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Ra Rakumara lyrucs and translation | GAV / Govindhudu andhari vadele (2014)

Discussion in 'Happy New Year' started by mumbiene, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Ra Rakumara lyrucs and translation | GAV / Govindhudu andhari vadele (2014)

    Movie: GAV / Govindhudu andhari vadele (2014)
    Starring: Ramcharan Tej, Kajal aggarwal, Srikanth, Kamalini
    Music: Yuvan Shankar raja
    Singer: Chinmayi

    Ra rakumara raajasaana yelaga
    Yedhapai cheraneera poola maale thenega
    Neevu theese swaasalo, ooyalooge aasatho
    Pamputhunna naa praanaanne ni vaipuga

    Oh (son of a)king! Have me with royalty
    Let the garland reach my neck like honey
    I'm sending you my soul toward you in the desire of swinging in your breath!

    Nee thalapulatho marigipoye ontari thanamu ishtame
    Nee kaburulatho karigipoye prathi oka kshanamu ishtame
    Kalale nijam aina kallu therichina korika ishtam
    Nijame Kala aina vollu marchina aa maah marintha ishtam The loneliness filled with your thoughts, I like that
    Time being melt by your words, I like that
    Opening my eyes after my dreams getting fulfilled, I like that
    Even if the reality becomes a dream and I would forget myself( that I'm existing in the world) , I like that very much!

    Ra Ra Raakumaara | Repeat | Baruvanipinche bidiyam antha nee chethulalo vaalani
    Brathakadam ante intha madhuram (ani) nee chethulalo theliyani
    Nenem chesukonu neeku panchani ee hridhyaanni
    Inkem korukonu ninnu minchina maro varam yedhaina gaani Let my shyness, which seems heavy to me fall in your hands
    Let me know the truth that leading a life is so sweet because of you
    What would I do with this heart if it isn't being shared with you?
    What else would I wish for other than you!
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