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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Best Movie 2008

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by bluey[Ru], Dec 11, 2008.

  1. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    hello everyone :wave:

    tonight, i watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi at 7:30 pm my time.. i have to say that, in my mind i had story already from watching the promos and trailers and i went to the cinema thinking that my story that was in my head is right.. but it was so different that i am still in shock and its 2:10 am right now..

    my day started with phone calls from my friends, as me, my sister, my cousin, my friend and her mother and 2 sisters, my other friend and her sisters and cousing [14 people] were going to watch the movie, i was here all day getting support from HPs Chris and Pri [LOVE YOU GIRLS], at 5 pm my time, i had to call my sister to "reminde" her that we have a movie to go to, she was busy with her husband and all BUT at 6:30 pm just 1 hour she managed to come and pick us up, me and my cousin..

    i thought we were going to get late because this mall is like HUGE mall and even though it got lots of parking but it was always crowded, so at 7 pm we parked the car in and walked inside the mall to see that the cinema is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF IT!!! i was wearing those HIGH HEELS that KILLED ME!!! my feet were hurting but i put Surinder Sahni picture in front of me and i managed to walk as fast as i can to get to the cinema.. of course it was CROWDED and i managed to take a picture of this thing...

    its like a slide show for the movies that are showing :D and i had to take a picture of RNBDJ poster!! then we had to wait for my friends to come over, and when they did, they were like we want popcorn and all that and im like NO! WE NEED TO GET INSIDE! theyre like oh shut up and draged me :rain: oh well, life goes on.. lol

    so we are ordering and this Indian guy who works there is like "so what movie are you watching?" my friend was like "ShahRukh Khan movie :eyebrows:" hes like "OH YES! SHAH RUKH KHAN!! :eyebrows: you know its name?" and shes like :confused2: cause its hard for her to pronounce it
    so i was like ":eyebrows: arre yaar, Rab Ne Bana Di Jo"r"i"
    hes like ":scared: you know hindi?"
    "haan, main hindi aati hoon"
    :pound: he got scared and asked if im Indian or Kuwaiti and i was like "main hindi hoo" :pound:
    so me and the 14 people went over to the cinema door, cause we have like 11 cinemas in one mall and our cinema door was number 1
    and you know, there were ALOT AND ALOT OF PEOPLE waiting OUTSIDE!! i couldnt take a picture cause there were girls and all so anyway, we were like "we want to go inside" but the guy was like, let the people walk out first :tsk: so people were coming out and we knew that it was the early 4:30 pm RNBDJ show cause the girls were CRYING and also cause the guy said it was RNBDJ movie lol

    so we walked inside and we went to our seats, they were the LAST line, like no one was behind us just a wall, and soon the cinema was FULL!! :D

    one of my friends sister couldnt sit down, cause we booked only for 9 people, and after we counted ourselves we were only 11 that were seated next to each other, so the worker there came and stood in front of me and the movie already started and i was like "EXCUSE ME!!" and my sister was like "RU! THE GIRL DOESNT HAVE A SEAT" im like "DUDE, THE MOVIE STARTED!" and my friend was like "RU SHAHRUKH KHAN IS ON THE SCREEN" so me and her and my cousin started clapping like crazy girls :pound: but the poor girl had to pay for a ticket and sit between the chairs :hug::lol:

    so the movie started and we were waiting for the songs cause obviously we knew the songs by heart :eyebrows: and the dances as well, some of the dialogues :pound: i was like "Punjab Power lighting up your life, Surinder Sahni this side ji" and the person who was in front of us was looking at me like :suspicious::suspicious: i laughed at his face cause he thought im psychic :lol: so Haule Haule came, and we were singing with him, dancing with him it was shot BEAUTIFULY and ah!! SO FREAKING FUNNY!!
    then, i think Phir Milnge Chalte Chalte was out, yeah it was the next song, and we were shouting for Kajol, Preity and Rani :pound: they all looked amazing with ShahRukh as usual, Bipasa and Lara... i hope he never acts with them ehm.. moving on :D

    so the next song was Dance Pe Chance and AH!!! it was AMAZING!! then ...

    Tujhe Mein Rab Dekhta Hai [male version]... i cried.. it was shot so .. i have no words for it.. it was just beautiful and sweet and nice..

    then Tujhe Mein Rab Dekhta Hai [female version] oh yeah, im just going to say that its the most beautiful song in the movie.. shot so emotionaly i mean.. ah! :hurt: i remember the scenes and its really emotional..

    then Dancing Jodi, thats when the movie was done.. when you watch this last scene of the movie you will know the whole story of it.. the way they both danced on it just mindblowing!

    let me tell you guys, Anushka Sharma has passed the test and i so cant wait to see her upcoming movies! she was so sweet and nice and cute!! she did an amazing job..

    and i know what ShahRukh means when he said "i had to change my reaction to her acting" he was a new Shah Rukh to me! his acting skills are getting better and better ..

    i laughed, cried, danced, sang with Surinder Sahni, Raj Kapoor and Taani Sahni..

    it is THE best movie i have ever seen.. and it has become my number one favorite already.. you just have this weird feeling when you walk out of it.. you just want to be loved like Surinder Sahni loves Taani..

    oh and at the end with the credits, make sure you sit and watch it till the end!! thats what i did..

    i dont want to write what the story is about cause some members havent seen it yet, but i tell you one thing it was worth waiting for!

    you have to go and watch it, and get ready to laugh, dance and fall in love again :)

    this is a picture from our Movies [cinema magazine] Magazine

    this is from our today's newspaper

    i want to thank Chris, Pri, Dea, Simran, Zuhal and all my crazy friends who were with me today, without you guys i dont think i couldve waited this long to watch the movie

    oh and by the way

    I AM IN LOVE WITH SURINDER SAHNI :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    P.S: I AM GOING TO WATCH IT AGAIN ON MONDAY AT 4:30 PM!!! :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  2. srkaj0l1

    srkaj0l1 [L] KabirKhan..

    ahahah aw so cute. I loved your review girl. Its so funny and cute:D. Now i am even more excited about the movie!:D.
  3. ShahRukh's Jungli Billi

    ShahRukh's Jungli Billi Shahrukh's JungliBilli

    aw so awesome, i have been waiting for your review all day i was sitting on the edge of my seat,.. i was like soo excited for you that you got to go see it.. sounds sooo awesome, i cant wat technically it starts here tomorrow, but i cant see it till saturday. thanks soooooo much for your review hun, i guess i have to take a t-shirt with me hai na? :hug:'s aaww,...
  4. souad1

    souad1 New Member

    great review thanks a lot so cinema was full?how was people's reactions?
  5. mj1984

    mj1984 Active Member

    wow ru. lucky u. and nicely put without giving away anything. thx. will b going tomorrow. can't wait.
  6. starstuff

    starstuff Well-Known Member


    I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! :whoo:

    Thank you for posting your review. I know you must be tired BUT we just had to hear what it was like.

    THANK YOU! :hug: :kiss:

    I'm only skim reading. I want it to be a surprise when I go IN 9 HOURS! :cheer2:

    OH, Ru, I love reading your review. Thank you for NOT putting any spoilers in. Everything sounds so exciting. HH. Don't worry, I too wil be singing and dancing along. :dance:

    OH, all the songs sound awesome. I can hardly wait! :frusty:

    RU, thank you for giving us such a wonderful write up. RNBDJ sounds magical! :rapture:

    Love you mate, :love:

    and HP, I wouldn't have made it this far without you either! :heart:

    QUESTION: What was the audience reaction? I'm dying to know how others see RNB. What about you sister and your friends? Did they enjoy it as much as you?
  7. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    double post!!
    please anyone, delete this :eek::eek:

    let me answer your question :D
    the reaction was good
    they were crying, laughing with the movie
    and me and my friends were clapping and people would look at us, then they started to do the same whenever they like a scene :D so yeah dont worry

    im going to watch it again on monday and its already soldout!
    when we left the cinema, girls were running towards it to watch the late show of the movie, obviously the workers there were really happy that its doing well, i mean its Shah Rukh Khan movie after all..
    and im telling you people, this is a BLOCKBUSTER movie!
  8. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    RUU!! thanks soooo much for a great review! all during class i was just hoping it would get over so tht i could check what you thought of it!! and it sounds totally AWESOME!!!
    ican't wait to go tomm.. it's going to be such an amazing day... it's been a long wait.. but totally worth it.. shahrukh is worth EVERYTHING!!
    i'm soo glad tht you loved it... i'm sure we all will !!!
    yay!! only 15.5 hrs!!!!! :whoo::cheer2:
    chris... it's getting down to the wire babe!! yay!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer2:
  9. ShahRukh's Jungli Billi

    ShahRukh's Jungli Billi Shahrukh's JungliBilli

    Oh wow, what happened to my post?? hmm i think it went away when it was going crazy earlier.. oh well. Ru thank you so much for your review yaar, i was waiting at home all day after you said you were going to see the movie, i was literally holding my breath waiting and waiting and waiting.. your post made me all excited over again to see the movie, i so cant wait.. thanks bunches... oxoxo's
  10. starstuff

    starstuff Well-Known Member

    YOU BET PRI. :thumb:

    ALMOST THERE, ALMOST! :ballchain:

    I keep on having to remind myself that it's TODAY, not tomorrow. It seems SURREAL! Only 6 more hours for me. :bounce:

    I AM SO READY! :dance:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :frusty: (my last Mr Frusty for this wait!)

    SURI AND RAJ HERE WE COME. :llama: :car:

    RNBDJ FOR US PRI. YES! :cheer2: :cheer2: :whoo: :whoo:
  11. Fiona

    Fiona Active Member

    OMG Ru...my day has been started with excitement cuz its the 12th but after reading ur experience...goshhhhhhhhhhh i am just being impatient sittin out here.5hrs and the wait is over..grrrrr this wait is killing me...
  12. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    THANKS Ru for the wonderful review.
  13. JUG

    JUG Well-Known Member

    RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :kiss: :hug: meri jaaan thanks for the info u kept on giving yday!! LOL..u r totally crazy...loved the review..man this is awesome!!!! i am glad u praised Anushka..i thought no one will give her any credit.
  14. SRKfanforever

    SRKfanforever Well-Known Member

    ohhhhhhhhhhh great:thumb: thx for the review:thumb: so it was released in kuwait before india:confused:...anyways i am glad that you enjoyed the movie soo mcuh and SRK's acting..well he never dissappoints...and yeh thank god someone agrees with me about bipasha...i hate her to bits and dont know how am i gona tolerate her in song with SRK....

    you are making me even more excited about the movie...i will inshallh watch it this weekend definately....
  15. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear your reaction, Ru. That enough to know, the film is a great.
    honestly, we here in SRK's fans in Indonesia feel so upset today. Coz we're planning to watch together tomorrow. but.... this movie isn't released in Indonesia today. and still no info when will be released. I hope not too long. :(
  16. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    you have to take lots of t-shirts!! this movie is IT! :D
    aww :hug:
    i dont know how i would survive this waiting without you or Pri! :hug:

    here, i wrote this in my double post thread lol
    let me answer your question
    the reaction was good
    they were crying, laughing with the movie
    and me and my friends were clapping and people would look at us, then they started to do the same whenever they like a scene so yeah dont worry

    im going to watch it again on monday and its already soldout!
    when we left the cinema, girls were running towards it to watch the late show of the movie, obviously the workers there were really happy that its doing well, i mean its Shah Rukh Khan movie after all..
    and im telling you people, this is a BLOCKBUSTER movie!

    awwwwwwwwww!!!! :hug::hug:
    im so happy you are going to watch it in less than a day! :hug::kiss::kiss::dance:
    trust me, IT IS worth WAITING for!!
    SIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug:
    i have to praise her, she was GOOD!! :D
    and i finally heard her voice :pound:
    when she first talked i was like "ohhhh finally!! she sounds nice!" :lol:
    she is REALLY good!
    yes, it was released i believe in the middle east a day before India, maybe Kuwait and Dubai only im not sure.. but yeah, ShahRukh never disappoint us!!! :D:D
    :pound: dude, in that song, i was focusing on Shah Rukh, she was like not so good with him at all!
    aw! :(:hug:
    im sorry Lia.. i really hope you get the chance to watch it..
    and if you have to wait for long, let me tell you, ITS WORTH IT!! really you will not get disappointed when you finally get to watch it! :hug::kiss:
  17. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    everyone was enjoying the movie, whenever a Shah Rukh Khan movie is out, normally it stays for a month :D:D
    and also, i was just telling Simran that there was this scene where ShahRukh was saying funny things and people were laughing, then he suddenly started to talk seriously, and everyone was like "shhhhhhhhhhhhh" :lol: i was like wow!!!
    cause you know, last time i went to a Salman Khan movie i think it was Phir Milnge or something like that, people were laughing at how serious he wanted to act, and guys were commenting on his acting but last night it was different! i mean the guys were really silent and enjoyed the movie and no one left the cinema until it was the end! cause ive seen people leave the movie in the middle of it! :D
    so yeah, the reaction here is great!
  18. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    I'M GOING TODAY!!! YAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!! :whoo::cheer2:

    tht's all!! :eek:
  19. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    Ru, of course i knew all that cuz u called me right after the movie ended
    i am soooooooo sosososo happy for u! :kiss: :hug: love ya didi!
    oh and i just HOPE! :pray: that i will get to see it soon too! it doesn't release in Romania, waiting for the DVD :hurt:
  20. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Thanks Ru for the wonderful review! I´m so happy for you:heart::heart::heart:..I have to wait until Monday but then.....he he!!:p:p:p:rockon::rockon:

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