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OSO:really good surprise!

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by zahra, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. zahra

    zahra khanaddicted

    Om Shanti Om was supposed to be in theatres here,from wednesday on.But I have some lessons at University:(.I just couldn't concentrate on my studies:p,so I chose not to go to University but to go and watch OSO.:D
    So,here I was was on Wednesday mourning,ready to watch the film I was wainting for so long.But there was a problem:eek:.After waiting one hour before the beginning of the film,I was told that there will be no OSO :mad: because of some technical resons.I was very disappointed and couldn't believe it.But it was the truth.
    Too many lessons on thursday but on friday,I was back to the theatres.:thumb:I was flying when entering the room where OSO will be watched.I sat in my seat (of course! :lol:)and OSO started.
    The only thing that I can say is:Masha'allah!this film is just the most incredible one I have ever seen.And if I had to say it in one word it will be "surprise".I was really well surprised by this film.
    There is not one but several themes:eek::reincarnation,ghost,love,family,lies,fame and so many more!!!And it does not disturb the understanding of the film.The story goes on very fluently.This comedy,romance,drama is a kind of mixture I have never seen before.
    The The 70's part really gave me the impression that I was watching an old film.The clothes were really well designed and Shahrukh was at the same time funny and super sexy...as usual.I love the way he brushed his hair with his hand and Shreyas Talpade did the same thing at the same time was just hilarious.SRK has already played funny characters in his previous movies but in OSO,he is more than funny:D.The super hero scene was my favourite one.I just could stop laughing.
    The Dard-e-disco song was absolutely amazing.Even after watching the promo,I was surprise when watching it.SRK was already a good dancer and in this song he was really perfect.The way he moved was super extra fantastic!of course,I was also focusing on the 6-pack :faint:but the whole choregraphy was excellent.:thumb:
    Deepika also surprised me.She acts like the greatest actresses of bollywood.She is also a wonderful dancer.And as I am a Madhuri's fan,I can tell you that I started comparing her to madhuri.It's her first film and she is already one the best.And I really loved when she was playing the ghost of Shanti.I was really frightned by her look :behindsofa:.
    The apperances of the guest stars were also a wonderful moment.I especially noticed Suniel Shetty,Saif and Shabana Azmi(my favourite actors :heart:).All of them contributed to make a special and entertaining moment during the songs.
    Arjun Rampal was also great as a vilain.His way of acting "the bad guy evreyone will hate" is really great.he really succeeded in creating an atmosphere of cruelty towaqds what he did to Shanti.

    I could say more about OSO but to conclude,I will say that this film was a really dangerous bet for Farah but she managed to creatt one of the best film ever.Some sequences lacked in suspense but the whole film was so well shot and realised that I will go and watch it again as soon as possible.
    It was a really great pleasure to watch it in theatres.:thumb:
  2. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    im glad u loved it zahra...

    better late than never

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