No offensive remarks or innuendos will be tolerated!

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    If you are not a SRK fan, you are free to leave, I don't know why you came here in the first place.

    If you have a change of heart and don't like SRK anymore, we encourage you to leave.

    But if you are not a fan anymore, and get offensive to SRK, the Planet and its members, then YOU BETTER LEAVE!

    We will not tolerate any insults or offensive comments or innuendos referring to SRK, Mods/Admins, nor his fans in this forum.

    Remarks against SRK even made on other sites/forums show one's malicious intentions towards him, our forum and members and we are aware of them. We will not allow those to be part of our family here.

    I may have been too lenient and forgiving towards one member's inappropriate behaviours and sarcastic comments, but this will no longer be the case. She has been banned.

    Our Mods have also been working very hard for everyone and I trust them otherwise I would not have appointed them responsible. Any attack on any of them is an attack on me personally. That too will not result in an agreeable outcome.


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