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Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    express yourselves and write to Shah Rukh Khan in this topic.

    Please do not write a long letter, make it breif.
    you may use poems, graphic designs, frames or nice small icons to go with your letter.
  2. TARA

    TARA "K3T"-Member

    Dear Shah Rukhji, When I watched my first movie of yours, I thought, wow, he looks so good, and he acts very good together with this girl!This is now one and a half year past, and I read more about you, watched lots of your movies and started to learn hindi.Now , if I watch your movies there is a feeling, like to see a friend of mine. I cant describe it right.Seems to me to know you personelly. I know, what we see on screen is only one part of you, and there exists another one Shah Rukh who we fans dont know, but for what we know about you we love you. Its not only me, my whole family -i have three own kids and three stepkids, my mum, my younger brother , my nice-everybody love you, your acting, smile,dancing.....I work in a school for handicaped children. Many of my pupils-I work in a first class-know about you. They are as crazy as me...hihi-They dont miss one of your movies.Once a week we make a little"Bollydisco" than they can dance to the music of your movies.And the kids love it so much.They have drawn some pics for you and we wrote a letter, have you got it?!We hope, once you will come to Berlin, and you can be sure, if it is possible we all willl be there.Inshah Allah, we will meet you once in live, the kids want to talk to you and dance with you!
    Wherever you are, you can be sure, our prayers will include you and your family!May Allah bless you and your family with a long life ,health,love and success in all you want to reach in your life!
    Allah hafiz!
    love and hugs heike:) and kids from Berlin
  3. ananya

    ananya New Member

    Dear Mr. Khan,
    Hope u r doing well.
    First of all i would like to thank u for bringing so much of love, happiness, optimism into my n millions of other lives.You've changed me and my life completely for better and I wish i could repay it somehow. U've always been kind to everyone around u. U are the one whom i look upto after my parents. My every single day begins with ur posters in my room and ends with ur movies/interviews/songs.U bring a smile on my face in my trying times. Every night i pray to god for ur and ur family's wellbeing along with other prayers. U r the best person i've ever known.
    I really crave to meet you some day. I got a chance to meet u in the Temptations concert in Delhi but unfortunately I had my preboard exams at that time, so i couldnt go.
    I wish u everything that u want and desire for. I want u to be the luckiest person in the world. God bless u and ur family.
    Love u jaan se bhi zyaada,
  4. Marini

    Marini New Member

    :rapture: Salam Shahrukh, My name is Marini and Im in Singapore. Amazing that so many years have passed before us and I am still a fan of yours. Well, that is simply because you are one actor who has got no comparison till today. I dont know u personally but I see your dedication and passion you have for your work when I watch your films. All i can say here is keep doing films, Shahrukh. I cannot imagine Bollywood without you Shahrukh.:)

    Don't ever stop dreaming your dreams
    They're a very essential part of you.
    Do whatever you can to make them a reality.
    By the course you take,
    the plans you make...
    and all the things you do.

    Don't dwell on past mistakes...
    leave yesterday behind you.
    Along with all of its problems,
    worries and doubts.

    Do realize that you can't change the past,
    but just ahead is the future...
    And you Can do something about that!

    Don't try to accomplish everything at once,
    life can be difficult enough...
    Without adding frustration to the list.

    Do travel one step at a time
    and reach for one goal at a time.
    That's the way to find out what real
    accomplishment is.

    Don't be afraid to try the impossible...
    even if others don't think you'll succeed.

    Do remember that history is filled
    with incredible accomplishments...
    Of those that others thought were
    foolish enough to Believe.
    And yet they did!

    Don't forget that there are many things
    that are Wonderful, Rare and Unique about You!
  5. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    can it be in urdu/eng?
  6. hanimdevre

    hanimdevre New Member

    Selam Shahrukh khan,

    I don't know where to begin, but i'll keep it short....You're everything what a producer, a wife , children want...you're such a great example to man kind. I wish you all the luck in life and May God bless you and give you strengh.

    Allah hafiz,

    Hanim Devre
  7. josh

    josh Member

    Hallo Mr. Khan!
    My first bollywoodfilm was K3G.It´is a beautiful film who remembers me at my own family a little bit and makes me sad.
    My first Bollywoodevent was the Temptation 2004.Since than I´m a great fan of you.I´ve now seen 41 Films with you and 4 without you.And I have the luck to see you at 2 another Events.My second Event was the Dinner in Offenbach/Germany and the Third was the Evening in Hamburg/Germany.There I could give you some letters and a CD and I could make the experience what a magic get out of you.
    I always get very nervous if I met strangers.But near you I was very relaxed.
    You make people happy,give them hope and power.YOU change her lives.
    There has come into being a big great family on the Internet named PlanetSRK.Through you there are new friendships born.
    God has done a good deed to send YOU on earth for making so much people happy.
    I wish you always success,a long life and always happiness and satisfaction with Your family on Your side.And may You and Gauri be together in all the coming lives.
  8. gogglebox

    gogglebox New Member

    My message to him? Just this:

    I super duper truper in love with you.


  9. love srk

    love srk New Member

    hi my sweetheart.i love u more than any one in this world but ive never want be insted of u (moje laktahe tomhara sab koch he but ek aham chiz nehi) u lost one most important thing to find ur sucssfull life.im an iranian girl and love u much
  10. love srk

    love srk New Member

  11. PagalAnke

    PagalAnke New Member

    mh what i can i write to the greatest man of this world.....i want write so much that it become short :p

    Dear Shahrukh,

    i wish that allah gives u everything what u want and wish and more. u are the best and i love your films. I hope Paheli gets the oscar!! we all believe in u very much. thanks for everything and thanks for every smile u gave me :)
    God bless U, your beautifull wife and your 2 sweet kids!!

    Love u,
    Anke :love:
  12. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    dearest shahrukh,

    Im not going to say that im your biggest fan, but rather say that i belong to the group of srkfanatics. :p I live here in NY and my whole family loves you. So i guess i was born into the right house. I think youre excellent in everything you do because you do it with devotion and honesty. I truly believe that you are THE icon for all the youngsters everywhere regardless if they know you or not. Although you may heard this many times, you really do touch people through your films, interviews and all your hard work. We all appreciate the work you have put into your career and admire your devotion to your work, fans, friends and family. I dont think anyone can ever say that "he doesnt deserve it"-- whatever the it may be... (in a positive sense though... we dont want anything bad to happen :). I hope to meet you or see you even for a second, personally, the next time you come to NY or I come to mumbai... its become like a goal for me and my sis to meet you one day and by god i hope it happens. Keep up all the hard work (but stay healthy and dont over work yourself too...we all love you.) and never lose the dedication you have towards your work...it has really paid off and you deserve it! Stay healthy, keep smiling, and god bless!!!
    (PS, Sonal (another one besides me and all the other srk-juhi jodi fanatics) really are waiting to see you opposite juhi soon... we love you guys!!!)
  13. Lachchi

    Lachchi Well-Known Member

    Hallo Mr. Khan!
    My first about you was a Music DVD. I became the DVD for a gift from a old Indian Men .
    The first song I hear was Chayan from Dil Se and the next was Ish Kamina from Shakti...wow. Whenever I hear this music I can`t sit still...grin
    The frist Film I see was Dil Se. Never a Film touched me so. To this time I saw 40 Films with you and any other without you. The Slogan Bollywood makes happy is totaly right.
    The last year I changed many things in my life. I learn to show my feelings and to fight for this. I learn things for myself, I don`t know that this in me...grin
    The greatest surprise was the painting.So many new friendships arise, that`s wonderful.
    In the whole time i feel a helping hand in my back.
    I met you in Hamburg June 2005...This evening I will never forget. I don`t know why, but a security seperate me from the group and placed me offside. By that I became a foto with you an one other woman. As I see vou wave to me I should come, my heard started to run.
    I say not Hallo and I saw not in your face.....very impolite...sorry!
    You take your hand in my Back and......yes, this was the helping hand. I can not explain this.
    I hand over you a painting picture for thanks about your indirect help.
    I thank God he is sending you ,to spend so many peoples happines and love and so great feelings.
    I wish you and your family the best of live.
    I hope I can met you again, then I`am can thank you personal and I can say Hallo and look int your face...grin
    God Bless
  14. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    To dearest sir, SRK ji,

    how are you sir? hope you are at the best of your health, so that we can see more good work of yours :)
    I have written to you sevaral times, but i'm not sure wether you have received them, but my good friend weda a friend of yours from netherlands gave me your address.
    it was a great pleasure to see you and watch you performing down here in Sri Lanka. sorry about what happen that day anywayz. i was a shamed of my self to be an Sri lankan that day. it was the most happiest 3 hours of my life and i'm sure i'll cherish it for the rest of my life. its a very special moment for me bcos i made it in the last minute. sir you and your friends did a terrafic job and you had so much of energy which was amazing.
    i really do respect you sir, bcos you are an unique man and i really do belive you deserves every single thing you have had earned throughout your live sir. i'm a proud fan of yours SRK ji, because you are a man of dignity and a down to earth man, where many others lack this quality. i really do belive that you desreves the respect and love of every human on earth.
    one more thing sir, i'm a great fan and a crazy :crazy: of yours and Kajol ji's. i find both of you amazing on screen. the best on screen jodi on earth. also i really do luv both of you bcos you both are having a lovely family life and i respect it immensly. plzzzzzzzz come back in a movie sir. you, kajol ji, and karan ji, make a great team and i luv 3 of you so much. i'm looking forward 4 all of your movies + kajol's fanna in 2006. i'm really waiting for KANK n fanna mostly. hope you'll deliver the good this year as well.
    one last request sir, plzzzzzzz dnt smoke try to stop it.
    apka keya rakna sir. (nt good in hindi, but trin to catch up)
    Way to go Sir (SRK ji.) Inshalla! May god bless you.

    with lots of luv
    amali (Sri Lanka)
  15. SrkJuhi4eva

    SrkJuhi4eva ~Juhi n Srk forever~

    Dear Shahrukh Khan,

    I love you alot, i have seen alot of your films, and you bring something special and unique on screen, you are equally as great in a romantic film like Verr Zaara as well as in a action comedy like 1 2 ka 4. I always wish and pray for your hapiness as well as your familys too:heart:
    I love you from the bottom of my heart just the mention of your name brings a smile to my lips:p
    Everyone has their favourite Srk pairing:D , but i think you should just work with whoever you want, but i especially love you with Juhi, who is also my favourite actress in the universe, i love the two of you together, you are the definition of the perfect couple:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I cried so much when all the rumours of you hating and not getting on with Juhi were around:( I hope to see the Dreamz Unlimited team back, Aziz Mirza directing Srk and Juhi thats my dream:heart: And please never loose or replace Juhi in your life, Shahrukh and Juhi is what frienship should be like.
    If i had it my way Shahrukh Khan would only work with Juhi Chawla and Juhi would only work with Shahrukh:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Im so happy that you are doing different films like Paheli, Don and Chak de, im equally happy that Juhi is still working in lots of films. Im going to cry when or If you and Juhi come back together, i love you both so much, that it makes me cry.:(
    Always be happy and never change, i love you Shahrukh Khan.

    Love From
  16. willow

    willow New Member

    Well, I will keep it short.

    Dear Shahrukh,
    you are such an amazing human being. You bring so much love, joy, happyness and also sadness (only with your movies) in my life. When I saw your first movie (KKKG) 14 months ago, I only thought....wooooow, who is that guy??? So good looking, an amazing charisma, charming and funny.
    I wish you and your whole family just the best in life. May you be always happy and healthy.
    Keep doing your wonderful work and be sure...I will always watch your next movie.

    All the best,
    Sandra :thumb:
  17. srkluver

    srkluver New Member

    Dear sweet shahrukh,
    Salam. how r u. i don't know what to write. I love you so much. I really really want to meet you someday and I hope that my dream comes trur someday.. anyways I always pray ti god to plz keep my shahrukh healthy and I pray that someday u'lls top smoking and u are accutally trying to stop i was very happy when i heard that news.. i hope u stop it. my blessings are with u. shahrukh i always wanted ur e-mail address i always want ur address too but when i search i don't know if its ur real address or not and when i search for ur e-mail address i can't find it.. my sister says y would u want to give ur e-mail address to anyone u have so many fan.. she says i am crazy.. i told her i know thats true u won't give any one.. but i still search it maybr i'll find it someday.. i love u so much and i wish u and ur family a healthy and safe like. keep up the good work.. and keep smiling. i love u from botton of my heart.
    lots of love
  18. shahilaa

    shahilaa New Member

    Assalamalaikum Shah Rukh,

    Here's a hi from one of your biggest fans from Holland.:) I don't know much to say am just stunned. Love every movie of yours.
    Wish i could meet you once in my life. Tried it at the IIFA Awards last summer but unfortunately wasn't that lucky. But who knows, may get my chance in near future Inshallah.
    Do come to Holland offently yaar, do not only visit USA and UK.
    You have a lot of fans here too...:heart:
    Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
    Thanks for reading this message.
    With lots of love and best wishes to you and your family,
    Shahila from Arnhem, Netherlands
  19. josh

    josh Member

    Dear Mr. KHAN!
    I have write a message to you before but there is something that I would tell you.I don´t know if you have read it at AO and hence I post it here too.
    I know a young lady from Berlin/Germany.She is a Filmmaker and has shoot a Film last year about german Fans.She has accompayned a fan for a day private.She has made an Interview with another Fan at her home.At June 12,she and her Team(Mike and Guillermo) accompayned the 2 and 2 of their Friends towards Hamburg/Germany.There are many other fans to see YOU at the Luisianna Star.Ana and her Team have shoot a lot and take pictures too.
    There is a German channel who is interessted in the Film.But they could fix a date to send it.I do`nt know why. :confused: All I know is that Ana and the Programdirector want to have an interview with YOU in the film.But because of the unknown date she do`nt like to ask you.She fears to blame herself if you give her the interview and than the Film would`nt send.
    I have post this question at another side because of the Livechat in May but I will ask you here also:Would you give an Interview to a german Filmmaker without to know if the Film will send?
    Yours sincerely.
    Beatrix Kawier

    >My heart is crying,my soul is dying.
    Every day a little bit,since I know that you exist.<
  20. verynicegirl

    verynicegirl New Member

    Hi Shahrukhji!
    I'm Milana from Russia.
    Just wanna say that I admire u very much! You've done so many things and now u've got everything a person can dream about and i think u deserve it all!!
    I love the way u act in ur movie n i c that u give all u can for every movie,donno why people say that u r same in every movie,i think its not true at all!
    Wanna wish u to care about ur health plizzzz
    And make more &more movies,we are all with u everytime and everywhere!
    Lots of love!=)
    Hope u'll always be happy!

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