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OM SHANTI OM Movie Review: 8/10

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Aamir, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. clochette

    clochette New Member

    You are right, only because it is a ShahRukh film, it doesn't mean that it is a perfect film. And you may be wright that for judging a film in an analytic way you should leave your heart at home. But honestly, Hindi cinema, for me, is what my heart says, but that doesn't mean that I let my brain at home (as Farah suggested).
    I think for the characterization of modern Hindi cinema and, in detail, of the modern Mumbai film industry, the filmfare event and the party and the item song were important. The focus of the second half is already given by the first part: justice (not revenge) and stardom. It is the star who has the potential to set the set (!) for giving his soul the possibility to get his peace, so that Om Kapoor can become the Om Kapoor he is meant to be (if one considers what reincarnations means). The item song is important to show the obvious flippancy and superficiality that Om 2007 has developped but at the same time the song is also expressing a certain sadness that is inherent to Om 2007 without him really realizing (or hiding behind the cool-dude-behaviour)... the party is a kind of turning point (showing the tabloid-known filmpartys of modern Mumbai) joining first through the stars the seventies and the current, and then through Mukesh... the filmfare award (besides the parodistic touch) is essential to revive the sentence Om 1977 said because this sentence is a kind of leitmotiv (and I think the most important thing in the film... I've read this sentence in Paulo Coelho's The Alchimiste and I completely believe in that).

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