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PlanetSRK Award 2013

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Connection' started by K, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thank you so much Wafa and Debbie.:hug::kiss:
    Lorraine says thanks.
  2. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    These look awesome Debbie!!!:hail: I love the asymmetrical look of all of them!! The first one is my favorite, it looks unique, sleek and I can totally see it in his office.:p Actually, we did see the previous one in an interview that took place in his office. I think Carol made a screen shot and circled it, I'll have to ask her!:)

    Regarding the cost, the award we sent in 2010 cost $400 ($200 award + $200 shipping): http://www.planetsrk.com/community/threads/time-for-our-annual-award-to-shahrukh.21320/
    However, we also had 25 contributors that year, whereas we currently have 14...so we definitely can't get into 3D or anything too extravagant. The awards you've selected fall within that price range, so that's good.:) I'll look into other options and then we can vote.:)
    Debbie says thanks.
  3. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    That's a beautiful idea Susanne.:heart: However, we would have to get such a design custom made, and unless you know anyone who can do that cheaply, I'm don't think it will fall within our price range...:noidea:
    Suz says thanks.
  4. Suz

    Suz Active Member

    hmm no, unfortunately I don't... but perhaps another member here? :help:
  5. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    I would like to contribute so much!but I'm totally broke for now! So sorry and wishing you all the luck in the world ! Hope this award will cheer up Shah Rukh!
  6. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thank you so much Ksenia and please don't apologize! I really appreciate your sentiments and support.:hug::kiss:

    I truly hope it will cheer him up too!:pray2:
    Xeny says thanks.
  7. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

  8. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    I prefer the Pillars of the Universe Award or The World Globe Award
    [ below]
    [​IMG] I removed this one because it has a reptile on it.
  9. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    the globe is so overused and outdated in my opinion, I prefer the silver ribbon award (#4 down the list)
    Lorraine says thanks.
  10. Suz

    Suz Active Member

    I'd prefer the silver ribbon award too. :)
  11. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    I liked #4 Silver Ribbon award..
  12. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I looked at globes/world awards too, but it just didn't seem to fit....not sure why. I lean towards something like the third one, Panache, classic but elegant in some way. To me that is like him and I can picture something like that in his hands...
  13. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    No reptiles!!!!!!!!! :O I'm scared of them (even pictures :( )! Almost got a heart attack and had to scroll down so fast :fear:
  14. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    Didn't realize globe was so popular. Truth is, My very first choice was the ribbon but I didn't think anybody else would like it. I'm surprised to see that I was wrong, but if more people like it, that would be the one I'd choose.
  15. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    There's a reptile?! I thought it was a woman.:lol: We'll take an official vote, but also feel free to do your own searches and post them here, we're definitely not limited by my suggestions.:)
    Debbie says thanks.
  16. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    Has there been a vote, yet? Has anything been decided regarding which award will be given to Shahrukh?
  17. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    Rizu where is reptiles ??
  18. Baree

    Baree Shah Rukh Khan forever

  19. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    I removed the photo of it. It's on the World Globe Award.
  20. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I thought with all the happiness going around, right now might be a good time to add to that by sending Shah Rukh the PlanetSRK award. As a reminder, we decided on this award: http://www.crystalartusa.com/pillarsoftheuniverse.aspx with the title: PlanetSRK Light of Our Lives Award and the caption: To the most beautiful human being in the world, our angel, our inspiration, our everything. Can everyone on the first page please confirm that you would still like to contribute?:)

    Also, Wafa was the only one who suggested a font, Palatino Itl. Please let me know if anyone else has suggestions on what font we should use.

    Finally, if anyone else would like to contribute, please let me know!:)

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