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Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    hi and salaaaaam to dear shahrukh. first of all congratulation to phd grade from university of england. then i'm so glad to buy anew place. and last one we all u'r fan know how much you respect to u'r religion. we all are behind you. be happy and healthy. kiss u'r dears.
  2. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Dear Kingji,

    I love you a lot and a lot, my family thinks I act as if I am your mother and also because I hanged your pictures all over the house...well, I am kind of underaged to be a mother but for you, I'll be your mother. :)
    I get REALLY angry if someone says a single word against you and feel like beating him/her up really bad but I know it's not possible. But to shut them up, yes. :tape:
    I missed my chance to meet you when you were here in SF. I even told Mehta Entertainment to tell you to come to my bday on July 3rd but of course, they didn't tell you. :mad:
    I always pray for your success and happiness. You are a wonderful human being and you deserve all the happiness in this world. :p
    As you know, you got many enemies that want to destroy you, please stay careful and put a black spot behind your ear so no one can set an evil eye on you. :thumb:
    I already put a black spot on your face (in photos that is). :nerd:
    Take care,
  3. shaktipatel

    shaktipatel New Member

    hey srk, im ur biggest fan, please come back soon to nj.
    and this time dont worry, next time airport security wont stop you.
  4. ShahRukh's Jungli Billi

    ShahRukh's Jungli Billi Shahrukh's JungliBilli

    dear shahrukh..

    hi,. i want to tell you how very sorry i am for the way the airlines treated you in New York. I am an american citizen and i feel so badly at what embarrassment and what stress they caused you, i feel ashamed to even be in the same place as they are, because a good person like you shouldnt have had this happen to at all.... Over the years, you have managed to do the impossible with peoples lifes so much that this incident should end with an apology from the airline itself.... i literally phoned the airline and told them how i felt, and that i will never fly them again we had a group of fifteen people from our church flying them and they rebooked seats on another carrier after i told them how they were. i am soooooo sorry shahrukhji.. i wish i could take your pain and embarrassment away from you, and let you smile again.. i will strike the airline down, to make them apologize, its not fair, and not right.. please smile again soon jaanu,. and i hope you do come back to america, just let me know when you do so i can bust who ever in the head if they cause you problems.. lots of love.. sam.....
  5. lionalex9000

    lionalex9000 New Member

  6. rothna

    rothna Active Member

    Dear Shahrukh Khan
    I just want to say that I love all your films and I have a connection with you through your films and your real life personality.You have helped me smile when things were not going right in my life and your passion for life has helped me to enjoy life more.My family love your films specially my ten year old nephew he is crazy about you he says you are his hero.I love you and I hope allah will bring you all the happiness in the world.
    Lots of love Rothna
  7. Dewicinta

    Dewicinta New Member

    My darling shahrukh

    I am so angry about you being detained...how can they did these to you...
    You're such a sweetheart....you bring joy and happiness to many around the world.
    May Allah protect and bless you always....
    Love you always
  8. niloofar

    niloofar New Member

    Dear Shahrukh Khan,
    I am a script writer from iran and I love you so much.I have written a story about peace and I would love you to read its summary if possible. it is a year I am trying to contact u, even I came to mumbai to chase my dream, but yet no success. hope u see my messege this time.
    rock our world again and again with your movies
    best of luck
  9. niloofar

    niloofar New Member

    Dear shahrukh khan
    I am one of your fans from Iran and I love u and your cinema so much. I write moviescripts and I have written one, about peace which I hope u have time to read its summary.chasing my dream, even I came to mumbai to see u but I wasnt lucky enough. I wish u see my messege this time.
    rock the world with your movies again and again
    best of luck
  10. He got amazing sense of humour ,plus he has charismatic voice,wonderfull speaking ability,gr8888 energy, command over launguage ......omg he is just awesomeeeee
  11. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    hi and salaam and namaste. i wish the best for u.
  12. mtamy

    mtamy New Member

    Thanks Shahrukh for sharing your love of acting with us all. I marvel at your passion and energy and your raw, emotional honesty on screen.

    I am looking forward to the arrival of My Name is Khan in the US. (Hope we can get to it here in Montana!!!) I think once the rest of the US sees this movie you will have a bazillion more fans. (Move over Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise...SRK is coming.) :)

    Montana fan....Amy
  13. mtamy

    mtamy New Member

    Hope you and Gauri enjoyed Italy. What a wonderful birthday present. Hope also, many happy memories of this special time are with you always.
  14. mtamy

    mtamy New Member

    Personally, know that you are such an encouragement to me (and others) by doing what you need to do to take care of yourself, and to keep working hard, even when it's difficult.

    Hope your shoulder is repairing nicely and that you will be 100% soon.
  15. minne

    minne Active Member

    :heart:To the most handsom guy in the world :
    Really I love you very much , I'm egyptian & all my friends love you
    I think that you are very clever in choosing your films because the whole world love you only shahrukh :flame:
    god bless you
  16. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    Hi dear Shahrukh and dear Gauri. happy anniversary. I'm so happy for u that i know how much you love each other. Be happy and safe. life to gather for along time.[​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  17. shoma

    shoma Member

    Happy Birthday, dear Shahrukh. Have a nice, healthy, successful and joyfull life, and keep making great movies!
    Greetings from Croatia! <3
  18. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Shah Rukh
    You have been such a big inspiration in my life. Your charisma and energy is unmatched. I hope I can follow in the same footsteps as you have! I wish you even more success and happiness! You are the true king of Bollywood!

    Lots of love
  19. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member


    Happy birthday dear Shahrukh. Best wishes for the best man.
  20. orangerulez

    orangerulez Member

    hello Shahrukh Khan,please take care of yourself.earlier u looked 10 years younger of your age,after oso u look like u should be looking at 50.all other +40 are becoming healthier & stronger looking. u are looking frail & fragile.u destroyed your beautyful face for six packs.please dont work for 8packs.use special effects.u deep frown too much &pull your already arched eyebrows up too frequent.that makes ur forehead wrinkled.even much older actors do not have lines.u bring happiness to so many people, so u should take care of yourself.& please dont stop doing young romantic movies. wish u health & happiness. from islamabad

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