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'Om Shanti Om' emerging triumphant over 'Saawariya'!

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Media' started by DianaDimple, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member

    'Om Shanti Om' emerging triumphant over 'Saawariya'!
    10th Nov 2007 15.01 IST
    By Agencies

    In the clash of two big budget Diwali releases in Bollywood, the verdict is nearly out.

    Shah Rukh Khan 's Om Shanti Om seems to have clicked with the audiences across the country while Sanjay Leela Bhansali 's Saawariya – launchpad for Bollywood's new star kids, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor – is trailing behind.

    Theatre owners and multiplex officials across the country point out that though the initial bookings for both the films have been exceptionally high, the winner in the long run would be OSO.

    "If one goes by the pre-booking figures, then both the films have been able to get the initial euphoria right with packed houses from the first show and weekend booked completely. But in terms of reactions from the audience, we can say that it is mixed," says Shalu Sabharwal, Vice President, Marketing, PVR Cinemas, leading multiplex chain in the country.

    "OSO is more commercial whereas ‘Saawariya’ is a classic. People first prefer watching OSO and then ‘Saawariya’. The clear winner would be known only by the middle of the coming week," she adds.

    OSO seems to be a favourite down South too with people thronging the halls in big numbers.

    "The clear winner in terms of audience reaction is definitely OSO. The demand for the movie is higher than Bhansali's ‘Saawariya’. The former is a well packaged movie with Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone wooing the audience in perfect 70's style," says Vinod Babu, General Manager, Inox Cinema, Chennai.

  2. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member

    OSO has an edge over Saawariya

    Shah Rukh Khan was right when he said 'Diwali is all mine'.

    His film Om Shanti Om opened to packed houses on Friday along with the other big release, Saawariya this Diwali.

    But while both films opened well on account of advanced bookings, (Saawariya [Images] opened well in advance as Om Shanti Om's distributors were negotiating the release of the film with multiplexes for a better price) the reports of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's [Images] Saawariya are not very encouraging.

    Komal Nahta, a film trade analyst says, "Om Shanti Om has got an extraordinary opening and while Saawariya's opening is good too but the reports are bad."

    Adds Vishal Anand, Vice President (Marketing), Fun Republic, "Om Shanti Om has an edge over Saawariya this weekend but Saawariya too has opened up well."

    Therefore, bad reports do not mean Saawariya will not make money.

    Says Vinod Mirani, film trade analyst, "Festival season is benefiting both the films, but eventually the better will sustain and Om Shanti Om is a better bet and mass appealing."

    Sony has released 1034 prints worldwide for Saawariya out of which 754 are released in India and 280 are abroad.

    Sony Pictures, Head of Publicity, Vikramjit Roy says, "This is a bumper Diwali for our films. Why are we not celebrating this fact? Why are we saying who is against whom at the box office?"

    He further says, "I have reports with me that Saawariya has opened to full houses from Ernakulam to Jammu, or say, Gujarat for that matter, or even central India places like Madhya Pradesh."

    "It is a record of sorts for two newcomers to get this big an opening at the box office. This has created a new benchmark and we are getting warm, positive reaction," added Roy.

    However, the discouraging reviews the film is getting may result in losses later on, say trade analysts, and will eventually not rake in big moolah.

    One of them, Taran Adarsh says, "Saawariya is overall disappointing in terms of content as well as business."

    He further adds, "On the whole, Saawariya lacks soul. It is Bhansali's weakest film to date, in terms of writing. The cracks will start showing first at single screens and later at the big centres."

    And whether this may happen, only the coming weeks will tell.
  3. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    Thanx for sharing Diana.
  4. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    thanks for the articles i wish om shanti om all the best in the long run
  5. srk-nihal

    srk-nihal Winning Hearts

    It feels great to read about people's reactions about OSO :) Shahrukh is the winner and his movie is so much fun than saawariya.

    Thanx Diana :)
  6. lovearagorn

    lovearagorn Ullu-Club-Member

    sure OSO is good-Shahrukhji is in it, so what could go wrong? :)

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