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Post your messages to SRK here...

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    AW: Post your messages to SRK here...

    dear Shah Rukh,

    all i want to say is a part of a Frankie Valli-song:

    <You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you
    You'd be like heaven to touch
    I wanna hold you so much
    At long last love has arrived
    And I thank God I'm alive
    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you > :heart::heart:

    we allways believe i you
  2. noorshan

    noorshan New Member

    مساء النور اتمنى انو الكينغ يزور العالم العربي hes a muslim right why he dosent visit islamique contriez it will be fab
    love u sharukh take more care of ur family trust me
  3. shahrukhaho

    shahrukhaho New Member

    hi mera name reem
    I learned the hindi language
    Only because I dream about the day it will meet you
    I hope that you visit Kuwait
    You have a large audience and all of them dream to meet you

    I simply love you so much
    You only made me smile at any time
    When I see your photos or movies
    Which i see them on a daily basis without exaggeration

    please visit our country

    i love you
  4. nura

    nura Member

    Dear shahruk khan,Aselamualeykum
    to me you are inspiration every thing you do from acting to personal life what ever happen to you its unbleivable how you handel your problems just no words ,shahruk your are a great actor ,teacher,entertainer,fighter,lover,good husband and a good father ,witter,and ofcaurse irresistibly handsome:heart::heart:
    dont ever change ,i pray allah give you good health
    please take care your self,
    may Allah protect and bless you and your family
    love you
    your huge fan

  5. kotsheno

    kotsheno Well-Known Member

    Dear shahrukh

    Does not have a lot of words to express to you about the extent of my love and my admiration for your

    Because the best internal, much more than you love yourself words like soul

    I love your smile I love to love you I love Vinck

    I know well that he could not read the messages but I will try

    And you try not to give in to me I just want to see you

    And talk with you if Dqaig five, and I know very well that this is very difficult

    But I dream and I hope

    I love you very, very much

    samah from egypt
  6. mehjabeen

    mehjabeen New Member

    24 sweet hours make 1 sweet day!
    7 sweet days make 1 sweet week!
    4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month!
    But 1 sweet friend like ‘U’
    Make my whole life sweet.
  7. mehjabeen

    mehjabeen New Member

    LOVE: increase ur heart value
    SMILE: increase ur face value
    PLEASURE: increase ur mind value
    FRIENDSHIP: increase ur life value…!
    u r good friend…
  8. lionalex9000

    lionalex9000 New Member

    my dear SRK
    i hope to be in agood helthe for ever - i pray to allah to save you from evry one loves you - i want you to know i see evry thing about you filmes songs clipes evry thing -my dear please take care to your self -god save you - with all my best - i love you
  9. sumaiya

    sumaiya New Member

    :heart: MY MESSAGE :heart:


    GOD BLESS U:thumb:
  10. kingkhan don

    kingkhan don Active Member

    my message to u is that i have never ever seen a great man like you you are my inspiration i admire everthing you do eigther in movies or real life.. i have only one dream to meet u alive and i am coming soon to indian purposly to see you only i have nothing else there i swear to god that im coming visit u.. if that possible ... god bluss you and you family الله يحفظك ويحفظ عائلتك من كل شر ومن عيون الحساد الله يكون في عونك ولانقدر الانتظار لفيلم ماي نيم از خان we can wait to see my name is khan...
  11. srkcatwoman

    srkcatwoman Well-Known Member

    Dearest Shahrukh,

    please come to Germany again,
    by bus, by plane, by ship or train.
    We'd like to party all night long,
    to dance with you and sing a song,
    having the time of our life with you,
    cause you love us and we love you.
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  12. mimo

    mimo Member

    Dear S R K
    I Love You Alot :heart::heart::heart:
    I wish all the best for you and your family with beautiful wishes for good health and happy life :)
    Im Proud To be Fan Of KHAN
  13. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    Hi dear shahrukh, first of all i'd like to say happy birthday to u'r sweet heart Suhana. I wish all the best for her, and to be a successful author.Then i wish to be a megastar for all times of u'r life, and happiness to all of the number of u'r family.
  14. marwa@85

    marwa@85 New Member

    My dear shah rukh khan ji, I am one of your many fans all over the world since I sow you the very first time in your film koyla 10 years ago. then I couldn't sow any of your work because I was to young and busy with my study . but one year ago i so your master bees ddlj and I jest love it. since then I have never seen any film to any actor but you .I have seen most of your work and I blain to watch the rest of it.

    not only your work what make me crazy about you every single activity you do makes me respect you more and more
    even your personal life match with mine a little bit, my father also died when I wos 10 years old but my mother good bless her still with me, so I was so sad when I know about your mother, I hope she rest in peace.

    accept my love and admiration from the one how considering you her father ,older brother and dreamy husband.
    forgive me for my weeked English
    I am Marwa from Egypt.
  15. apurva

    apurva New Member

    hi shahrukh......
    ....m a HUGE fan of ur's.... i juss love u like hell... :heart:
    noe wht...??... d biggest regret of my life was dat i chngd my skul too early..if i hadn't i cud hv visited ur skul ..St. Columba as n educational tour frm mah old skul.... well.. i juss wanna tell u dat i love ur movies...
    LOVE YOU.........:D
    this is
    apoorva frm.. delhi

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  16. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    hey just wanted to share something.....
    My cousin said tome that every body like Shah Rukh but why i sahow off and try to behave extra......
    But i dont mind because i think that this is an achievement for me because if some one says that every body like shah rukh but you that is it forme they are accepting that i am his huge a fan of his..............................
    Love you Shah Rukh you changed my life....
  17. aamir ali

    aamir ali New Member

    i want to be successful like you so thats why dying to meet you
  18. ~JuhiSrk~

    ~JuhiSrk~ New Member

    Dear Shahrukh,

    i admire how you've made a sucess of your life on your own terms and without a filmi family. Ive loved u in especially in your bad roles like darr, baazigar, anjaam, Don and Cdi. Im sure you will bag all the BA awards for MNIK. I love your jodi with Juhi, you loook so made for each other, loved seein you in Bhootnath i cherish that film for bringin back my ultimate fav jodi, but miss you both terribly sometimes i wish you were in Salaam e ishq instead of anil ;) I really hope to see you both again together i think ill cry the day that happens. Good luck with everyting u do and warm wishes to gauri, suhana and aryan.

  19. kittykatkhan

    kittykatkhan Member

    Dear Shahrukh,
    So, today there is a major solar eclipse in Asia, eh. I hope you're happy. You made the sun jealous and the poor chap hid because he can't compare with your lustre.
    Shame on you my darling...shame, shame. Look at all the trouble you cause being so wonderful.

  20. Luani

    Luani SRKajol fan

    Dear Mr. Khan:

    My name's Luani and I'm a peruvian girl. Right now I'm feeling a bit nervous because I'm wirting this letter to you. What can I write to the king of bollywood? I saw you for the first time in Kal ho naa ho and since then I got fascinated with your acting skills. You're one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. Well, I just want you to know that you have a lot of fans here in Perú (and all over South America) and we would be delighted having you here.

    I wish you all the best :D.


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