'appa' would resume work for Rana most probably by October 4 and then she would also ensure that she got him to do the cameo for RA.One. "Rajini sir hasn't begun work on Rana but Soundarya kept her promise. The moment she felt her father was well enough to take the flight to Mumbai, she called me and said they would fly down. They came with their own set of technicians and as I have said - my tryst with history happened. I met Rajini sir and shot with him. Soundarya used the editing set up in Mannat and even gave me a finished scene that we later got approved by Rajini sir."

    SRK remembers that last year, his children had expressed a desire to see Robot in their home theatre and a print was not available. Says he, "When Latha heard about it, she called Gauri and ensured that the local distributor in Mumbai got us a print, so my children could watch the film. I'm indebted to Rajini sir's family for life."

    Before signing off, Shah Rukh says, "I am one of the fortunate few who has had the good fortune of working with Kamal Haasan in Hey Ram and now Rajini in RA.One. Both of them are my childhood heroes. My mother is from Hyderabad and even as a young boy, I remember her telling me about these two great actors. I am also impressed with the work of Mammooty and Mohanlal. These are actors I deeply admire." SRK adds, "I just wish I can be as humble as Rajini sir some day. He's a fantastic human being. He has touched my life in more ways than one."​

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