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Pictures and Video of Weda with SRK at Mannat

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh with his Fans' started by Wafa, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. moi

    moi New Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    salam I awaits toujour that you answer me master key me your address msn.
  2. lei

    lei Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    mashallah weda
  3. dadi

    dadi SRK ki wannabe mom

    AW: Re: Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    Hi Weda:wave:
    I very much hope you´re fine, dear! :)
    I´m so glad for you having had the honour of meeting our beloved Shah Rukh so closely and so often. :hug:
    I would have loved to meet you properly with Zuhal and your people in front of the hall but unfortunately, at the time we saw you we didn´t have our tickets yet. Are you coming to Berlin? The German members and everybody else would love to give you a warm welcome. :hug: :kiss:
  4. doles

    doles Member

    hi weda i am so happy for you , relly very happy when i saw this pics i felt that i am with shahrukh like u ,god bless u weda ,i love you
  5. moi

    moi New Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    salam why you does not answer me? you are of which origin? me I am Moroccan.
  6. moi

    moi New Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    if you like it answers me J be fan of Shah rukh khan and I am it still.
    and I be very happy for you that you seen it without you knowing but wellah I know Pa why but it is as if I know you for a long time.
    I esper that you will answer me

  7. moi

    moi New Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    you can passes your address msn to me? because I feel mieu on msn if Ca does not disturb you.
    I make you 1 kiss special
  8. moi

    moi New Member

    Re : Pictures of Weda with SRK @ Mannat

    you know I will go to Morocco Tuesday
    J wanted speaks to you before going there but it too grave.la prochenne time inchallah I do not have wish you good holidays kiss my beautiful
    I have to forget to say to you that you are really adorable
  9. ANGEL2008

    ANGEL2008 New Member

  10. ZoOoZoOo

    ZoOoZoOo I love SRK

    wow srk is a very good man:kiss:
  11. my_srk

    my_srk Member

    i'm agree with u zozo
    he was a very good , still very very good n remaining very very very good
  12. LAvy

    LAvy Addicted to SRK

    wonderfull pictures......Thanks Wafa and Weda for sharing:thumb:
    All the best in the world
  13. sindhu.arun

    sindhu.arun New Member

    hey..wafa..u r soo lucky 2 meet him..and spend some time with him..wen saw him..did u tel him 2 quit smoking..plz do tel him next time..thanx a lot 4 sharing these pics..
  14. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    thanks so much weda for shring those special ppics! It was really brave of you meeting shah rukh...i would have fainted :faint:

    would love to know what shah said to you.... :D
  15. f khan

    f khan Farah Khan

    These pics proves that he is really the king
  16. shallu.

    shallu. Well-Known Member

    A beautiful moment captured. And emotional too. I'm just so proud and happy that SRK shows his love and care towards his fan.

    Weda, this must be the upteenth time you've heard it but you are very lucky! This experience I know must be beyond words! :)

  17. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    sure dear:hug::

    hi my name is afafe i am 19 years old and i think we're the same age. i'm a rather new fan of Shahrukh's but when i saw u i said to myself, MashAllah, i really want to meet u if u want so too, here's my address: pomme-d-amour00@hotmail.fr, kisses

    i'm waiting for your reply, kisses

  18. Hadeer Ahly

    Hadeer Ahly New Member

    Thnx a loooot for z pics
  19. dunessa

    dunessa New Member

  20. love *srk*

    love *srk* New Member

    oh may good *-*

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