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Pyaar ke niyati - destiny of love ♡

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Jaina♡SRK, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~

    This is the first fanfiction I write. It's a SRKAJOL one... I really, really LOVE them together :D
    I'm a little nervous 'cause my english is not that good.... so please tell me if you like it or not and if I should continue the story.

    Here it comes.. hope you enjoy it!! :)

    Shahrukh Khan - as himself
    Kajol - as "Meera Malhotra"
    Rani - as "Taani Malhotra" (Meera's sister)
    Amitabh Bachchan - as "Mr. Raj Khan" (Father of SRK & Jay)
    Jaya Bachchan - as "Mrs. Nandini Khan " (Mother of SRK & Jay)
    Abhishek Bachchan - as "Jay Khan"(Brother of SRK)
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - as Maya Khan (Jay's wife/ sister in law of SRK)

    The Story is about a girl named Meera who finds the love of her life - Shahrukh Khan. A story full of tricky twists. :) Enjoy!

    ~1~ (MEERA'S VIEW)

    It was raining hard that day. It seems as if the monsoon was already there. I was freezing and my wet sari sticked to my body and became really heavy and uncomfortable 'cause of all the water. I sat on the train-station holding my arms around my body.. trying to get a little bit warmer.
    I trembled.. but not just because of the cold of the rain... tears were falling down my cheaks. But nobody saw them.. I was already wet. My heart hurt so bad. "He left me... I'm all allone. Why did he leave me alone in this situation?? He promised me that he would love me and would always take care of me and be with me... but he lied... like so often. He's a stupid liar. How could I believed him? He broke my heart... and not just that... he destroyed everything I dreamed of. "
    I was staring around.. saw many people running in a hurry to catch one of the trains... but not me. I was lost there with no hope and no home.. just nothing... it felt so empty inside my heart. The happy and self-confident girl that I one was was gone.
    And then my hand felt the move inside my body.. such a soft gentle touch inside of me. Like many butterflies in my tummy. My hand moved over my big belly... carring a new life inside of me.. a miracle. "I will try to be brave for you my little angle!" I wispered and another tear ran over my face. "Whatever it takes my dear baby.. I will fight for us and always be there for you. Always!"
    I closed my eyes, still sitting on the bench inside the rain, just traffic-noises and busy people around me.

    Sooo.. what do you think? Please comment. :)
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  2. Imanek

    Imanek Active Member

    Its look good i would like to read more good luck for your first story
    Jaina♡SRK says thanks.
  3. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    Suddenly I felt a hand softly touching my shoulder.
    "Excuse me mam, is everything all right with you?" Someone asked wich a gentle voice. I turned around and saw into the grey eyes of an old man who was standing next to me. "Uhm... yes. It's all right." I answered slowly. "Hmm.. you're not looking that comfortable.." He answered. "May I call someone for you? To take care of you?" His smile was warm and caring. "By the way my Name is Jacinder Singh."
    "Nice to meet you! Meera Malhotra! Thank you for your offer. But no.. thank you...I'm fine." I said, trying to give him a smile.
    "Well.. ok dear.. but why are you crying then? A Woman in your situation shouldn't sit here alone in the rain. You need someone who takes care of you, don't you?"
    "To be honest.. I don't have someone actually" I said.
    His face looked sad.. "I'm sorry dear! Where are you living then?"
    "I don't know... I will have to choose a new place to live, I guess." I answered slowly.
    "I'm really sorry miss. I know that your life is out of my business, but I want you to be happy, girl. Especialy for the child you're caring. Please take this ticket and money to go to a better place than this and start a new life, dear! It's all I can give you but please take it."
    I was shocked and stared into his grey eyes. "Uhm... thank you a lot, Sir! I don't know what to say.. This is more than I have ever expected!"
    "Then just be happy and give me a smile! It's an honour for me to help you!" I smiled and tears of happines ran over my cheaks again.
    "Thank you! A thousand times! God bless you for this!" I took the ticket and the money from him and studied it. I couldn't believe it!
    Suddenly I looked up and couldn't see him anymore. I searched him with my eyes all over the place but he was gone.

    A few times later I left the station by train and didn't know what i should do next when i will be arrived in New Dehli. But I was sure this journey will be just the beginning!
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  4. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~

    Hey, I'm very happy that you like it! Thank you!
    I hope my writing will become better. :D
  5. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    The train was full and stuffy. I felt really sick but tried my best to keep it easy. Many people were staring at me. Maybe because of my big belly or obviously because of the fact that I was traveling alone in my situation. The air inside the compartment was bad and hard for me to breathe. "Oh dear.. how long may I have to stay in this torture?!" I thought.

    Then suddenly I saw a man watching me.
    Well.. actually he seemed to be searching someone else before ... but then he was looking in my direction and when he saw me I noticed wrinkles on his forehead and a compassionate look in his eyes.
    Then he walked in my direction.. so I could see him a little bit better. He was really tall and seemed to be one of these rich guys because his clothes may have been very expencive... His suit fited him perfectly. All the other people watched him too. Suddenly I realized that he was watching me and came for me.
    "Hello Mam, is everything all right? Do you like to sit at another place? This air here is terrible.. especialy for a heavily pregnant woman like you." He asked.
    For one moment I was speechless and didn't know how to react. But then I was very thankful to come out of here.
    "Thank you very much Sir! Indeed.. I would be very happy to come out of here."
    He smiled. "Then let's go!" He said and led me out of that area, into the first class compartment.

    "My name is Jay Khan and this is my wife Maya. She's also pregnant as you can see. I'm sure you'll like each other!" He said.
    "I thank you very much to put me out of there, Mr. Khan. It's an honour for me to be here with you Mrs. Khan."
    "Oh please... call me Jay.. and this is Maya! You don't have to use that formal term." He laughed.
    "Nice to meet you then... Jay... Maya. My name is Meera... Meera Malhotra!"
    "It's a pleasure to meet you Meera" Maya said. "I'm so happy to have someone to talk with. Traveling that long can be really boring and annoying.
    I sat down next to her and we kept talking for hours...

    Maya was totally beautiful.. I was impressed. I have never seen a beautiful woman like her before. She had wonderful big eyes and a beautiful smile. Her long brown hair were falling smooth and waving till her waist. She looked really cute with her baby belly. Jay must be really proud and happy.
    "Lucky girl.." I thought! " She has a man on her side who truely loves and adores her.
    My heart hurt... why did nobody love me like this?
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    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~

    Wuhuuu... HE will be coming soon! I promise
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    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    "So tell me Meera, are you married?" Maya asked.
    "Oh ok.. well.. where is your boyfriend then?"
    I sank deeper into my seat...
    "Well... uhm.. I don't have one.. not anymore."I finally said.
    "Oh no.. Meera. What happend? Please tell me... if you don't mind."
    "He... uhm.. he.. he left me." My eyes became wet again.
    "OMG... I am soooo sorry for you Meera! Excuse me... I didn't want to forse you.. I had no idea.... but.... OMG he left his PREGNANT girlfriend??? He is an assh***!" She shouted angry.

    "Yes.. 2 days before I came home and all my stuff was gone. He threw all of my things away, hit me and told me that he had enough of me.
    We've been together for 2 years now and it only got worse. At first I thought that we were happy.. well even if we fought very often and he often came late at night home after work. After the first hard times it got better. He promised me that he's sorry and that he loves me and wanted to marry me. I thought that we could become a real family and that our hard time is over. Then I became pregnant and it was really difficult for us. Suddenly he seemed not to be interest in me at all.. he yelled at me because of my growing weight and then I found out that he cheated on me twice. Yesterday he told me that he didn't loves me and that he never really did. He just wanted me as his girlfriend because I was so pretty and now I'm just a poor, annoying girl. He told me that I would never dare to leave him because otherwise he would do sth. to me or the baby. Well... he was wrong. I was strong enough to run away....." Then I broke out in tears.

    When I looked up I see that Maya was crying too. "I'm so sorry honey. I can't imagine how you must have felt. I'm really sorry. So where are you going now?" She asks.
    "I don't know. My sister Taani lives in Australia. I can't go there and I don't want to make her unhappy because of me."

    "Then you have to come with us!" Maya said with teary eyes!
    "I don't know if this works... you have your on family. You don't need someone like me in your house."
    "Let's ask Jay later. He'll find a solution."

    "But now.. Let's talk about something else. I want you to put on one of my new sarees. I bought them someone days ago and I want to give you one of them. You can't go around with this dirty old thing you're wearing!"

    When Maya came back with a beautiful green/gold saree i became speachless.
    "No Maya I can't take this from you! It's definiteley over my bughet. It must have been really expencive."
    "I don't care.. because I want to give it to you! You are my new friend now and it would make me very happy!" Maya said.

    Some minutes later I became speachless when I looked into the mirror. I was wearing Mayas present and it looked just wow. I have never seen such a beautiful saree.. especialy not on me!
    "Thank you Maya.... I'm so happy!" I hug her. "You're welcome my Dear!" She answered.

    Jay came back and he asked us if everything is all right.
    "Hey Darling, when will we be arrived in New Dehli?"Maya asked.
    "A few more hours I think. It's almost night. I think we can go and sleep a little."

    "Hey Meera, would you like to see my wedding ring? Jay bought it for me in Kairo. It is soooo beautiful!"
    "Wow Maya it's awesome!" I was really impressed.. but for my taste it was too big. I would like a smaller one.
    "Try it on! You have to feel it.
    We just married one year ago in Las Vegas and now I'm going to se my parents in law and brother in law for the first time!" She danced around excited. I was very happy for her!

    Suddenly everything got dark and I fell painful on the floor. Everything seemed to fly around.. up an down. I couldn't see anything.... just heared Maya screeming in pain. Then one of the chairs hit me. I screamed and tried to rescue me somewhere but I couldn't see anything. My body hurt so much and I couldn't move. "My baby! Oh god my baby..." was the last thing I thought before I lost my mind.

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    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    (at the same Time at the Khans house, New Dehli)

    How wonderful.. I'm home!
    While I enteres I smiled about how sweet my dear mother is. She has always been worried and caring about me.. everytime when I came back from business-trips I saw her worried face... like now. For me she is the most beautiful woman inside and outside! She has become older now but is still beautiful!

    "Good evening Mataji, how are you?" I hugged her gently and kissed her on her forehead.
    "Shahrukh.. you're back! I'm so happy to see you my dear son. I missed you so much!"
    "Mom.. I will always come back to you, I promised you! Don't worry! I missed you too! Especialy your cooking! *wink*
    "Hahaha.. it seems as if you're a lucky guy today.. I just made Tandoori chicken for you.. i know that's your favourite!" My mom smiled.
    "Thank you very much mum! I love you!

    Then I started teasing her a little:
    "Why should I marry a girl one day when I have you and your great cooking?" *wink*
    But she answerd seriously "My dear son! I know that deep in your heart you feel really lonely! I know you Shahrukh! I believe that one day there will be THE ONE woman for you... and you will know that you'll be her everything and she'll be your everything.. she will be the one who completes you, makes you feel loved and happy! She will be the one you want to be married to, the mother of your children and the love of your life till the end of days! She will make you feel alive! I pray to god that he will make you happy! Like me and your father! By the way, could you please call him for dinner?"

    While I was searching for dad moms words confused me... and in that moment I prayed that I could find HER one day!

    "Hey dad.. what's up?" He sat on a bench next to the tree and was dreaming again I guess... because his eyes were closed. He opened his eyes and a big smile appeared upon his face! "Shahrukh!! You are finally back! Good to see you son!" He hugged me while we walked back inside the house. He is always talking and talking about his dreames and plans for the future.

    Later mum told us that Jay was on his way back home. He will be coming with his wife Maya who's caring their first child insite. Mom was totally excited because it'll be the first time we would meet Maya in person.. and of course because she's caring their first grandchild inside!

    Later at night we got the phonecall. Mom answered it and broke down in tears directly...
    I have never seen her like this before...
    "Mom what happend?"
    "It's your brother... it's Jay...he's dead, Shahrukh!!"

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  9. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~



    My body hurt a lot and was freezing. "Am I dead?" I thought... "What happend in that train?" I couldn't remember..
    Then I opened my eyes a little carefully and the light dezzled me.. After a while I realized that I was lying in a bed. Everything around seemed to be white. "Where am I?" I was so confused. I just heared a beeping noise besides me.
    Then I opened my eyes propertly and watched around. There was a desk full of flowers and presents next to my bed. "Who would bring flowers for me?" I asked myself. But then I looked down to my body and screamed. "My baby... where is my baby?" I shouted out.
    I touched my empty belly and tears ran over my face... "Oh no.. where is my baby?" I layed back in bed again and couldn't stop crying.

    Suddenly the door opened and a nurse came to my bed. "How are you misses?" She asked gently. I looked into her eyes and she saw my tears. "Where is my baby?" I asked with low voice. She smiled and touched my arm to let me calm down. "Everything is all right, mam. The baby is fine... she is allright! I'll go and bring her to you!"
    With eyes wide open I askd.. "It's a girl?? Oh wow!" I was so happy and couldn't believe it... I'll see my baby. My little princess!
    But then I was shocked.. "What .. what happend to Maya?? And Mayas baby?" I thought for myself.
    "Nurse please tell me... what happend to the other pregnant woman? Is she here? How is she?" I was trembling and scared.
    "I'm sorry misses. She is dead. She and her baby didn't make it. I'm really sorry for your loss!"
    "No... no.. I can't believe it! Oh my god.. why?" I cried again. And my tears ran over my face... "Why her?"

    Some time later the nurse came back with a baby. My heart sciped a beat when I saw this little miracle in her arms. She gave her to me and I couldn't believe it.
    The baby was sleeping and looked so peaceful and cute. Then for one moment she opened her big eyes. I saw into two big brown eyes and my heart melted away... she was soooo beautiful. I kissed her on her forehead and tears ran over my face again. "I love you sweetheart. " I wispered to the baby. But suddenly I saw the tape on her left arm with her name on it. I was confused and shocked. "Baby of Mrs. Khan"
    I rang for the nurse!

    " I'm sorry.. but you gave me the wrong baby miss..." I was confused and sad.
    She looked at me puzzled.. "uhm... no mam.. this is your little girl!" She answered.
    Her hand touched gentily my arm.
    "It seems at if you are still a little confused Mrs. Khan!"
    "What? .... Mrs. Khan?" I didn't understand anything.
    The nurse looked sad and answered:" Yes.. Mrs. Khan... you had an terrible train-accident .... I'm afraid to tell you that your husband...... uhm.. your husband died. I'm so sorry for your loss!" She looked down with teary eyes.

    For one moment I couldn't say anything. I was too confused! "So Jay is dead too?..." I wispered and she just nodded.
    Then I realized that they got it totally wrong. "I am not Mrs. Khan... I'm Meera... not Maya!" I wanted to shout. But I was not able to say anything!
    "Oh god... they are DEAD! Jay and Maya are dead!
    ..... My baby and I survived. How was that possible? Oh Maya... oh my god.. Maya... " I was trembling again and still not able to say anything...

    "OMG. But I have to tell them... tell them that I'm not Maya!... " I thought to myself.
    When I opened my mouth to say something the door opened and a woman came inside.

    "Maya... oh my dear Maya... my daughter!" She cried. "Well .. we finally meet! Thank god.. I thought I have lost you both... my son and you!"
    I froze with my mouth wide open... unable to do or say anything.
    The woman came to my bed and hugged me while she was hardly crying....

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  10. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    SHAHRUKH'S VIEW (at the same time)

    My dad and I were sitting on the bench next to our house. Silence... we both listened to the traffic-noise and to the birds in the trees. Well.. actually it was a nice sunny day, but nothing in this world could have changed my bad mood. It would't make any difference if it would have been raining or something.

    I felt stunned. It seemed so unreal..."Jay.... is dead." My heart didn't want to accept that but there was no choice. My brother and me used to be close like twins. How could I live without him? Why did that happend to him?

    I watched my father. Normaly he was always happy, peaceful and full of zest for life. But now he just looked grey an old. It seemed as if he had aged for 10 years in just one second. I saw his agitated and teary eyes. His mouth was pressed to a thin line, his forehead was full with wrinkles. In that moment I realized that I might look the same. He was broken.. just like me.

    And then I remembered Maya.. poor woman. Now her child will grow up without his or her father. That must have been horrible to understand. Mum went to the hospital to see her. First I wanted to go with her.. but then I was not sure if it would be a good idea.
    I stroked dads shoulder gentily and went into the house. I needed to be alone. While all the memories of my dear brother were flashing through my mind I felt tears running over my face.

    ----- 3 days later ------

    When I heared a car I knew that my mom and Maya arrived with the baby at our house. I was nervous. How could I see in the eyes of Jay's wife.. my sister in law... It was so strange that we have never even met before.. and now my dear brother was gone.
    I felt so sorry for her.. how must she have felt.. especialy it will the first time she will see his family and all the memories of his childhood. Oh dear... poor gal.

    Some minutes later I heared them in the entrance hall.
    When I went downstairs it just took my breath away when I saw her for the very first time.

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  11. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    I have to say that your story reminds me of the movie Mrs Winterbourne. The plot is exactly the same.
  12. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~

    That's true! :) well.. it's obviously one of my inspirations. But it'll not be "the same" story I promise!

    I hope you will like it even when the beginning is simiar??
  13. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~



    I was very nervous when I got out of the car. I didn't know what to do.. I was not able to tell Mrs. Khan that I was NOT her daughter in law. It was a big mistake.. just because they found me with Mayas wedding ring on my finger. How could I ever explain why I had it on MY FINGER?

    We walked to the house.. well actually it seemed to be more a villa than a house.
    Mrs. Khan smiled at me and led us inside.
    As we came in I was really impressed by the beautiful interior.

    And then.. I saw HIM. He was coming downstairs to welcome us. His dark brown eyes were looking in my direction until he finally looked directly into my eyes. Some strands of his black hair felt into his face and when he smiled two cute dimples appeared on his face.. He acted passionate and cautious at the same time. I don't know why but I felt really familiar and attracted to him. My knees got soft and I felt a little dizzy.
    "Oh my god! Come on Merra... keep calm. He's just a man!" I ranted myself. But I couldn't turn away my view from him... while he was coming nearer.

    "Namaste.. Maya?.. nice to meet you! I'm Shahrukh!"
    His deep voice sounded gentle and pleasant.
    It was embarrassing but I couldn't say anything at that moment.
    "Uhm... yes.. nice to meet you Shahrukh!" Is all I got out.
    His mother watched me with a gently look. "I think you and the baby should take some rest sweetheart. You must be very tired." She said.
    I swallowed.. "umh... yes. Thank you! And thank you for your hospitality and taking care of us!" I answered.
    "You're welcome! " Shahrukh smiled sadly.

    So my little girl - I called her Talita - and I were leaded to our room. When we went inside my eyes filled with tears... because our room was so lovely and beautiful. I saw a cute baby cradle standing in the middle, toys and many other baby things and clothes all around. Then there was the big bed with white duvet covers standing in front of me.

    "Do you like it?" Mrs. Khan asked gentily. "Oh yes.... it's unbelieveable.. but I don't deserve all this things."
    "But you DO honey.. you're my daughter now! And I am so happy to have you here!" She answered. I was so ashamed.. not able to look into her green eyes to tell her that she was definetly wrong... I opened my mouth to say something but I didn't bring out a word! How should I have told her without hurtig her feelings... how could I explain to her?


    Do you like it or not? Should I go on with the story?
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    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    It was already 3 am.. but I was still lying in my bed and couldn't find any sleep.
    Talita was sleeping peacefuly in her baby cradle. She is such a gentle baby.. most of the time she was just sleeping or eating.

    I felt restless and nervous... tears ran over my cheaks while I realized that I was abusing the trust of this family and finally should tell them the truth. I sighed... my heart beated faster.. "but how could I do this?" It'll break there hearts and of course Talita and I will have to leave immediatley... but that might be the best for all of them.. I didn't want to live a lie. It would only got worse.
    Then finally.. I felt in a restless sleep.

    After this restless night I woke up early in the morning. My head hurt and I still felt very tired! I stoot up, got dressed and ready for breakfast. I brushed my long dark hair and tryed to tie them to a knot but today it didn't work that good.

    When I took Talita, opened the door and slowly went towards the dining room, my heart beated faster. "Will I see him there too?"

    Then I saw Shahrukh sitting at a table.
    My heart got excited and nervous.
    "Good morning you two." He smiled and his dimples appeared on his face again. " Did you sleep well?" He asked.
    "Good morning Shahrukh .. it was ok. thank you . I just haven't slept that much."
    "I'm sorry to hear that. Must still be hard for you I'm sure. Please sit down.. I'll take care of the baby while you're eating. Don't worry... try to relax."
    I'm sure he felt my tense mood.
    "I'm so sorry for the circumstances!" I replyed.
    "Hey.. don't worry.. you're family now. Remember? "
    "Uhm.. yeah.. .."
    We were still talking while his parents arrived.

    "Good morning Shahrukh, good morning Maya!" They said.
    "I hope you and your cuty have had a good night, Maya!" Mr. Khan smiled.
    "Oh.. well the bed is great....But I haven't slept much. The night was not that good"
    "Oh I understand.. I'm really sorry for you my dear! Please feel free to take a rest whenever you may need one. We can take care of Talita then!" Mrs. Khan hugged me and seemed to be really worried.

    "I... I.. have to tell you something really important." I said with tremulous voice...
    All of them turned to look at me.
    "My name is Meera.... Meera Malhotra. I am NOT Maya... your daughter in law Maya Khan... Jay's wife. I swallowed.....
    They stared at me with their eyes wide open.... and seemed to be petrified. My body shaked and my heart beat faster and faster. I took a deep breath and started telling them the whole story about what happend that day.

    TO BE CONTINUED.... :)
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    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~


    One our later I sat in my room, feeding Talita and thought about all the things that just happend.
    It might be weard but I felt much better than before, although I've disappointed this family so bad. I felt so sorry. While I pack my bags I remembered their reactions...

    Of course they have been shocked and very affected because of my confession. Mrs. and Mr. Khan looked very sad and had teary eyes. They didn't say very much at all.. and I understand their feelings. They've lost a daughter and their first grandchild.
    I was the most scared of Shahrukhs reaction because I saw anger and despair in his eyes.
    His muscles tensed and he ran around.. not knowing what to say.. or to do I guess.
    Finally he looked into my eyes .. still confused and asks "so why didn't you tell us??"
    I gasped.. "I... I don't know... I was afraid... I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I am sorry.."
    "You shouldn't have lie to us... this is even worse." he shouted.
    I swallowed.. and tears ran over my face. He's so right... I shouldn't have done this... but I didn't know where to go.. that was so selfish....
    Shahrukh was still angry and I didn't dare to look into his eyes again. I was freezing... so I took Talita and went back to my room......

    Suddenly I heared a noise at the door.. "Meera.. May I come in?" I heared the gentle voice of Mrs. Khan.
    At first I hesitated but then I opened the door. She stoot there with a sorrowful expression and walked inside slowly.
    "I'm so sorry Maya... uhm I mean Meera. I just don't know what to say. I'm just so sorry... for all that happend to you." She touched my arm and tried to look into my eyes. I was so ashamed for the pain I have caused her...

    "Where will you go now?" She asked.
    "I don't know. I'll have to find a new place to live for us. But don't worry..."
    She shaked her head "please stay with us... I don't want you and the baby to leave. This house is so big. Please... at least few weeks until you find a new place to live. You and the baby would be safe here."

    I couldn't imagine that she really wants us to stay here... me... the person who disappointed her so much?! I looked into her eyes and see love and warmth inside...
    My throat felt dry.. "really? To be honest I would love to.. but Shahrukh would definitely not like me to stay here."
    "Don't worry honey... he is just a little confused right know. He likes you.. I'm sure. Give him time .. he'll understand!" She hugged me tightly and a tear ran over her left cheak.
    "I would be so happy if you could say yes! Please Meera.."

    I slowly nodded my head.. "yes Mrs. Khan.. I would love to stay! But I'll not staying here for free. You'll have to give me some work to do for you!" She smiled all over her face and hugged me! "Oh how wonderful Meera! But please call me Nandini!"
    Then she took Talita and cuddled her... "By the way... " She whispered "... don't ever dare to take away this cute littly girl from me!" ;-)


    (please write a comment)
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  16. Jaina♡SRK

    Jaina♡SRK ~main tumse pyaar karti hun~

    2 weeks later.....

    It was only 10am but the sun was already burning into my skin today and the heat was nearly unbearable.. so I sat in the shade of a tree with closed eyes, trying to enjoy a small breeze. But it didn't help that much...

    It would be nice to go swimming in the large pool next to the Khan's house to cool down I thought.
    First I searched for my swimsuit in my room.. even if it didn't fit me like before my pregnancy but it'll be ok for now I thought.

    Then... finally I dived into the cold water and it just felt so unbelieveable good.. I was swimming several tracks and just enjoyed the water. When I suddenly realized that someone was standing next to the pool.. staring at me. I stopped and looked directly into his eyes.. it was Shahrukh.
    My heart sciped a beat and I was getting nervous. Just seeing him still took my breath away.. I shivered and felt that all of me was feeling highly attracted to this man. I couldn't say anything... or even move...just staring back into his big brown eyes. His look was so intense... so deep. My heart beat faster hardly in my chest while he was just standing there.. watching me. His dark blue shorts fitted him perfectly. OMG.. This man could wear ANYTHING and he still looked attractive and sexy... I was looking at his well-trained body, his brown tanned skin and his long disheveled hair. This man drived me absolutely crazy and I couldn't do anything against it.

    "Good morning Meera..." He says. I lift up an eyebrow... suprised.. he never used to talk or greet to me during the last few weeks.. why now??
    "Hey...uhm.. good morning Shahrukh" I answer with low voice. "May I join you?" He asked. "Sure." Not knowing what to say or to do I just kept staring at him.
    He jumped into the water and dived towards me. My knees were getting weak when he appeard close to me and smiled... I love these cute dimples in his face ... :) "Wow.. that's wonderful isn't?" He asked.
    "Oh yes.. it truely is."
    "I'm sorry for not talking to you for the last few weeks. And please forgive me for yelling at you.. I should have know better. I... I.. just was so angry and frustrated about the whole situation. I know that you've been in a hard time as well and I should have be there for you. Please forgive me."
    "Oh.. it's all right.. Shahrukh. Don't worry. I also have to apologize for beeing lying to you!" I bit my lower lip.
    "Hey.. it's ok Meera. You've been really brave by telling us the truth! It's done. Ok?"
    Then he smiled again with his breathtaking smile, kissed me on my hand and dived into the water again.

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
    What should I do?.. It felt like I'm addicted to him in some way.


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    I like the story can't wait to see where it will go
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    hope you are in good health. wow!!!!!!!! super soo far sooo goood cant waait for more hope it will e soon
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    Hey :wave::) I'm very happy that you like it!:rolleyes2:
    I'll update as soon as possible.. I promise! The last few weeks were a little busy :confused: My little sweetheart is getting her first tooth. :brushteeth:
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    (Later, in the evening)

    After taking a shower searched for something I could wear for dinner when suddenly Nandini entered my room again.
    "Oh.. Good evening my dear Meera! How are you? Is everything all right?"
    "I'm fine, thank you! I'm just searching for some clothes."
    "Come on darling, you don't have to wear your old stuff anymore. You're a beautiful young lady. I already bought some new things for you. Just take a look into your cabinet!... See you later, honey!" She smiles and disappears.

    I was curious and excited when I opened the big cabinet doors. Wow.. it took my breath away. It seemed as if the dream of every girl has come true.. there were a lot of beautiful dresses, saris and more.
    Nandini must have been crazy...
    I stoot in amazement in front of the cabinet.. touching all these nice things and still could't believe it... are they really ment for me?
    Finally I chose a long night blue colored dress and surprisingly it fits perfect and felt very comfortable and smooth.
    When I looked into the mirror I couldn't even recognize myself. For the first time after a very long time I felt self-confident and happy again. I bound my hair to a loosely knot... well.. I've never been talented in stiling my hair I thought but I hoped that it'll be ok for now.

    Talita was already fallen asleep. So I might had enough time until she'll be hungry again. Watching her tiny little face did me feel unbelieveable happy and my heart melted away. She seemed to feel safe and secure here in her cute cradle.

    I slowly walked downstairs.. trying not to fall down 'cause of my highheels. Oh god..Why didn't I chose something else? But it was too late. They might have been waiting for me already in the diner room. So I tryed my best to calm down.

    When I arrived the door to the dining room my heart beat faster and I was nervous. "Come on.. Meera... don't do something stupid."

    While I entered the room I saw Nandini, Raj and Shahrukh were already sitting at the big table. I have been right.. they were waiting for me.
    They noticed me coming and looked up. Raj and Nandini smiled all over their faces. "Meera.. you look wonderful darling. Please have a seat... I hope you don't mind that Raj and I have eaten already 'cause we'll have to go to a meeting in a few minutes... Please relax and enjoy your meal sweetheart. Shahrukh will stay here with you... will you Shahrukh?"
    When I looked to Shahrukh I noticed that he was staring at me the whole time and I blushed a little.
    "Uhm..Yes.. Of course mum! Don't worry!" he answered and smiled shyly.
    I started eating while Raj and Nandini left.. I looked into my plate but still felt his eyes on me.
    "Hey.. is everything all right?" I asked.
    I shivered when he looked directly into my eyes.
    "Sure.. I'm sorry for staring at you. You are... you look very beautiful."
    I didn't know how to react and felt the heat inside of me.
    "Thank you."
    We both blushed and looked down again while we finished our meal.

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