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Pardes & Trimurti-- director Subhash Ghai talks of his two SRK films

Discussion in 'Pardes' started by Bridget, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    This is an older article printed when Pardes came out that isn't found by advance searches to ever have been posted.

    From Friday, August 1 1997

    Waiting to exhale

    Subhash Ghai.

    Subhash Ghai loves his showman image and has always lived upto it. He also loves to romance the media from grand launches and spectacular premieres, to taking press parties for outstation schedules he has always played to the gallery.

    Till Trimurti. Suddenly, Ghai was in the news, for, what he describes as "all the wrong reasons". Still nursing a bruised ego, and determined to take on his detractors, he is keeping his cards close to his chest with Pardes.

    "I wanted to eliminate this great showman image. We, at Mukta Arts, have always been blowing our own trumpet. But people haven't seen my work for the last four years, and unfortunately I have got involved in a lot of controversies. After the failure of Trimurti, I grew very bitter about the way the press reacted to me," he says, explaining the complete lack of pre-release propaganda which has been a regular feature with his previous releases.

    While he has neither forgiven nor forgotten his bad days, he has had a complete memory lapse when it comes to Trimurti. The first Ghai film to flop, his old bluster is back when he denies any link with the film. "Trimurti was not my film, I was just the producer. But the media went to town, about the fact that a Subhash Ghai film had flopped. As far as I am concerned, my last film was Khalnayak," he says, emphatically. And to ensure that the message is driven home the radio commercial of Pardes, stresses that Trimurti was not Ghai's baby.

    "I knew that Trimurti wouldn't work even while the film was being made. And I told him (Mukul Anand). He said that he still had a lot to shoot, and that he would sort everything out. But when the soul of a film is missing, nothing can redeem it," he says, continuing with his slander campaign against Anand.

    And fresh from the amnesia of his last flop, Ghai has replaced his entire technical team for Pardes. He has dumped music duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal who used to reserve their best compositions for their favourite director, and chose the more saleable Nadeem-Shravan, instead. "One likes to change and grow with time. But they refused to move with the times. They were not even together as a team, and it was obvious that the harmony was lost. They had burnt out as music directors," he says. Ghai is a past master at laying the blame on everyone else's door.

    So, in an attempt to snap the final link with his last flop film, he has even dropped Jackie Shroff, Ghai's protegee and a regular in all his films since Hero. "There was no place for him in this film," he says. It is well-known that this has never deterred Ghai before.

    But, there is absolutely no question about it: Ghai is playing safe. And it starts from the selection of the subject of Pardes. Following the huge overseas success of films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, filmmakers have suddenly discovered a new audience bank. And Pardes which focuses on an NRI family, is obviously aimed at that section of film-buffs, complete with propaganda about traditional Indian values. "The film is about Indians living abroad who visit their country for the first time, and those who go to the US from here," he says.

    And to ensure the safety of his project he has cast the saleable ShahRukh Khan along with two newcomers, model-turned-actress Mahima Chowdhary, and Apoorv Agnihotri. But he claims that big stars are becoming liabilities for filmmakers. "Professional actors are overexposed, and they often get mechanical," says he. And adds, "Mahima reacts differently. Saroj Khan laughed during the first dance rehearsal because she wouldn't follow instructions. She just did her own thing, and performed all the wrong steps with great confidence."

    It it also a well-known fact that the superstitious director who launches and releases all his films on auspicious dates made his new heroine change her name from Ritu to Mahima, because M is his lucky letter.But when it comes to his own salvation, Ghai has no qualms about forgetting the past, overlooking the sin of failure and currying flavour with audiences at any cost. "Give the devil his due," he says.

    Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.
  2. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    I love him in Pardes and I would like to see him with Mahima again.... :nod:

    Btw., I also like the name Mahima more than Ritu... ;)
  3. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    i liked him in pardes but didnt like the way the story was directed :tsk:
    yes agree brita, wanna see him in another movie with mahima :D
  4. Rachel25

    Rachel25 New Member

    Pardes was a huge hit movie,it got success only bcoz of SRK and Mahima was lucky enough to play the role with SRK and so far i know Pardes was only a blockbuster movie for Mahima's filmy career.

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