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Partying with Khan King size

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by nita_aceh, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    Partying with Khan King size

    print edition of HT

    Partying with Khan — king size
    The city’s best turned up at the Delhi Golf Club on a chilly Sunday night for a date with SRK
    Princy Jain

    It was 5.9 degrees at the Delhi Golf Club on Sunday night, but that didn’t stop our regular and not so reg ular P3Ps to turn up in their Sunday best. But then it’s not every day that Shah Rukh Khan tees off. Hosted by TAG Heuer, a brand Khan endorses, the dinner and dance was to celebrate the launch of a new watch, Monaco 69.
    While veteran golfers enjoyed their glass of wine, others like senior J&K politician Farooq Abdullah burned up the dance floor.

    Khan’s wife Gauri arrived with old friends, Vivek Kushlani, Sanjay and Shalini Passi, and Shivani Wazir Pasrich.

    Fun and games included Obstacle Putting between two teams (SRK, Ravi Thakran of LVMH, Noneeta Lal Qureshi, Manpreet Brar, Kapil Dev, Rohit Bal and others). Khan candidly admitted, however, to being a novice at golf and said he needed to pick up tips from his father-in-law and son.

    As always, SRK brought down the house by his comments on Monaco 69, by saying: “I am sure my Delhi friends understand the connotations. One can do it from both sides.” And, pausing, added: “It has both mechanical and digital watches on its two sides.” Well said.

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  2. Astri

    Astri New Member

    cool pic:eyebrows:
  3. josh

    josh Member

    Omghhhhhhhhhh!Why have they worked on the pic? :crazy: HE looks better with the original backround.Yesterday I see a report from the Greman TV about this day and SHAHRUKH looks sooooooo good in it.
  4. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    thx nita....pic has been cutted?:confused:
  5. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thanks Nita! :)
  6. nita_aceh

    nita_aceh New Member

    u r welcom Kalee....................:)
  7. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    thanx nita for the interview and cool pic :D

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