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Discussion in 'Main Hoon Na' started by rubyroo, May 25, 2012.

  1. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Contains some spoilers.
    Main Hoon Na (which means "I am here" and is pronounced Mayhoona) is the movie in which SRK proves beyond a doubt that he is really, really good at singing badly.

    The movie is a rather strange combination of violent live action (the body count is quite high and some blood is shown) and hilarious comedy, along with the usual song and dance numbers.

    It is interesting that this movie was released the same year as Veer Zaara. SRK plays a military officer in both movies, but the similarity ends there. I love Veer Zaara but I find SRK's character, Veer Pratap Singh, to be rather uninteresting. He is just too good and too perfect. Not that I would change him. He has to be that way.

    Major Ram Prasad Sharma in Main Hoon Na at first glance seems to be just the same as Veer. He is a very tough special ops type hero who routinely protects the innocent and kills lots of bad guys. He constantly tells those in his care "I am here", reassuring them that with him around there is nothing to be feared. However when he is placed in an unfamiliar environment dealing with unfamiliar emotions and conflicts, he gets a mite bit distracted. For me his vulnerability and his mistakes (such as failing to penetrate the disguise of his enemy) made him a much more appealing and human character. Ram is one of my very favorites, right up there with Suri and Raj in RNBDJ.

    Something I enjoyed about this movie was the strong performances of the other actors in the movie. Sunil Shetty is flat out awesome as the villain. The college students are all wonderful and Sushmita Sen has a unique beauty and is perfect as the chemistry teacher, Miss Chandni, that Ram has great chemistry with. (The scene where she cleans Ram's wounds and dries them by blowing on them and how he responds to that is memorable. He conveys so much without saying a word.):faint:

    The music is wonderful, especially the Prom dance scene. I turn off the subtitles when I watch it. The lyrics sound like just a delightful jumble of nonsense words that do not require translation. A fun fact about the movie is that Farah Khan used her troop of dancers to play most of the students in the college. So the dance sequences have the same people in them as in other scenes of student life.

    I loved so many things about this movie but I want to just mention one that stood out for me. This is a scene where Ram talks about his love for the military. It is a beautiful tribute to all soldiers who lay down their lives to protect their fellow countrymen. I love soldiers and know several fine ones, so it has a lot of meaning to me, especially the line where he says in English, "They are so distinguished" (It always makes me happy when he speaks English anyway!)
  2. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    Warning: Lots of Spoilers

    I have a lot of favorite films of Shah Rukh Khan’s. And Main Hoon Na is one of my most favorite Shah Rukh Khan films. With the exception of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, I have not enjoyed fight scenes very much in my life. But, something changed inside me about fight scenes when I began watching Shah Rukh Khan Films. I began to be drawn into the fights. I feel impressed and proud of him during his fight scenes. If he gets beaten up, I feel sympathy for him. If he beats up the other guy, I want to cheer. I totally love Shah Rukh Khan’s fight scenes. I think he represents the kind of hero our world lacks. Also, because he does know how to fight off the bad guys, he makes me feel that I would be protected if I was near him. I know the idea of women wanting to be protected by men isn’t what some women think now days. But I want the man next to me to protect me.

    In the opening scene, when I saw Brigadier Shekhar Sharma walk in, my mind quickly flashed back to Ajay Narang, Naseeruddin Shah’s role in Chaahat. I like him. He is very impressive in both roles. Of course, I was anxiously waiting for Shah Rukh Khan’s entrance. And I loved how he broke through the ceiling and then stealthily started fighting off the bad guys. I did not like how graphic the violence was. But, I liked how cool Shah Rukh Khan was.

    When the story began to unfold, and I saw Madhu Sharma reject Ram and leave Shekhar, I was sad. I live in an environment where forgiveness is practiced. I can imagine what Madhu Sharma was going through. And I know it must have been hard for her. But, because she rejected an innocent little boy, and was clearly not going to forgive her husband, it was harder for me to feel sympathy for her character. I contrasted Madhu Sharma’s response in Main Hoon Na with Jennifer Kapur’s response in Kal Ho Naa Ho. They both had unfaithful husbands who had illegitimate children, but what a huge difference in the way they responded to it!

    I loved seeing Shah Rukh Khan in a military uniform! He was stunningly handsome. When he accepted the assignment to go to the college in Darjeeling to protect General Bakshi’s daughter, I expected there would be some pretty interesting times ahead of him. And the film transitioned into a very enjoyable lighter, fun segment with a lot of humor.

    When Major Ram Sharma showed up on the college campus in his conservative, perfectly coordinated clothing, he was both incredibly handsome and adorable. It was fun knowing what the rest of the college students didn’t know…that behind the image of this misfit college student was the military’s most valuable officer. I loved the moments when Lucky would try to be tough around Ram. And Ram always got the best of the situation.

    One of my most favorite scenes is when Major Ram discovered that Lucky was Lakshman Sharma, his half-brother. And just at that moment, Lucky was hanging on to the roof about to fall. And then Major Ram rescued Lucky. I loved it when Shah Rukh Khan leapt out of the window; swung around a pole up on to the roof; then ran across the roof, throwing his coat off; grabbing a rope and then telling Lucky to “Let Go”, because he would catch Lucky. And I loved it when he said; “Main Hoon Na”.

    I loved all the funny things that happened at the school: when the principal kept saying the wrong rank for Major Ram; when Professor Rasai spit on Ram; when Ram sang to Chandni and fell in love with her; the spitting Matrix scene in the teacher’s lounge with Professor Rasai and Ram; and the time Sanjana put a cigarette butt on Lucky’s back because she was jealous of Mini. I loved it when Lucky finally entered the library and what a big deal that was! It was fun to find out that he was actually really smart.

    I loved how Ram noticed that Sanjana liked Lucky and he listened to her. And then he took her to Chandni to help Sanjana dress more feminine. I thought Sanjana was very beautiful after her make-over. I thought, though, that she had a good point when she told Lucky off because he didn’t notice her before she changed her style of clothes.

    I loved the scene when Major Ram saved Percy from getting shot. And then he took off in a Rickshaw to chase down the bad guys. I liked how he got Khan as a prisoner. And I thought he had good responses to some of Khan’s statements during and after the interrogation. I noticed how Shah Rukh Khan dressed totally cool when he was with military personnel. Farther along in the movie, he did improve his wardrobe as the student Ram, though.

    I loved all the scenes at Madhu and Lucky Sharma’s house, except for the last one, when Madhu once again rejected Ram.

    I thought Sunil Shetty was very good in his role as Raghavan. When the film flashed back to the history as to why Raghavan was dismissed from the military, and it showed the people being killed - that was too violent for me. I have to close my eyes or skip that part every time.

    I loved the school dance. And I loved the scene when Chandni finds out that Ram is really Major Ram, and he’s not a student, but in the military. I loved it when Major Ram shot a bullet through the Sari and then said; “Sorry about your Sari”. And Shah Rukh Khan looks so good in the scene when Chandni is taking care of his injuries and blowing on his chest.

    I liked the big ending fight scene when the students were held hostage. I liked how the strategy played out for Khan to pretend to kill Major Ram. I didn’t like it that Khan was killed. I did not like any graphic violence. I loved all the stunts – like the one when Major Ram slides on his knees under the legs of a bad guy and then gets him. I liked the fight scene between Raghavan and Major Ram high up on the plank. There were a lot of really cool moves between them. And then, that final big scene on the roof – I loved. When Raghavan is about to get Major Ram, but Major Ram pulled a pin from one of the grenades strapped to Raghavan – and then the big explosions with Major Ram running towards the helicopter – I love seeing Shah Rukh Khan running with all that fiery explosion behind him.

    This is such a fun film to watch. I love how cool Shah Rukh Khan is in this film.
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  3. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Thanks for your review, Jasmine. It gives me an excuse to gush about this movie some more. This reply is jam packed with spoilers, of course.

    I usually hate to see people beating up on each other but this fight scene between SRK and Sunil Shetty is the very first fight scene that I will go back and watch again. It is choreographed so well, the setting is unusual and cool, and both actors are so beautiful, graceful, and strong. My husband loves to watch cage fighting. This is a cage fight without the cage.

    I almost felt that there were 2 villains in this movie instead of just one, and the second was Madhu. Of course she was within her rights to reject her husband for what he did, but she singlehandedly brought great heartache to the lives of every member of her family by her lack of forgiveness. And the injustice of refusing to forgive a little child for merely existing! An interesting contrast was the resentment Lucky had toward his dad compared to the forgiveness Ram displayed toward his step mother. He didn't even seem to think of how unfair she had been to him but instead joyfully embraced the chance to finally have a mom.

    Yep. I loved his upright military bearing. He captured the essence of how a military officer walks and moves.

    I loved it every time he said it.

    Ram was not only a bodyguard to Sanju and Lucky, but a mentor as well. I liked how he told her she was fine just as she was, but had an idea of how to boost her self confidence. A favorite scene of mine is where he and Sanju are at Chandni's door. Ram starts to swoon and Sanju catches him and he says "thank you" -so cute and funny. I too appreciated how Sanju realized after her makeover that Lucky must accept her for who she really was. And I am glad he understood it too!

    Something else I thought of: Sanju's dad sent Ram to protect his daughter from physical harm. Ram showed he was not only a tough guy hero but a sensitive and wise friend by convincing Sanju to be reconciled with her dad.

    Of course a very funny thing in the movie was Ram's idea of how a college student should look. His normal civilian wardrobe with the leather jacket and jeans would have been much more appropriate than the silly sweater vests and bellbottoms, but not half so adorable.

    I don't watch Hollywood movies any more because I hate how the romantic couple is always ready to rip off each others clothes and jump in bed together at the first opportunity with nothing left to the imagination. This beautiful scene is an example of how I wish it always would be done. So much more classy and done with a lot of humor as well. And SRK...Wow. Words fail me.
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  4. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I am very happy because I just now finally got my own copy of this movie. I love it so much!:)
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  5. Eloices

    Eloices Eloices SRK!!!!

    como hago para conseguir una copia de esa pelicula?
  6. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

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