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PlanetSRK Shirt Gift for Shah Rukh at Berlinale

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Connection' started by Pedi, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    Finally - my report about handing over the shirt gift from PlanetSRK

    I opened a new thread because I think so everybody could find it much easier and I think it`s a big production from so many members - it deserved a new thread :thumb:

    I would like to write about one of my favorite days with much up and down feelings....
    It was the 11th of februar 2010 and it was frosty, snowy and uncomfortable outside :eek::smow:. We are standing in front of the hotel and waiting to get the chance to see/meet Shah Rukh - and Marlies and I had only one wish - namely to give the PlanetSRK shirt with autographs from his fans to him.
    We are waiting more than 8 hours - it was really exhausting - but at the end every single minute was it worth. I think if needed we had waited the whole night...:nod:
    We know that Shah Rukh was inside the hotel and he was very busy with interviews over 5 hours. But we don`t know if he can take and find the time to come out and greeting his fans. So it was an up and down from hope, frustration and feelings.
    We get several statements from different people - staff from hotel, people from press and some very kind messages from Feisal (one of Shah Rukhs bodyguards in the european area). All asserting other various theories if Shah Rukh could manage it to come out or not. I only believed Feisal - and this was the right decision :thumb:. He told us that Shah Rukh know that some fans are waiting since hours in front of the hotel - and Shah Rukh was so sorry but had in the moment no time to come out because he was so busy. But he will try his best. Feisal told us also that he will update us if he can come out or not - to one time it looks that he can come and than he said he think he can`t come...
    Meanwhile many fans can`t wait longer, because the frosty and snowy weather really hurts (after about 5 or 6 hours I had no feelings in my feeds :Cry::eek:) - sometimes Marlies and I want to quit - but we are encouraging each other not to leave :thumb:. We know that we will have no chance at the red carpet to give him the shirt.
    The last update from Feisal says - he will come to us for sure but he need time...
    Circa at 23:00 (there are only still about 50-60 fans I think at the hotel) the manager from the hotel comes outside and had a speech
    for us fans. He said that he already had the information from Shah Rukh that he will come out to his fans. But the manager was afraid about the others guests of the hotel - because it was very late and already sleep time for some hotel guest. He request that please nobody screaming loud - otherwise Shah Rukh must cancel the situation and go immediately back in the hotel.

    And then - at 23:15 he really comes out of the hotel :high5::dance::high5::dance: together with Karan :D

    And he was so amazing and absolut heart-warming :heart: - really - in the moment I saw him my heart and my body are warm :flame::D:heart: - it was unbelievable how much love and warmness he brings to his fans...
    Then he started his first round and write autographs - but Marlies and I had no demand about autographs - we had the only wish - to give and explain the shirt gift from his fans from PlanetSRK to him. Actually Edith should explain it to him because she speaks much better english than me :p:D - but unfortunately she can`t to bear up the really hard hours - so I must explain it to Shah Rukh. I hope I did a good job :eek: - but I`m sure he understand what I said to him :):D
    First he think I want a autograph from him on this shirt :p - and I said quick "No, no !!" He looks up to me and grins :heart: and I said "it`s for you" and he "oh, for me?" (now he grins much more) - I turned the shirt around and show him the signatures and I said "this are autographs from your fans to you - it`s from members from PlanetSRK." He answered "from where?" Sorry - I was a little bit low-voiced - so I said again louder "from PlanetSRK" and he said "oh yes from PlanetSRK" (this is all I remembered what he said) - and then he gave me a really warm hug :love:
    Direct behind us stand another member from Planet - she said to us she will make a vid from it - and some others want to make pics. I think it was Anjali1977 she said. Can`t wait to see the vid - thank you so much, my dear. Was really nice to meet you :hug:

    After Shah Rukh had finished his round with autographs and the shirt gift he starts the new round with hugging all fans - the atmosphere was really breathtaking - he gives so much love and warmness :heart: - and receives also much love and warmness from his fans :heart:. And he really enjoyed this love from his fans :heart::heart:

    And actually - he starts another round ::faint::faint::faint: - it seems that both sides can`t get enough from each other :love: - now he starts with many pics together with his fans - here are mine :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yaseen take the pics of us :D - thank you so much Yaseen :)

    In the next posts I will post the other pics I made this evening - but now first of all I will post the thread - because some of you are waiting eagerly for this thread I think :D
  2. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    OMG!!!! He is SO sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you so much for doing this for us!!! :kiss: :hug:
  3. donshema

    donshema SRK is my Family

    :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooow :cheer2:

    Gooooooooo girls GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........sorry for your pain and what you had to go through for hours to meet him. He is also so cute and caring to come out just for 50 fans. WOW only 50 with Shah......yes baby you all got a perfect chance I guess. especially with the pics :love:

    but when he said "oh yeah" does it mean he knows Planetsrk......does he? right?

    I really feel so excited girls just reading your experiences .......it's like his MNIK......a journey to meet the president :D.......Good Luck to me too ........One day Shah Rukh........One day.
  4. calm179

    calm179 Active Member

    Petra, thanks for such a thorough story! I'm so glad to learn of your experience! Thank you for being our ambassador! It's very difficult to stand in freezing weather for hours! It sounds like it was worth it. Shah Rukh is so generous! Thanks for your efforts!
  5. kahaanii2802

    kahaanii2802 Pagal Naanii

    Thanks so much Pedi for this report, but also for the many happy, funny and cold hours together! I was very glad to have met you in person. This goes to Marlies too of course, who kept us going on, as well as specially to Alex and Gerlinde. I was sorry I could not stay longer at the hotel, but it was the right desicion after all. Would not miss the time in Berlin with you and Shah Rukh, love you all. Big :hug: or better :grouphug:
  6. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

  7. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    AW: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    Just saw the amazing vid from Melanie - thank you so much dear :hug::kiss:.
    And I realized now that Shah Rukh hugged me before I give him the shirt :p:D.
    Good to have the vid :D - mostly it`s hard to remember exact all... fans are sometimes a bit confused....understandable in such situations I think :D
  8. kaja

    kaja Well-Known Member

    AW: Re: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    Yes, please can someone do ?
  9. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    :hail::hail: Thanks so much to all of you. For braving the cold and making it happen. :hug::kiss:
  10. pujja

    pujja New Member

    what a beautiful story to tell! I'm so jealous :p but I feel the warmth that everyone here exudes and the pride of the fans here coming together as one family to express the love to shahrukh. he is lucky to have you and we are all lucky to have him too. congratulations and job very well done:thumb:
  11. pujja

    pujja New Member

    i forgot to add, I read your story twice and I enjoy reading it again :)
  12. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    AW: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    Here we go with the next pics I took - I really love all of them :heart:

    Between - he is wearing a scarf from the Berlinale :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    wow!!...such a sweeet experience you guys had with ShahRukh..:heart::heart:..i would say you're so lucky..but more than that i think its your determination to meet him...standing in that freezing cold for soo many hours..:faint:..wow!..hats off to you guyss...:rockon:..well done Petra and Marlies and thankyou soo soo much for delivering our gift to him..:hug::hug:..he's sooo sweet...bless him..he's soo concerned about his fans..alwayss!!..sooo sweet!!...:kiss::kiss:..
  14. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    AW: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

  16. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    OMG...the video...he is so so so sooo beautiful!!!!:eek::eek::eek::heart::heart::heart: The love, respect and time he gave everyone....God damn...only he would do that...he is such an angel...:eek::eek::eek::heart::heart::heart:

    I am immensely and eternally grateful to all of you who went out, braved the freezing temperatures, and gave Shah Rukh just the love he needed to uplift his spirits once again.:heart::hug: Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for coming back and sharing the beauty of your experiences with us. Thank you.:hug::kiss:
  17. sofya

    sofya Well-Known Member

    pedi and marlies this so wonderful I am so happy you were able to do all this and talk to him and take pics too. thanks from bottom of my heart for sharing your experience I am sure srk loved the shirt too. your patience and the time you spent in the cold is amazingly brave :thumb: I loved reading your experience but I cannot open the video :( can you upload on youtube?

    thank you so much and congratulations to you and to all PlanetSRK
  18. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    AW: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    Tomorrow I will post my other experiences and more pics in the thread with experiences at Berlinale - today I can`t manage more - too tired....
  19. starstuff

    starstuff Well-Known Member

    Petra, thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us. I can omly imagine how tired you must be at the moment and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share this special moment with us.

    Oh Girls, you were so valiant, braving that cold for so long and then treating Shah Rukh with such love and respect. I am so grateful that he has fans like you and I know those moments he spent with you gave him the courage and strength to face the on-going difficulties back home.

    Petra and Marlies, thank you, thank you. I feel so blessed to be a part of this forum. :heart::heart::heart:

    Now, please take rest most faithful Shah Rukh fans. :sleep:
  20. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    AW: Re: AW: Handing over PlanetSRK shirt gift to Shah Rukh

    He was shouting (not so loud because of the other sleeping hotel guests :D:p), talking, hugging, laughing, and, and, and... the whole time....:love:

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