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New Fan Review for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Jasmine, May 19, 2012.

  1. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    Warning: Spoilers (in case there is still someone out there who has not seen this film)

    I fell in love with Shah Rukh Khan watching this film. From the moment I first saw Surinder Sahni he drew me in. Every expression on his face and every movement he made caught my full attention. Shah Rukh Khan performed the role of Suri with immaculate skill. When Suri took on the disguise of Raj, Shah Rukh Khan conveyed the transitions from each character with great dexterity. He played Suri and Raj with such convincing ability that it felt as if two different actors were on the screen.

    If I tried to describe everything I like about this film, I'd be here all day. As briefly as I can - I liked: The music; the dancing; the costumes; the setting (especially the site of the golden temple); the storyline; the elements of religious devotion; the opening scene - making you feel like you were right there in India; the tender softness of Suri; Suri's moments of fumbling or dropping things when Taani was around; Suri wanting to be cool and wanting Taani notice him; the hilarious and outrageous efforts of Raj to be stylish and cool; Raj's facial expressions; the completely lovable-ness of Raj; the dance sequence Taani saw at the theater with several guest stars dancing with Shah Rukh Khan; the gol gappa contest; the scene where Raj talks to the mannequin of Suri; every transition scene between Suri and Raj; the dressing room scene when Raj asks Taani what a girl wants; the entire day that Raj spent with Taani - showing her how Suri loves her (especially the city lights); the scene where Raj asks Taani to run away with him; the sacrifice Suri was willing to make - setting Taani free because Taani did not appear happy to be married to Suri; the scene where Taani sees "God in Suri"; the scene where Taani tells Raj she cannot leave her husband; and the final dance number when Taani discovers that Suri is Raj.
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  2. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    This comment also contains spoilers.

    I am so glad you posted this, Elizabeth. I just watched it again and I pretty much decided it is my very favorite. One reason I like it a lot is because SRK is a mature man in it, and I just like him so much the way he is now. I do love all his movies, but I find him to be the most appealing in the newer ones, and in RNBDJ He is at his very best. I loved all the scenes you mentioned.

    Something I noticed in the scene where he has a monologue with himself (Raj talks to Suri represented by a sad looking mannequin.) That scene was shot without any breaks in it, even the end where he disappears off screen and comes back is in the same shot. It is wonderful how his emotional state changes dramatically from elation at the thought of Taani seeking him out as Raj, to deep sadness at the end as Suri realizes his wife is falling for another guy. A little detail I love is that at the end when he puts his head against the mannequin, a tear drop falls through the air from his eye.

    The fact that Taani didn't recognize Suri as Raj never bothered me. He was so totally different and she was not expecting the scenario to occur. I saw in some interview Anushka Sharma said that Taani never really "saw" Suri in the beginning because she just discounted him as a person and was so wrapped up in her own sorrow.

    I wrote another thread somewhere about how SRK appears in a couple places in the movie with his own wedding ring on. (In Haule Haule and in the gol gappa contest.) He has done this in a few other movies as well. I think it's just the sweetest thing.

    I did think Suri was wrong to insist that Taani figure out he was in love with her but it was nice how Bobbie was always there to disagree vehemently with Suri's way of handling the situation. Even though I also disagreed with Suri, it was wonderful to see the dignity he had and his insistence on being who he was and not changing even for Taani. Some have complained that Suri should have changed because his life was so narrow and joyless. But he did change at the end. In the end credits where he and Taani are on vacation in Japan he talks about how being with Taani was causing him to relive his childhood. Anyone can see that in the end his life and even his personality were liberated by his relationship with Tanni.

    In conclusion I just want to add that I think Suri and Raj are the two dearest most loveable characters I have ever seen in any movie.
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  3. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you both, this is one of my favorite movies :)
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  4. iamsrking

    iamsrking Well-Known Member

    I just can't stop to say it again and again that I couldn't stop watch this film again and again which is my favorite :p
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  5. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    I love the scene leading into the intermission when raj gives that emotional speech about how taani will leave suri for raj
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  6. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    Nice to read these details about the scene. Thanks.
    Actually it's one of my all time favorite movies. I can't say it couldn't be better, but it had really nice aspects to it. I liked the plot a loooot. I think Aditya Chopra gets better with every movie. He and his father made the most emotional Bollywood movies so far. I just love their sensibilities. And also Shahrukh's character was his cutest one I think. He had never done a character as pure, as simple, as kind and as ugly and beautiful at the same time! It was really nice to watch how Shahrukh can play a loveable ugly person and an irritating handsome guy at the same movie! I could like Raj only the times when he got serious and talked or looked as Suri. And I know it was done by purpose. He wanted to Suri overshadow Raj. And he did it perfectly.
    I still can't stop watching it! Just a couple of months and I would be: "OK, My RNBDJ level is low now!!! I need to watch again!"
    Some weeks ago me and my father were watching it for the hundredth time!!! He's also a Shahrukh Khan fan and he usually cries at the last scene of this movie! And you won't believe how he cried LOUDLY this time!!! :eek: As if he was laughing out of cry! He didn't know what to do! And I was shocked! I knew he would cry if there is an emotional scene specially if Shahrukh's there... But had never seen him like that before! I just hugged him and we both laughed at the situation a lot!!
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  7. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    What a blessing to be able to share your love of SRK with your dad!
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  8. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    But let me tell you I have the least influence possible on my dad's interest in him! Actually he's not as possessed as me by Bollywood (read Shahrukh Khan!) He doesn't follow him like I do. But he just got interested in this particular actor after he watched some Bollywood movies. For him Bollywood means Sharukh Khan. And if Shahrukh's not there, most of the time he wouldn't even bother to watch! I gave him some Bollywood pictures and he chose SRK's picture as his phone background! :) I'm his translator at home for Bollywood movies or events... and he really likes SRK's personalty too! Always says: "He's such a real man! Very humble and down to earth..." And also enjoys his wittiness a lot.
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  9. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Thats me too. I watched a few Hindi movies before SRK but after I saw my first one of his movies, I never looked back. He is enough to take up all the allotted time anyway.
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