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    Yet another surprise for the shahrukhies:)

    We are very proud to announce the launching of our main website

    The site has an array of information about The PedmaShri ShahRukh Khan including his career and his personal life. The main page is the face representing our forum and we will continually work on making improvements.

    This is only a "soft" launch meaning we still have some work in progress. The Media page and the lyrics page are still under construction, the Movie Arena is complete but we will add more details on each movie.

    You will need Flash to be able to view the introduction page, and you will have the option to download it if you dont have it on your pc's.

    Please Check it out and give us your opinions HERE

    Dear guest,

    PlanetSRK is one of the largest ShahRukh Khan communities in the world.
    Please support us by registering for free!
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    PlanetSRK Staff

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