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Noor e Khudaa <3

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Hasret, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    Hey guys!! ..
    I watched MNIK 21 february , i know that im late with my review but but but... :p i didnt have any internet connection at home, and there have been so many stress and things.. but anyways :p ..

    okay.. so many things happend that day, it was so freaking cold and snowstorm.. i called the cinema and asked if i could book the tickets, one for me and one for my friend but they said that everything was sold all the tickets can you beleive it ? .. naa.. i couldnt believe it either, i went to the cinema hall.. and there were no metro working because of the snowstorm so i had to take the bus and there where so much traffic and in one hour i reached to the cinema and i found out that there where some tickets left... thank God ! :amen: .. I was going to pay him money and then i noticed that i had forgot my bag at home.. i felt that i was about to crying but i didnt give up i took the bus again and the clook was 4pm and the movie starts 6pm.. i reached home took my bag called sarah and said to her to hurry up.. we tooked the bus (AGAIN YES :D ) .. i was starring at my clook and it was just 30 minutes left, i was praying all the way please God please God dont let us miss the movie.. and thank God we reached to the cinema 6.10 pm and they hadnt put the movie on because they knew that people would come lat because of the weather.. im sooooo lucky!! :D .. i was crying of happiness..

    anyway.. the movie.. oh my godness.. i was waiting for the movie for soo long time and i finally watched it.. i wasnt expecting that, really.. from the beginning before the movie started i was more nervous and excited because i would see shahrukh and kajol together againa fter so long time (you know how much i love them :p :heart: ) .. but when the movie started there where something else, okay i was happy sooooo happy to see them together but i was more like RIZWAAAANN RIZWAAAANN RIZWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN !! ..

    the movie was so great, so sad, so exciting and i just cant explain.. you just have to watch it..
    it was funny too but most of all it was just RIZWAAAANN like i said :p .. you just want to go in to the movie and protect him, hug him and love him and i dont know... my God Shahrukh did such a great job, he was fantastic!!! how could anyone do such a good role ? .. how can anyone act like that, it was awesome!! If he doesnt win for best actor next year then everybody is :crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:
    Kajol was also good, especially one sceen, when she cryes, screams and hug sam that was a kajol momemnt :p ..
    the song noor e khuda :heart: :heart: :heart: .. i cant stop to listen to it, i sing it all the time just love it ! .. i cant wait till the movie will come out on DVD i will buy it direct! ..

    I dont know what to say anymore, the movie was awesome and it have to win best movie also and karan have to win for the best director :D
    it was worth to wait so many months and it was worht to pay 250 crons for it.

    My name is Hasret and im not a terrorist ! ;)
  2. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Hasret, you saw it in Stockholm? I was also there... My brother lives in Stockholm and he actually bought tickets for us on the day they started selling them.. So on the 20th Feb I travelled to Sweden, and also I was quite worried about the trains I remember on that day, but we went very early, and actually we were the first people at the theater, and the first ones to get in to the cinema hall.. :) I also loved the film and it was more than worth the trip to Sweden... :) We actually first had very bad seats, but then as the theater didn't get full, we changed to excellent seats...
  3. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    omg katja really ? :D .. i cant beleive that i missed you ! .. can you belive it that we where there in the same cinema same time same day :D .. God..

    we where sitting in the " balcony " .. gosh.. i wished that i could meet you :(
  4. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    I know, I would have liked to to meet you too. Let's see if they have a screening of Ra1 when it comes out, maybe if my brother still lives there then, I could also come see it... :)
  5. Anoush

    Anoush SRK's Lovely Sister

    thanks hasret for sharing
    i am agree with you how did srl made this role?
    how he was that simple but reality in the same time ?
    even his eyes was so so in rizwan mood

    he is amazing actor
  6. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Hasrat, thanks for sharing. It really does not matter that you are late in posting. I can still feel your excitement as I read your words!!! Every one of us who has seen it understands very well what you are saying about Rizwan! What a beautiful character for Karan and Shah Rukh to create. Your struggle to get to the theater is just as exciting as some of our fan meetings!! LOL
  7. starstuff

    starstuff Well-Known Member

    Hasret I am overjoyed you were able to see MNIK on the big screen, snow storm and all. It's strange how you and Katja were in the same theatre but also a great pity you were unable to meet.

    Everything you say about Rizvan is so true. Shah Rukh's portrayal of Rizvan is truly amazing and I think Kajol said it best 'In The Making Of'...People will go to the theatres b/c of SR and Kajol but they will come out thinking of Rizvan and Mandira. :amen:

    Hasret, it is great to have you back on the planet. Giving you an enormous BEAR HUG. :hug::hug::hug:

    Love and prayers, Chris. :love::pray2:
  8. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    Thanks guys, i know that all of you would agree with me :D

    katja i hope that we can meet next time :)

    thank you chris, its good to be back :) :hug:

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