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Ra.one Reviews In The Media

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by Srkat (SRK + KAT), Oct 24, 2011.

  1. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    Rediff has trashed the film in all 3 of its reviews with scores of 2, 1.5 and 2 out of 5...tellingly, while Rediff has always been pretty anti-SRK, one of the reviewers is Raj Sen, who is a pretty ardent supporter of SRK, but has not hesitated to call an SRK film bad when in his opinion it is.

    As has Aseem Chabra with 2/5....another well known critic.

    Not gonna post the reviews here, but just making u guys aware that some negative reviews are being written
  2. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    From what I can see, there has not been a single negative or even mediocre review. In fact they are mostly raving about it!
    Every critic has recommended it as good, entertaining viewing, and more!

    Sami16. , I think you are way premature in predicting attendances will drop off.
    It hasn't even released yet.
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  3. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    No they havent, go check out rediff and Aseem Chabras review....in fact you know what I'm just gonna post them...don't care whose sentiments I hurt here.
  4. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    Review: Ra.One, most expensive midlife crisis
    Tags : Kareena Kapoor , Ra , Arjun Rampal , Shekhar , SFX
    Among other things, Ra.One has been labelled as Shah Rukh’s most expensive midlife crisis. Perhaps there is some truth to that, feels AbhisheK mande.
    A will probably tell you about the ‘two Indias’ — one that is leaping and bounding towards the future, eager to embrace everything that is new and the other that continues to be tied down by archaic traditions, refusing to adapt One wouldn’t be entirely incorrect if one says the same about Shah Rukh Khan’s Diwali release Ra.One.

    Even as Shah Rukh Khan flies over buildings, jumps over cars and even stops an out-of- control train with his bare hands, his valiant efforts to wow his audiences somewhat fai thanks to a weak storyline, some rather juvenile acting and a poor screenplay.
    To make matters more unbearable, the dialogues go from bad to worse and Vishal- Shekhar’s music — barring a couple of numbers — has little to offer in a film that could have possibly ushered in an era of science fiction cinema in mainstream Bollywood. In a sense, Ra.One is a modern-day retelling of Frankenstein. A young boy (played rather well by debutant Armaan Verma) tells his techie father Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan) to create a super-villain (played by Arjun Rampal), who isn’t just evil but also invincible. The nerdy father, who heads a gaming division of a company, gives him just that not realising what he’s unleashed upon the world.
    The list can go on but what makes Ra.One such a drag is that through all of this, you’re never once able to relate to any of the characters in the film let alone anything else Sci-fi movies do require a certain willing suspension of disbelief, but the makers of Ra.One demand a heck of a lot more. They seem to expect their audiences to take a blind eap of faith and hope that the charisma of one of India’s biggest stars manages to hold themovie together. Sadly and somewhat predictably, it doesn’t.

    Ra.One is one long disjoined chain of events and scenes that aren’t just half-baked, but also lackadaisically connected with the seemingly sole purpose of being able to show the(almost) 46-year-old actor performing some breathtaking stunts. Shah Rukh Khan is arguably one of India’s[​IMG] greatest stars For most part of his career, Khan has had us eating out of his hands playing the nimitable lover. When his boyish charm and baby fat went away, Khan transformed himself into a cheeky hero akin to the character he played in the second half of Om Shanti Om, getting away by saying and doing the darndest things.
    It isn’t surprising that his next film set for an Xmas release is Don 2, the action-thriller where he plays a dreaded underworld don.
    And even as he looks promising in it, his role in Ra.One leaves a lot to be desired. For the entire first half of the movie, we see Khan as a bumbling father who talks in a rather cliched south Indian accent, eats noodles and curds with his hands and hopes to gain his son’s acceptance by doing everything from dressing up in tight leather pants to even going to the extent of creating an invincible villain for him.
    If, by making him do all of this, director Anubhav Sinha hoped to make Shekhar lovable, I am not sure he succeeded. It is only much later, almost closer to the intermission that we see Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘action avatar’. Here, in one particular shot Khan as G.One is perched atop a broken car against a London [ Images ] skyline. His intense look and poise sparks a glimmer of hope in a movie that promises to be a dreadful watch.
    In the weeks before its release, Ra.One has been called many things. Among them, it has been labelled as Shah Rukh’s most expensive midlife crisis. After watching the movie, it seems to me that perhaps, just perhaps there might be some truth to it after all. I am going with 2 out of 5 star ratings for Ra.One, a film that could have been great fun but didn’t live up.
  5. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    Arjun Rampal is the best thing in the biggest budget Indian feature of all time, says Raja Sen.

    Once in a while, movies compel you to write odd things. You end up with sentences you stare at in disbelief, wondering if your fingers misled you or you slipped up dyslexically, missing a crucial word or a thought. This film, the biggest budget Indian feature of all time, provides one such daft line: Arjun Rampal is the best thing in this movie.
    That fact should, in itself, tell you all. Still, I’m getting far ahead of myself. Ra.One is a subpar superhero film with a mediocre soundtrack and occasionally terrific effects. For those of you looking to compare, it’s well below Krrish [ Images ] on the superpecking order, and far, far below Robot.

    It has a good villain in Rampal, a striking heroine in Kareena Kapoor [ Images ] and a visual effects team that, while derivative, gets the job done rather well. The problem lies in the hodgepodge script — a congealed instant-noodles mess of mixed flavours and overzealous Bollywoodisation — and, even more crucially, in the man.
    There is far too much Shah Rukh Khan [ Images ] in Ra.One, and while the man can normally be counted on to entertain no matter how completely he overwhelms us with his presence, this is him trying too hard in a film that straddles the disparate worlds of Shankar and Farah Khan [ Images ], and, having been made by Anubhav Sinha, falls painfully flat.
    Somewhere in the script was a simple idea — that of a video game villain wreaking havoc in the real world — with potential for an enjoyable romp, but as the unambitious plot was scaled up to dizzying heights, much masala was injected thoughtlessly into it, as if each scene in isolation needed to be packed with every colour of cool.
    The film’s narrative, as a result, is disjointed and sluggish, with a mere handful of good scenes. The rest is not just filler, but lengthy, exhausting, filmi filler — the kind of kitsch a film like this should really have left behind.
    An Amelie-haired young boy (Armaan Verma) addicted to video games considers his father (Khan) a loser despite the fact that he makes high-concept games. Driven to create a game ‘bad’ enough to win him some brownie points, Khan’s dweeby techie comes up with a villain loaded with artificial intelligence, one nearly impossible to beat.
    From ‘Random Access One’ they start calling him Ra-One, at which point a Chinese colleague wonders if the game’s hero could be called something similar. “G-One! Does it mean anything in Hindi?” he trills enthusiastically, since that’s what a London-based software firm would obviously prioritise in its international products.
    (Language is a constant irritant in the film. Shah Rukh introduces his luscious wife Kareena Kapoor to the aforementioned colleague’s Chinese mother with “my better half,” to which the lady says “Ni hao” and Kapoor diligently tosses in a “Namaste.” Later, when Khan is held up by a London [ Images ] thug, he speaks in English while the goon helpfully talks in Bob Christo-accented Hindi. Ah well.)
    The game itself, set in the year 2050 — an ill omen for the film if ever there was one — proves to be unimpressively simple, considering Khan’s young son starts beating it the very first time it’s ever played. It consists of full-body virtual reality suits, cool as a concept, but considering you’ll have to leap in the air and execute a flying dropkick instead of just pressing Up and the yellow button, seems significantly tiresome.
    Like the film itself is, slavishly throwing nonsensical jargon at us instead of letting the bad guy out as soon as possible.
    The only saving grace in the first half is Kareena, who dazzles even as she acts her way out of a paperbagful of stock situations. By which I mean she acts just fine, but looks absolutely jawdroppingly ravishing, better perhaps than she ever has. The hemline of her white dress is the only reason to watch the Criminal song, and the one wicked moment she has is the film’s only genuine surprise.
    The effects, as said, are impressive but only occasionally. The action setpieces, while visually adept, lack urgency and propulsion. The most striking effect is that of RaOne and G-One taking shape as characters in the real world, big pixelly blocks building upon each other, the Tetris-like assembly delightfully looking like graphics rendering gradually. RaOne starts out like a Neo knockoff from The Matrix, but clearly means business once Rampal is in control. Rampal’s menacing, cold and can dish out a helluva piledriver ? and appears in maybe six scenes in total.
    The rest is for the filminess, you see. For G-One to wonder what Karvachauth is and then hug Kareena as voyeuristic neighbours cheer them on; for random pseudo-sufi yells in the background as characters feel pangs of emotion; for plotpoints to be reiterated over and over and over again. And, most critically, for embarrassingly broad ‘comedy’ that never ever gets a laugh. The Rajnikanth [ Images ] cameo works, sure, but does so by default — and makes no sense whatsoever.
    There are people who will let this film slide. Who will say it’s not bad “for a Hindi film.” That if we make a superhero film we’ll have to add in lots of Bollywood to make it commercially feasible, and this is as good as it gets. Hogwash. For those doubters I have two words: Mister and India [ Images ]. I’m glad Khan stuck his neck out and gave us a project of this magnitude, one other genuinely inventive superhero movies will doubtless use to create truly special films. Ra.One, of course, is far from it.
    There is but one prerequisite of a superhero film: A central character we care about. Here, as Khan flits from hit persona to persona, there is no sense of consistency. The game designer appears sometimes socially handicapped, and sometimes (in flashback) an utter charmer; G-One speaks haltingly like a robot, and then breaks into rap. The film seems to think that nothing seems to matter as long as there’s enough Khan, and it becomes tragically evident that this is a project born more out of vanity than passion.
  6. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Hmmmm! This was expected I guess! A critic's opinion is a personal opinion at the end. But going by Taran's review, I don't see the possibility of anything as drastic as MNIK happening to this movie! The audience in India will have quite a ball and the youth will be able to enjoy the fun part too. As for the VFX, that will be a high-point. And all of SRK-Kareena-Arjun's fans will flock to the theaters to watch the movie. Whether it will have a repeat value to the Indian audience or not will be evident by Monday next week. So let's not write things off! It's a thread to post reviews - not to draw conclusions and write about them! That we will all be able to do ourselves once we see the film!
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  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    sami, as a SRK fan I wonder why you waste time going to "re tiff". notorious inexperienced fame-hungry brannigan aspirants who only like to put the best down just to seek more attention. bunch of bozos who are not really qualified to give reviews.
    raj sen has never been a srk fan, he's an idiot with a big ego. and whats his face the other clown mande; a kid who is a "trainee" at TOI, writes about models and miss world etc...dabbles in many topics and hardly knows anything in particular, failing miserably to get the respect in media including interviews with celebs. he cannot even get his English grammar correctly most of the time.

    I read a review that mande wrote about dabangg " cannot be said t ohave a coherent storyline or consistent characterisation" "song sounded okay to me" "picturization left a lot to be desired". sounds familiar? I haven't seen dabangg nor am I defending salman, but I'm trying to make a point- that this fool who thinks he's knowledgeable, doesn't really know what he's talking about. what the hell does this inept amateur know about film making, picturization or anything the crew had to go through, especially when it comes to something that has never been done in India like RaOne, digitally or otherwise.

    if both of those 2 morons have any shame they should have shown some advocacy to RaOne just to show some patriotic support being it the first Indian superhero film of this magnitude and first time this genre being done in India. This is an enormous advancement in the Hindi cinema, done by a proud Indian who is the greatest mega star. calling it a "midlife crisis" shows how low class pathetic loser that he is. let us see at age 45 what will he accomplish! SRK reached his pinnacle of success in his 20s, can this piece of shit say the same about himself or anyone in his family? I doubt it. if anyone has crisis coming its him, null boring silly miserably-failing trainee. did I call him enough names?
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  8. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    yes, their personal opinions only, and they are no body so no one should even go by what they say, especially coming from rediff
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  9. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    I agree. As far as the review I was still willing to let it go, to each his own, but the fact that he stuck in "midlife crisis" as well as, "it becomes tragically evident that this is a project born more out of vanity than passion"...to leap to such a conclusion seems nearly impossible based simply on watching the film. This, to me, shows not an objective review, but more of a personal vendetta...
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  10. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Yes, that's what I'd call it... This much of venom in a mere 'film review' is just pathetic! Period.
  11. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I agree Kalee. its very evident it was all cramping and boiling in his belly and couldn't wait to fart it all out :rolleyes:
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  12. Swad3s

    Swad3s Active Member

    Not really surprised that this review has come from chabbria, who hates SRK & goes on ranting about every thing he does. Rediff generally writes in this fashion as well so not surprised to find it over there. The good thing is, today hardly any big budget film gets affected due to reviews. Lets see how's the WOM, even if its mixed it'll do record-breaking business.;)
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  13. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    i agree, this review from rediff is not suprising at all, it was pretty much expected.

    if it had been a good positive review..now theres something to be shocked about! :p

    though really, media should be objective about their reviews and not let their personal dislike of an actor steer them towards outright bashing it. :suspicious:
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  14. Swad3s

    Swad3s Active Member

    Review by Kavree Bazmai (headlines today/ India today)

    Rating:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pataka? Item? Tota? An actor throws around a few casual words that mean a beautiful girl, until he hits upon one that encompasses all of the above: chammak challo. Shah Rukh Khan's superhero-blue eyes light up, Kareena Kapoor's red sari glows, and they start to dance to Akon's song along with Russian dancers in Bharatnatyam-inspired mini-skirts. Yes, it's that sort of a movie, where everything happens all at once. Amitabh Bachchan does part of the voice-over; Rajinikanth's Chitti, the Robot, shows G.One, Shah Rukh's superhero, how to twirl his sunglasses; artist Subodh Gupta paints the costume; and even pals Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra act out a juvenile joke, playing characters in video game where the star can vanquish the sisters of Bruce Lee called Iski Lee, Uski Lee and Sabki Lee. Even as you cringe at Shah Rukh's Tamil accented Hindi and his eating-curd-with-noodle act, hoping his curly wig will fall into his dinner plate, you realise it's a big party and everyone's invited.
    Welcome to a movie as a gigantic open house. Shah Rukh is the host and he will make sure your VFX canapés are delivered at regular interval; your emotion goblet is kept topped up; and there are enough homilies about being careful-what-you-wish-for that you can take home as back presents. This is film-making not so much as noble passion but as grand indulgence, not so much as a marathon magic show but as an event to be managed. No effort is spared. Shah Rukh walks sideways on a Mumbai local train, stops an engine with his bare hands, charges himself with electricity, even slaps his heroine's butt and grabs her breast. In between throwing cars at his arch nemesis, recently escaped from a video game; dancing like Michael Jackson; and quoting V. Shantaram, the superhero moves between the digital and real world, London and Chennai, burial as Christian and prayer as Hindu.
    I presume there is some lesson here about being a global citizen, and Shah Rukh's hyperactive child fans will no doubt benefit from it, but it would have been more fun to see more Volkswagens ploughing through many more red buses. But yes, we know, this is a superhero with a heart and ladai goliyon se nahin, dil se jeeti jati hai. The special effects work, but are not always evenly applied through the film. The cool metallic blue of the superhero suit doesn't always show up on screen. And hey, Arjun Rampal really needs to stop clenching his teeth while delivering menacing dialogues. We are not scared because we simply cannot understand. Shah Rukh throws himself about, vaulting up and own buildings, leaping through the air and even landing on his feet with Kareena Kapoor in his arms. In the face of such indefatigable energy, we surrender. Go on, Shah Rukh, give it a rest. In the words of your superhero, you did good.

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  15. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    CNN-IBN is doing a "RA.One Tweet review. First day, first show!" thing. In fact they kicked this special feature off with Ra.One!
    Here are the tweets so far. Will update as they come up. If I'm not around for the entire show, I'm sure somebody else will fill you guys in. :D

    (Warning - possible spoilers)

    IBNLiveMovies IBNLive Movies

    1. Diwali morning pyrotechnics with Shah Rukh Khan. Watch out for a tweet review of Ra.one. #RAOne
    2. sold out shows at Spice cinemas Noida. The queue of Angry crowds is growing. #RAOne
    3. The RA.One fever is infectious. Crackers outside the hall. Raised voices at ticketing counter. #RAOne
    4. The hall so jampacked, no one would believe this is a morning show! @iamsrk must be smiling! #RAOne
    5. The hall is flooded with kids, the movie sure has created a buzz amongst the younger ones! #RAOne
    6. Eagerly awaiting the 3d experience. And here goes! Bridging the gap between The real and virtual. And entry of @priyankachopra and lucifer!
    7. Return of khalnayak Sanjay Dutt in a virtual avatar. #RAOne
    8. 10 minutes into the show can truly see why Resul Pookuttty deserved an oscar. Amazing special effects and sounds. #RAOne
    9. Shah Rukh's character Shekhar Subramanium is a lovable geek. But @iamsrk's Tamil accent needs more work. #RAOne
    10. How is it possible that a villain never loses a battle? Well answers ahead. #RAOne
    11. Villains are kickass! A dad tries hard to impress his MTV-generation kid. Story sounds familiar? #RAOne
    12. Random access version one. And Raavan it is. The bad one from the mythological lores. Jeevan is reborn as G.One #RAOne
    13. Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter. And the anti hart gun at level 3. The HART of a complicated game explained. #RAOne
    14. No one is as gullible as Subramanyam! Really. But @iamsrk brings out the hurt father well in a street mugging scene. #RAOne
    15. That sinister moment... When you know something is not right with what you have created. @srbachchan voiceover at RA.One launch. #RAOne
    16. 10 villains in one... Ra.one. Raavan. #RAOne
    17. A 150 crore budget justified. Superb special effects. A close look at the G.One suit. @iamsrk this film is a perfect Diwali gift for kids.
    18. The Ra.One game intensifies. The theatre is one gaming zone. One of the best 3D films India has seen. Can't say same for acting. #RAOne
    19. A crucial moment in the film. For all @iamsrk fans this will be heart wrenching. #RAOne
    20. A turning point for gaming in cinema. What happens when a game goes wrong? This is how Frankenstein's creator must have felt. #RAOne
    21. The search continues for Lucifer. A thrilling chase and the wait for Arjun Rampal. RA.One is who he wants to be. #RAOne
    22.A storm of wolf whistles and clapping breaks out with the entry of G.One, gravity defying car stunts and @iamsrk with a six-pack suit!
    23. At interval, Ra.one is best described as one big gripping video game. The action sequences are stunning. #RaOne
    24. This is a 3D film in the true sense. :D But absolutely no plot line. :( Kareena's role is limited. #RaOne
    25. And soon after the interval, enters Rajinikanth!! Robot! Crowd goes berserk! :)
    26. Shah Rukh Khan as G.One is more at ease than Shekhar Subramanium. The 'stand by me' track is remixed wonderfully with Dildaara.
    27. The return of RA.One in second half bears strong resemblance to the Terminator series. #RAOne
    28. Repeated anti-smoking messages throughout film. @iamSrk are you leading by example? #RAOne
    29. Arjun Rampal makes a stunning Raavan. Anti-god, anti-good and toned. #RAOne
    30. Ah. Mystery of chammak challo explained. Wanna be my chammak challo? #RAOne
    31. A truly superb train sequence. Kids don't try this at home. Tad too long? #RAone
    32. The train stunt is very Enthiran, but better executed. #RAOne
    33. Massive destruction of VT is a scene the film can be truly proud of. Emotional overload soon after kills the effect. #RAOne
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  16. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Thanks! reading this comment of urs has calmed me. I am hell tensed & nervous.. but I guess you are right. SRK-haters will talk negatively and publicize that even without watching it, or even after watching it!! We better wait for the BO result and let figures speak for themselves, as you said. Till then... Keep :pray2: !!
  17. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Yes! And I want to see it for myself before doing any sort of verdict or prediction! And of course let's see what the audience across India says! :)
  18. Swad3s

    Swad3s Active Member

    Planet bollywood' review by Stutee ghosh.

    Rating 4/5

    Ladies and Gentleman let’s give it up for SRK’s Ra.One!! You are sure to have heard of this one and although your expectations from it might vary from utter skepticism to pure wonder it’s a film you cannot ignore. So far carried solely on the extra-terrestrial strength of astute marketing and SRK’s Stardom, the film isn’t a complete roll over after all.
    To put it simply it’s a film of victory of good over evil. Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh Khan) wants his son Prateek (Armaan Verma) to think of him as a hero. He produces an ultimate video-game with a good at heart valiant hero G.One pitted against a strong villain, Ra.One. As in folklore, so in Bollywood it’s a fight worth watching and the happenings have more than enough meat to keep us glued to the very end.
    Director Anubhav Sinha spices this bland palate with some super special effects, computer graphics and visual somersaults. It’s video game-like for most of it and clearly skewed to make kids watch the movie wide–eyed and with unflinching attention. Since there is a child in each one of us, it doesn’t do too badly with us adults too!
    A sci-fi super hero film, Ra.One is bound to provide fresh fodder for our fertile imagination. Touted as the most expensive Hindi film with masterful special effects, Ra.One thankfully does not suffer from performance anxiety. Starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles along with the mighty SRK, no stone has been left unturned to put us under a spell.

    Child actor Armaan Verma does a brilliant job of playing a video-game addict. It also stars Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil and Chinese-American actor Tom Wu in supporting roles. There is a voice over by Shehensha Amitabh Bachchan (that’s how he is referred to in the credits!) along with a special gig by Rajnikanth in addition to Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra making guest appearances.
    It has been said that SRK decided to re-shoot the whole film and add renewed vigor into the special effects after seeing Rajni’s Robot. Although Ra.One has definitely taken a leaf out of Robot’s histrionics it manages to blossom into its own. SRK roped in Jeff Kleiser from Hollywood and Oscar winner Resul Pokutty was appointed to take care of the sound department.
    Seeing our superhero fly through the sky, do gravity-defying somersaults, chasing trains and the likes...the first half before the interval is tastefully packed. Post interval, while it seems to lose some of its charge, the stunts are well balanced with some genuine emotional scenes between the father and son tugging at our heartstrings. In the end it’s an idea made larger than life and money well spent.
    Knowing SRK this wasn’t just another film. What with his other fellow Khan’s rubbing him the wrong way with enviable box office collections, Ra.One was SRK’s gamble which seems to have paid off. It is neither thought provoking like an Amir Khan production nor totally brainless like Salman’s whims. Ra.One has a soul that is well adorned by special effects never seen in a Hindi film and some dazzling doze of the Badshaah of Bollywood’s charisma.
    This Diwali let the celebrations continue with an enticing display of fireworks within the film Ra.One. It’s well worth watching and a suggestion, watch it in 3D if you get the chance!

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  19. MD. ARIF

    MD. ARIF New Member

  20. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Swad3s, could you please add that Stutee gave it a 4/5 rating?! :D

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