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Official Ra.1 (Ra.One) Promos/Trailers

Discussion in 'Ra.1 (RaOne) Hall Of Fame - Videos and Media' started by K, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Me too, got in an argument with an idiot, he started to hurl abuses at my father but I didn't even say anything bad but then I gave him a piece of my mind.

    Yeah the red and black one is awesome! I love it when he wears red and white!
  2. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    completely ignore that & dont take it personally coz they dont even know you & you dont even know them..

    thats just age old lame come backs when the other person cant take it... "your mum or dad or both or your long lost relative" :pound:
    cracks me up :rofl:

    cant find a proper trailer on Youtube that hasnt got these people going in them & bashing it for no reason :suspicious:
  3. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    They should just disable commenting, especially if posted by SRK fans!

    Yeah, I'm not going to take anything personally because he had also mentioned brother which is I don't even have :pound:

    Just save the trailer to your computer, makes life much simpler and smoother!
  4. Cila

    Cila Well-Known Member

    These comments about Ra.One and SKR playing superhero are really annoying. Not only on youtube I must say :(
    I have to learn to avoid some places in the net, cause sometimes I'm really want to :laser: these haters :lol:
  5. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Also if you save the trailer on your favourites on yt, you can watch it without having to see the comments. The good thing about watching it online instead of from your own computer is, that it will increase the number of views the trailer gets online and that can only be good for the film... :thumb:
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  6. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Everything about the trailer is mindblowing!:clap2: The way he run is so stylish.:flame: I wish Diwali come early this year.
  7. Rohan

    Rohan Member

    I am posting after a long long and very long time. I used to participate in threads and I am not sure if WAFA is still here. If you're here, Hello WAFA. Here is my small post regarding the teaser trailer of Ra.One.
    I've been waiting for this film for a long time and like many of you, I was eagerly expecting its teaser trailer. I am a huge fan of Mr. Khan and I have enormous respect for him and I have always supported him and will always support him, for he is not only a great actor, but an awesome human being. But, viewing the teaser trailer of Ra.One, I must say and stay honest to my own opinion that the film will turn out to be very weak in action, story and dialogues.
    It is impressive to see that the Indian film industry is trying to bring a different taste for its audiences by bringing films like Ra.One, but unforunately, Indian Film Industry is still not in the level of bringing a film close to what we see today in Hollywood. Films like, Iron Man, The Dark Knight etc. I am not here to disrespect any fans or destroy any fans hopes, but what we should think about first is that we're all movie fans. We watch a film because we want to see our favorite actor or a our favorite director's work and most importantly something fresh and something that help us to escape to a different world. A world where we see a imaginary character doing extraordinary things for what, may be, 2 hours or 3 hours.
    I thought this film will be something original from India and most importantly from my favorite Indian actor, Shah Rukh Khan, but I loathe this teaser trailer and I am 100% sure that I will loathe the film with passion. A cheap suit, cheap action sequences, cheap and cheesy dives and flying around, cheap music and cheap one liners based on what we heard from this film's first teaser released few months back. And what saddens me the most is that there is an exact replica of Iron Man's chest piece. It's like Mr. Khan borrowed it from Robert Downey Jr/ IRON MAN. I mean, why an actor in Mr. Khan's calibre would do or write a film like Ra.One. This is where we the movie fans should think about before we watch a film, if this film will be bring us something original. Something worth to watch. I don't want to see a film which reminds me of another film. If you want to make something, please make it original. Last time a so called Indian SuperHero film saddened me was KRISSH. What an idiotic character that was... I mean... Mr. Roshan SR did a marvellous job with KOI MIL GAYA... yes, at times it reminded me of some American classics, but what intrigued was Mr. Roshan Jr's performance, but Mr. Rohan Sr totally destroyed the first film by making Krissh.
    Now, we have Ra.One which probably is even worse when it comes to story, acting, directing, music, effects and everything. I will feel sorry for those who has no idea in India that films like this are not original, but copy of films from Hollywood. And, brings nothing extraordinary.
  8. iamsrk

    iamsrk I HATE to lose !!

    "Now, we have Ra.One which probably is even worse when it comes to story, acting, directing, music, effects and everything. I will feel sorry for those who has no idea in India that films like this are not original, but copy of films from Hollywood. And, brings nothing extraordinary."

    these statements has made it clear that no matter what happens you are not going to like RA.ONE ! u seem to be some insider who before all know that the story acting direction music effect and EVERYTHING in ra.one is bad !!
    i wouldnt be shocked if u next post that you are an AAMIR KHAN fan or SALMAN or AKSHAY fan.......! ... find a place in rediff..... there are many like you there.... this is the wrong place for you!
    stop doing that dude...... get a life...... let the movie release and let other people as a whole decide how the movie was because it pretty obvious that you wont like!!
    God bless you .... i wanted to write more....... but i dont like people abusing me hard on public forum .... i could've gone that far in writing about your post that you wouldnt help but abuse me like anything here..... dont want that to happen.....so am ending here!
    Good luck with your life...... you can work for RAJA SEN ... you guys are like minded! ... he'll pay u good! :p ;)
  9. iamsrk

    iamsrk I HATE to lose !!

    people here have liked craps and duds like dabangg and singh is king and the dhoom series..... but never mind u want ra.one to flop ... u have made your mind! ... good for you!
  10. SRKdream

    SRKdream Active Member

    Of course, everyone has their own idea of the cinema and their own expectations on the movie.
    But personally I'm a fan of Shah Rukh Khan not only as an actor, but as a man whose provide an example for imitation. This man has influenced many of the fact that doing something in their life, achieve something. Therefore, I first of all, TRUST for Shahrukh Khan! And I respect his choice and his desires. For him this film is very important! He makes it not only for the audience, but above all - for his children. It makes me deeply respect him and what he does. I do not think that many fathers would be able to do so.
    Even if the film will disappoint anyone, the mere fact that Shahrukh has put him in so much effort, time, money and love worthy to speak with respect about this film. And it is at least - at first to wait for its release, and only then begin to criticize.
    Although - and whether anyone the right to criticize the work of Shah Rukh? Given how much work he puts into it.

    P. S. I apologize for my English, but I hope that many will understand what I'm trying to say.
  11. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    150 crore+ looking cheap to you? worldwide experts, famous & well recognised ones at that, who specialise in the vfx, special effects, stunts & directing department and have had thier input in it looks cheap to you? and all this has been worked out by a 1 minute 30-40 second vid which was specifically composed of literally second-long shots of various stunts done in the movie for this first trailer cos they didnt want a detailed trailer so early on before the movie release?

    hey, now i have heard EVERYTHING. i just cant stop laughing.
    also bollywood should not try to do vfx & special effects & expensive movies becuase only hollywood do that and whatever they do is the "best"

    this is what i have understood from your comment. :) of course everyone is free to have thier opinion & its nice to hear from you too
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  12. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    if someone said "i dont like the stunts" i get that. stunts are looking "cheap" is something im not being able to understand, given how we all know how expensive it already is just to hire the equipments & place to do the stunts. even for a small budget action film. cheap+Ra.One....nope still not making sense :laugh:

    and why have we gone down the root of monies anyway, that is none of my business & not even my interest. movies, more precisely Shah Rukh movies are my passion :D:D

    @Katja yes i agree with you.. i did download the trailer obviously but i always like to view it on youtube just to give it views, likes, favs etc. :p
  13. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    hi SRKdream, your english is perfectly alright & we can read it and understand it :D
    good to hear from every member, all members should not worry about thier english & join in to any discussions :p

    the bold bit i love :D i agree, i like SRK for always going by his own words & teachings & advices which he gives to people to encourage them & help them achieve thier goals. the reason why he shares them in the first place is because he himself lives by it and sets a good example of it.

    by the way, whats your name? im also sure i asked someone else for thier name too but i forgot who & in which topic :pound:
    SRKdream says thanks.
  14. SRKdream

    SRKdream Active Member

    My name is Julia. I'm from Russia :D Nice to meet again ;)
  15. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    Rohan, nice to have your opinion! Always good to read another SRK fan's point of view.
    hmmm....so, you have made sure that this film is copy of another superhero film (when you dont even know the synopsis?), you have made sure that everything is bad in the film. But I really wonder how? unless you are in Ra.One team, you cannot know the story, seems like you are insider, eh! without knowing a single thing, you are claiming it to be bad?

    How can everything be cheap when the film itself is the biggest budget film ever made in bollywood? Let me tell you, the people who are related to the film, have said the action in Ra.One is never been seen before in Bollywood as yet, so how can that be cheap? hmm...cheap music? do you know, Akon's leaked song, is a rage amongst the people? how can it be if its cheap? Cheap one liners? hmm....how can you make that out by just seeing few teasers without any dialogue even? As you bring up hollywood here, i would like to add this, Synthespian Studios who are working with Red Chillies VFX for Ra.One have worked for films like X-Men ( I dont like comparisons but since you brought it up here it is) they themselves have said it that the VFX in Ra.One is even more cooler and complex than X-Men, is that cheap for you still? Come on, it should not be, the fact that its a level of X-Men? Right! If you think I am lying, go to their Facebook page and read it yourself!

    As for copying hollywood, I wont really comment on that, because I really feel when you have people working from hollywood for your film, SRK wont do the mistake of copying a hollywood film and make fool of himself by doing so.

    I have read opinions like this so many till now, never cared to response, but since you are in a SRK Forum claiming to be SRK fan, just thought to respond to this! I can really laugh at this or feel really bad for you to be deprived of watching a film like Ra.One! Take Care, have a good life dear!
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  16. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    It's easy to criticize someone's hard work while sitting back with a computer in hand. I am sorry to say but your thoughts are quite cheap. You're just the typical kind of audience who were fortunate enough to watch any english superhero movie or Iron Man to be specific and now feel every Indian superhero movie will be a mirror like image of Iron Man. You are cheap, that's it.
  17. Rohan

    Rohan Member

    I was not expecting dull remarks by some here who would call me cheap or an INSIDER. First of all, I am not really sure what you mean by an INSIDER. I am not a Salman Khan fan. I have not seen any impressive work from Mr. Salman Khan. Yes, he is a great guy in person and I still do blame him for all the direspectful behaviors he showed against Shahrukh, I do blame Salman for that, but when it comes to acting and choice of films, I am not a fan of Salman Khan at all. I am a fan of Mr. Amir Khan and that's because of his work in LAGAAN and THE RISING. I was saddened with GHAJNI which is a rip off of CHRISTOPHER NOLAN'S - MEMENTO. Mr. Nolan himself mentioned it to ANIL KAPOOR who wanted to obtain a part in his INCEPTION.
    Anyways, back to Ra.One. - I have never stated here that this film will be a total copy of a Hollywood film, I was referring to ROSHANS two films. Yes, Ra.One has a exact chest piece of IRON MAN. Why that thing is in this film, I don't know. Could be a different thing, but no they chose that cause they ran out of idea. COME ON!!. Bollywood is supposed to be the biggest film industry in the world producing 1000s of films on yearly basis, right? - I don't give a damn they spend CRORES on it, that doesn't make anything better. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN, AKON came to India and made a RAP song about it. What saddens me is that THERE ARE PLENTY OF ORIGINALITY OUT THERE, yet some of these films still take stuff from other people. This film will make money that's for sure and that's because of Mr. Shahrukh Khan's fame.
    I actually just watched, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. All the visuals are stunning and nothing seems to be stunning in Ra.One. I am just sad cause SRK is my favorite. I loved it performance from the day he impressed me in FAUJI tv show up until RAB NE BANA DI JODI, awesome actor and awesome performance.
  18. Cila

    Cila Well-Known Member

    @Rohan, you have right to your own opinion. But opinion based only on trailer is unfair. Have you seen the whole movie?
    Ra.One may not look as good as the Hollywood production, but even SRK admited recently that this kind of level is not reachable to Bollywood yet.
    But at least he's trying...And I think the stunts and the superhero suit look completely all right.
    You statement about KMG makes me laugh. Sorry, but if you look for cheap - looking production that movie is the one!:p
  19. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    The issue of "originality" is a difficult one when it comes to superhero films, even Shahrukh has spoken about it.. Like Anshu said, there are plenty of people from Hollywood working on this film, so for sure the makers wouldn't get away with making this just a copy of some Hollywood film(s). But there are certain things that go with the genre, it doesn't mean rip-off, it means being part of a genre. Like superhero flying, if a superhero flies, it's not copying another superhero, it's part of the genre. As well as being supernaturally strong and being able for example lift cars, not rip-off, just part of the genre. Kind of like part of any action film is to have a car chasing scene, it doesn't mean it's a rip-off, it means it belongs to a certain genre. So I simply don't agree with the points made about copying. And even if certain parts of how the character looks are similar to some other character, I don't think that's a rip-off either, the character seems personal enough to not be a rip-off. Like I haven't heard from another superhero character whose superpower is electricity, but then again, I don't know all superheros...

    Personnally, I'm not too impressed by what I've heard of the music so far, but that's my personal taste. So far I haven't really come across huge public outcry against the music, so I guess it become popular. I have to admit, there are plenty of SRK huge hit songs that I don't like, as well as I find there to be amazing pearls of songs in his films that never got the hit status they IMO deserved, so I don't really use my personal taste in music as something I measure the possible success by...
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  20. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    Complaining about the chest thing being part of another movie sounds fair to me... Because I also think that Bollywood people should have the confidence they deserve and just stop copying somethings from Hollywood. Because I see that Bollywood can be way better than any cinema if people inside the industry beleive it. I was a bit dissapointed too, after knowing about the chest part.
    But my friend, everybody can have ANY opinion AFTER waching the movie.You're also free if you dont want to watch it.
    But how can you write about Ra.One's DIALOGS and STORY and MUSIC at this point of time in such a definite manner?
    The teaser and trailer didn't have any dialogs except: I'm On!!!!!
    I mean how can you feel so bad about story and music and other things which you even don't know about??? Lets have more patience and not be too criticizing about it.

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