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Rajeev Masand

Discussion in 'Don2 Media Reviews' started by mumbiene, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Heist makes waste

    Don 2​

    Rating: [​IMG]
    December 23, 2011
    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan, Om Puri
    Director: Farhan Akhtar
    In his interviews leading up to the release of Don 2, director Farhan Akhtar has repeatedly said that viewers seeking anything other than pure thrills and entertainment from this film are likely to be disappointed. Going in with strictly those expectations, I’m sorry to report I still came away feeling cheated.
    For the film’s plot – which basically involves our flamboyant criminal protagonist (Shah Rukh Khan) assembling a team to pull off a seemingly impossible heist in Berlin – the makers borrow ideas from some fine capers like Ocean’s Eleven and the Mission Impossible movies. Still what they deliver in the end is a clunky and spectacularly boring film that is neither smart nor particularly fun.
    Sequel to the 2006 film, which was itself a remake of the 1978 Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Don 2 suffers from lazy writing. This is the kind of film in which a most-wanted international criminal can roam around a prison unsupervised, so he can smuggle deadly chemicals into the premises, and poison the inmates’ dinner.
    There are ample car chases, explosions, and plot twists; there’s a globetrotting adventure that kicks off in Thailand, moves to Malaysia, then unravels in Europe. But what’s missing is the slightest hint of urgency or nail-biting tension. Take that freefall sequence from a Berlin skyscraper; it’s shot stylishly and gracefully, but without any of the messy unpredictability it could’ve done with. Remember that edge-of-the-seat Burj sequence in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?
    For what’s intended as a slick action thriller, Don 2 moves at an unforgivably slow pace. The heist-planning sequences are tedious and repetitive, and involve more talk than action. To be entirely honest, the action itself has a been-there-seen-that feel to it, and some set pieces aren’t even competently plagiarized. A scene in which an A-list star makes an uncredited cameo defeats the very intention of the scene, given that the audience is in on the trick from the word go.
    Looking leaner, meaner and less androgynous than he did in the earlier film, Shah Rukh Khan is expectedly the driving force of Don 2. With a cocky swagger and a mischievous smile, the actor delivers cheesy dialogue that belongs in a school play. The bedrock of a good heist film is the interaction between its team, but Shah Rukh towers above his comrades, giving them precious little to do. Boman Irani returns as Don’s nemesis Vardhan, who has been enlisted to help him on the new job. Lara Dutta is his fetching moll, Kunal Kapoor a hacker handpicked for the assignment, and Aly Khan an influential banker blackmailed into volunteering his services.
    Priyanka Chopra, on the other side of the moral divide, is Interpol officer Roma, who has some unfinished business with Don. Their scenes together offer some of the film’s most unintentionally comical moments, and while Priyanka looks the part of the ass-kicking tough-chick, the script seldom lets her fly with it.
    Don 2 is nicely shot, and there are moments where Shah Rukh Khan is riveting. But that’s not enough to hold your interest for well over two hours…even the actor’s most loyal fans will find themselves yawning. I’m going with a generous two out of five for director Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2. Although packed with fast cars and bikes, this is one slow ride.
    (This review first aired on CNN-IBN)
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  2. Number8

    Number8 Well-Known Member

    I hope this critic is wrong... :fish:
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  3. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Same here!:boxing:
  4. raviharsha

    raviharsha The savior

    He always want classic,cult boring films.i expected this kind of rating from him.audience wom is mixed but its on positive side
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  5. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Looks like Masand has watched too many Hollywood films. That's why he thinks that Don 2 is uninteresting. Why the need to compare to MI:4?:rolleyes:
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  6. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    :mad: hypocrite!!! he sees shah and them and talk so sweetly! yet he says all this behind their backs! disgusting! :rant:
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  7. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    i think this guy is one of those who SRK talked about "don't write on blogs websites, come and talk to me face to face" :eyebrows:
    rating and reviews.. pfft, as if it would effect the King :nod:
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  8. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    Rediff is the worst site for reviews. But on sites that give bad reviews and you can comment, such as hindustan times which gave 1.5 stars, most of the comments disagree with the reviews and are in favour of don 2.
  9. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    I don't understand why Shah Rukh always has to be a good guy and talk with this moron? :mad: I haven't read the review, and neither am I going to. I've seen the movie, and any person who rates it so badly honestly don't deserve to be a movie critic! I swear if I ever see this guy, I'll go to him and say something really bad to him. :yell:
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  10. Fiona

    Fiona Active Member

    I say *beep* the critics. Majority of the people are saying great things about the movie and thats where the faith of the movie rely upon NOT the lame critics.
  11. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    Only say??? i was planning to do much more to him! :mad: if i see him i think i will turn into DON and kill him!

    and yes another point... how do these people become critics?? any degree they need to get or do they just get employed by talking their way up? :mad: coz seriously leave alone judging a movie, they need to go back to kindergarten!
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  12. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    (about critics) SRK says: "i think they eat goobers instead of popcorn while watching a film...spoils their taste buds...."

    aur rajeev toh...he eats goobers for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, supper, dinner, snack, midnight snack...thats why he talks sh*t all the time :p
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  13. Number8

    Number8 Well-Known Member

    I think it's wrong of him to compare it to MI:4 since the budget is of a difference of 10 times. If MI:4 producers had the same money as of that of Don 2 they wouldnt be able to even pay Tom Cruise, leave aside making the movie. He should review it in the right context, that is Bollywood, if he compares it to Bodyguard, Dabangg, etc, Don 2 is above them by far as action/stunts goes.
  14. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

  15. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    Such an easy explanation! And I've been wondering all throughout what's wrong with him. :pound:
  16. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    I watched the film in a sold out theatre and for sure NOBODY there was yawning! People were loving the film and showing it! And don't you Rajeev DARE speak about what SRK fans feel when watching this great film!
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