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Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. love *srk*

    love *srk* New Member

    srk come in bahrin we love u bahrin want u ^^
  2. nura

    nura Member

    hi srk we love you so much ,may Allah protect you and your family from evil.no matter what people say you are number one king in our heart and may Allah the all mighty bless you in everthing in life...

  3. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    Hi Shahrukh Khan
    I wanted to share me and me love to you. What I think about love is very different for me may be not for those who read this but for me I think it is very different what I think about love my idea about love is that love is a very simple feeling and also very difficult to express it and I cant express my love to just say I love you because just to say I love you and think that I said too much and this very especial I don’t think it is correct for love is a emotion which you can not express in word, it’s a feeling which is very special to some you who is love.
    I am writing that why, how and why I love Shahrukh khan, I saw his first movie Darr, we don’t had Dish at that time in our house and I watch this movie at some where I don’t remember but I was about 8 years old and when I saw him I just liked him and after that any one asked me who is your favorite actor I used to say that boy How say KKKKirn and every body laughed at me. Time was passing and I was being just mad about Shahrukh. My cousins my family members and my friends used to say that she will forget every thing as she become mature and sensible and look now I am 18 and my Love is became my passion now and I even love him more and more as Shahrukh says in Mohabbatain "din ba din ye mohabbat badti he jati hai badti he jati hay" and they call me physic patient they say that I am living in dreams world but I know that he is married he have two kids one beautiful wife but I never dream that he will also love me and one day we will get marry and all. I know it can't happen but I still love him I really respect his wife and I really think she is the women who deserve Shahrukh and I love his kids too. But still love him and I will always love him I will keep praying for him and do what ever I can do for him and I always pray to GOD that if He could so please give Shahrukh's back pain to me I will be happy to have that pain in my body because I can make Shahrukh relax and calm, so I will love to have it. And I really pray to GOD that if is there any Problem related to Shahrukh give that entire problem I will face it very happily. My some cousins don’t like him I think they are mad and use also bad words for him that’s I don’t talk with them and I don’t like them all those people who say bad about Shahrukh I don’t like them.
    So that is my love for Shahrukh and why I love him its simple you can answer my one question then I will answer your and its why should I don’t love him?
    If some one give me reasonable answer I will answer this question that why I love him.
    Farah khan Pakistan
  4. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    This is very famous Pakistani song which really touches my heart so I thought that why don’t I send this song to the great Shah Rukh Khan

    Ek bar kah do
    Tumhain pyar hay na
    Jhota he sahe
    Iqrar hay na
    Tum ho nahe ho
    Tumhara sath hay kya
    Ek khawab jesa
    Ahsas hay kai
    Kya paya yahe hay
    Dil ko dukhana
    Kya pyar yahe hay
    Dil tod kai jana
    Pyar ko mere
    Tum nay samjah hay kai
    Dewangi ki tum intaha ho
    Jo ruk nap aye wo Rasta ho
    Tum pyar tum he
    Mere wafa ho
    Mushkil bada hay
    Ye Dard sehna
    Ye gham chupana
    Dushwar hay na
    Chahat kay lamhe
    Do char hay na
    Ye pal gawana bekar hay na
    Ek bar khe do
    Tumhain pyar hay na
    Jhota he sahe
    Iqrar hay na
    Pyar ko mere tum nay
    Samjah hay kya
    Ye ishqi hay
    Ya dewanapan
    jo kuch bhe khe lo
    Tum say pyar hay na
    Tum Jan kay bhe
    anjan ho na
    ye dil dukahana
    bekar hay na.

    It's for Shahrukh. Right from my heart
    Hope you like it
    Farah khan
  5. PaolaSRK

    PaolaSRK Well-Known Member


    Wishing all a happy first Christmas as well a prosperous new year for you and family I am pleased to say that he has been an important part in my life that is why this ocacion wish you atrivuir the same thing to you that your life is full of happiness and love next to yours, that every day that passes agradesco God for having known and feel honored to be part of his fans across the world where I thought I was alone but now we are three Chileans and one next to you it is said to have been with you in your film Om Shanti Om as it is called extra JENNIFER and made us feel more proud and happy to see how we can reach Latinos You love that transcends borders have language that you are an admirable man and very respectable really few words to describe what you mean.
    Only that every time I see him I feel tingling in my stomach that comes from the heart and soul I feel a tremendous desire to mourn, but most of all happiness.
    I have always been a dreamer and I have always believed that someone who always keeps the dreams of people, although not directly, but if that makes one feel that there is still hope and love for all ...
    That's why loved and respected SHAHRUHK Khan, who like today always love peace and tranquility for your life and your family and say that love is eternal thanks

  6. ekdost

    ekdost New Member

    hi shahrukh sir !

    i m a very big fan of ur's

    sir i would like to request u ki aap salman bhai se phir se dosti karlo .

    mujhe ek dum acha nahin lagta hai ki aap log ke beech ke distance ka log mazaa ley !

    so i would humbly request u to please do friendship with salmaan khan !

    u r the king khan

    n king forgive the mistake!

    done by other forgive him n plz do frendship!:)
  7. bollywood7

    bollywood7 New Member




  8. mitwa

    mitwa I`m a dreamer...will I ever get well?!

    My dear dear Shahrukh,
    I first must confess I never thought to post here before...I`m very shy when it comes about my feelings...but last night,at 4 am. I just finished Anu Chopra`s "King of Bollywood..."(witch by the grace of God I receive it) and the words are just invading my head...I heard alot about you but never crossed my mind how hard and painful your past was...I had too a painful childhood and I know very well how it is...there for...when I saw some of you interviews, especially the one with Koel and the Anushka talking with,and you said that you do`n`t know anymore who you are ...I mean the real you,and Anushka smartly pointed out that you might be a piece of all of them(your caracters)...I thought the same...you are all pieces put together...and that`s why you are so real and so credibbile. I myself do`n`t like me at all, always hided my real feelings, and wanted to become actress for the same reason but, unfortunately, I did`n`t had the support and the courage to do it myself,so I`m paying it by acting every moment of my real life, so never mind,you`re actually not acting hole day long...all those caracters put together is who you are...and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for WHO YOU ARE,WHAT YOU ARE and HOW YOU ARE!!! Practically you saved my life when I met you thru the internet(this wonderful connection between people like you said in Swades) because other way I might never hurd of you unfortunatelly...so there for GOD BLESS YOU SWEET KING,YOU AND YOUR SWEET FAMILY...and let me tell you even I`m Lala`s age...pyaar se Shahrukh Khan...but in a sister way of course. I`m christian but I`ll say...InshAllah maybe sometime,someday,somehow I`ll meet you...it`ll be the greatest achievement of my life! Now I just wish all the happyness of the world shower upon your life and never ever be sad!
    With lots of love Maria/Romania
  9. bollywood7

    bollywood7 New Member

    God makes your life very good
  10. bollywood7

    bollywood7 New Member





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  11. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    hi ,salaam and namaste dear shahrukh, at first i 'd like to say happy new year , and i have best wishes for u and u'r family in 2009. i know , you are in AL , then i want to be successful for new film, and cogratulation for you are one of powerful man in the world, then u'r duty is more heavy than befor.
    be happy and happiness.take care of u'r healthy and be with ALLAH.
  12. QueenKhan198

    QueenKhan198 New Member

    Dear Shahrukh,

    what can I say that you haven't heard a million times before? I guess this is all about me trying to tell you that I exist. Because I think this is the hardest thing about being a fan: There's someone you admire so much and this person doesn't even know that you're a part of this world. And what good is it to be somewhere in a crowd where thousands of people look up at you and thousands of hands reach out to get an autograph. It's impossible for you to make out the faces.
    So what I'm trying to say is that my biggest dream would be to meet you once not so I can say that I met you but maybe to get to know you a little. Because what I see in interviews and movies...that's not really you, that's the star you are supposed to be. People forget that all you are is a human being which is a compliment, by the way. Although I know that you say that you don't even know who you are anymore yourself. So, to meet you once without cameras around maybe just to smoke a cigarette together, that would be all I dream of.
    And now I can still write what you have heard a million times [​IMG] You really are a great actor and nothing can compare to hindi films (well, to be really honest, I only see the ones that have you [​IMG] ) and I think you are really great as a person, but as I've said before, I can't say that for sure, because I don't "really" know you. But still, what I've seen in interviews seems to be pretty cool with that very cool sense of humour of yours.

    I think I wrote enough for one letter. I wish you all the best and hope that you'll always stay this successful! All the luck there is in the world for you and your family!!

    Maybe one fine day I'll see you!

    Best regards
    Berenike (but everybody calls me Nike)

    PS: Love your new haircut...makes you look at least ten years younger!;-)
  13. mcmotchie

    mcmotchie Member

    My darling SRK,

    My heartfelt greetings from this end of the world, Cameroon my home land. Just too happy to drop to you this heart wish of mine at the beginning of this New Year 2009:heart::heart:. You are a Hero; my Hero:thumb::heart::heart:. I come to pour out my jug or blessings directly from the Throne of God just for you for this New year; wishing you all the best you wish yourself in the innermost of your being.:heart::heart: Victory, victory, victory throughout the year 2009.:dance::dance::dance:
    with all tenderness of heart, mcmotchie
  14. kotsheno

    kotsheno Well-Known Member

    dear sharukh

    iam Egyptian woman

    I'm a very good follow-your news and your business and I hope you will visit Egypt because you has a large number of admirers in fact you don't know me but i know you very well i hope to achieve security for the Egyptian woman Arak or talking with you over the telephone Please do not ignore messages received high Asad makes me even a word person in the world thank you so much
  15. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    I just want to say SRK that i LOVE you so muchhhhhhhh.
    And Please tack care of yourself because we love you yar and i pray to God that He give you health wealth and whatever you desire. And give me your all pain saddness and your all trouble to me i will be happy to have our all problems just shift it to me.
    May GOD bless you with all the happiness of the world. may GOD bless your childrens and always protect your family. God bless you and Gouri and you both always live together
    what else i an say just this that GOD bless you in every walk of life and i love you yar......
    And thats it i cant express my love which i feel for you because for me love is a emotion which u can express you just can feel it because you will never find right word for expressing it.
    and that is all
  16. zahra1341

    zahra1341 Member

    hi Shahrukh.I'm happy to see you have better and there's no pain. Isaw "the first lady with Gouri and u" its amazing and something behind this. every marriage is this way. but i wish happiness for both of u.:heart::heart:
  17. cool_SRK

    cool_SRK New Member

    i agree wit u and will send the same thing to him

    srk plss take care of urself and remmember if khuda na khasta anything happens to u ur fans r always there for u !!!! :heart:
    what say people ?:thumb:

    i love u a lot take care of urself !
  18. PaolaSRK

    PaolaSRK Well-Known Member

    dear sir SHAHRUHK KHAN:
    I hope that at this moment resting since I've seen in défilé has come in the video and what I saw gave me the penalty is well drained but always with her beautiful smile and good attitude that meet either the journalist. but wait, and if you are a gentleman, so opodria who say otherwise.
    good more than anything was to tell you that it is a great person is the man of my dreams here and all I ever want to meet you both in person before God says otherwise and take me
    but nonetheless, I become his guardian angel to protect all those who always wanted me seriously damage your shield so that nothing happens ..
    So I give my all with much love and much respect
    who wants your number one fan
  19. birbir13

    birbir13 New Member

    seni seviyorum shrk
  20. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    When ever i sign in to planetsrk i think that today i am going to write a message for SRK and i open the thread and then i start thinking that what should i write and i am blank completely blank.
    when ever i open my Dairy (shahrukh khan) and wanted to write something about him in the dairy i am blank again.
    I sit and think words to describe but there is no particular word for him.
    And again i am writing but still i cant satisfied my self.
    and then i thought that if you want to describe SRK in one word so i think that the word is 'shahrukh'
    this name is his great description. nothing can describe him as him name does.
    he is just like his name Shah (king). king of hearts, king of bollywood, king of kings, he is just the best.
    I always want to follow the instruction of wafa appi but when it is about SRK i cant make it short. He is so big so we have to write a lot about him.
    But from now i will use his name for describing him.
    hope you guys dont feel bore after reading my article

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