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Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Poonam, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    To those wh haven't seen it..please don't waste your time reading too many mdia reviews. Many are too negative and best ignored!

    You need only one reason to watch RNBDJ..SRK! His presence fills the screen and your heart to overflowing. And he has wonderful support from Anushka and Vinay Pathak.

    Sure there are some flaws, which I did not think Adi would succumb to, but these are all forgotten thanks to SRK's brillliant performance. Just go and enjoy!
  2. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you Poonam. exactly my thoughts. SRK is good enough reason to enjoy the film. and good to see you yaar :)

    any movie review you would like to add? :D
  3. akoori

    akoori Well-Known Member

    I haven't read any bad reviews.
    But I don't know when I'm going to watch the movie. :(
    The earliest might just be the 24th! I'm looking fwd to it, because I believe its a delightful movie.

    I cannot believe that the terror psychosis has got to us so badly. I actually refused to buy tickets for the opening day, which would have been our normal thing.
  4. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

    Akoori, please go see it ASAP. if any movie--and it's message--could help ease the tension from recent events, it's this one.
  5. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    24th? That's sooo far away... But filmifan's right , this movie has a wonderful, healing touch about it without being too cloyingly sweet. Just what the doctor ordered.

    Wafa: Yes of course, review comin' up soon! :)
  6. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    ARRE i didnt read and ignor all of it and I saw it its amizing I want to see it agene and agend and agene
  7. akoori

    akoori Well-Known Member

    No way we can make it before that. The kids have a jam packed weekend between the 2. With interschool quiz and concerts right up till monday. And then there is school, which closes only on the 24th.
    Will book tickets as soon as bookings open. I can't wait to watch it. Though I must say, I've still got a corner somewhere being a worry wart.
  8. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Can't get this flick out of my mind, but I'll try and be coherent in a slightly longer review!

    RNBDJ ideally needs two reviews - one dedicated solely to SRK and one for the movie.

    Surinder Sahni is the soul of the movie and I'm still flipped out over that performance. Suri's eyes, Suri's dorky smile, his shyness, kindness and sweetness...wow, is there a man alive like this?

    I was really worried over Raj when the promos came out...ewww ! Silly me. He was OTT of course, but omg, so darned HOTTT! Couldn't keep my eyes off those brawny arms and how every time he raised his arms, the tee would ride up and give a tantalising glimpse of his back...:D

    Anushka - impressive. I liked her confidence and natural air. Good dancer too. What perfect casting by Adi - hats off to him.

    Vinay Pathak - Excellent as usual. Wonderful chemistry with Suri, these too are also a great jodi. I hope he gets nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

    Songs - I thought they were average at first, but they sound beautiful in the film. I can't decide which I like more - Haule Haule or Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai.

    Camerawork - Lovely, unforgettable shots of the Golden Temple. The small-town atmosphere has been captured brilliantly.

    Direction - what's there to say? Aditya Chopra is brilliant. I never cared for Mohabbatein, but now I hope he's back to doing more directing (of course, with SRK)

    People actually clapped when the show ended. I don't remember when I last walked out after a film with such a big smile on my face. Somewhere out there, a million dorky, boring but nice guys must be thanking Suri from the bottom of their hearts.
    jg2k says thanks.
  9. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    "coherent" is the word, thank you! like you, I can't get this film out of my mind since last saturday. I believe that almost every scene is memorable.
    I noticed Raj's biceps too!! :hail: not to mention how great those hot he looked in those flashy so trendy clothes and bright colours :p .. the way he was speaking and flirting, his hair cut, all of him looked stunning!

    on the other hand, Suri's geeky look and dorky glasses he touched my heart with his cute tight-lip smile and the drop of his chin to his neck shy gesture and flocking eyelashes :p and when he ever-so smoothly danced on haule haule, he suddenly looked drop dead gorgeous to me! even when he tried to comb his hair and put every strand back in its place, as dorky as that was he looked so sweet and lovable.
  10. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    Im sooooooooooo glad all are happy with the movie....

    looks like i'll be the last on board towatch it....
    at the rate its going i'll ahve to wat till Jan i guess..... hope the movie doesnt move out of the thearter. Usually it stays for over a month period for hindi movies.... i sooooooo hope it will stay for me as well :)
  11. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    A-one right? very A-one!
  12. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    so so sorry duplicate *pls delete*
  13. Elahe

    Elahe Dil To Shahrukhee hai!

    I watched RNBDJ back in 2008 but I wasn’t a member back then so I’m writing this now

    Shahrukh + Aadi + Yash Raj + magical story + brilliant music+ a strong supporting cast IMo--> if I go mad one day its this movie’s fault!
    My second favourite Shahrukh movie after MNIK and together with DDLJ. Music-wise it for sure is my absolute favourite movie of all time! All the soundtracks are amazing to me, I find it to have some of the sweetest most meaningful songs ever made in Bollywood (tujhme rab dikta hain, haule haule) and I find phir milenge chalte chalte to be the most entertaining song ever, I mean the video is so well made, Shahrukh does such a great job in bringing back memories of older legends and dances so well (never understood why he himself calls himself “not such a good dancer’). Shahrukh’s chemistry with Kajol is so evident and also I can’t help but to notice that IMO the second best actress among these opposite shah is good old Rani.

    I find it to be the most detailed, the most emotional movie I’ve seen. I see myself laughing with Shahrukh and crying with him. There has not been a single time that I’ve gone through the whole movie without crying at least twice, once at the last dance of Raj and Taani. I believe shahrukh did a wonderful job as Suri, he’s one of my favourite characters played by shah.
    The story always reminds me that things happen in life that upset you, you cry and curse the whole universe not knowing they are only happening to make your life better. Taani lost her love to find the most loving man there can be! Who could love like Suri?
    Some of my favoutrite scenes of the movie that has no single scene I don't love [SPOILERS]

    -The red rose scene, he puts it on the table, takes it away again, facing such a big challenge for such minor decision! No wonder it was the best scene in 2008, and to add to the beauty you hear haule haule’s melody in the background for the very first time in the movie.
    - Suri’s face when Taani comes to greet his friends to his surprise has love written all over it, and how ironically he tells her I don’t know what love is! More than this na mujhe adat hai, nahi zaroorat….mesmerizing performance.

    - The first day she makes breakfast for him…. Good morning ji! And she touches her wet hair and he looks at her exactly the same way I look at Shahrukh when he touches his gorgeous wet hair and hearts stop beating!!!!

    - Mere ko love hogeya! As if he’s talking about an affair he’s been having, guilty…. Who do you love? MY WIFE!

    -I love Raj’s entry, shahrukh in BAAAD clothes but gorgeous as always. Hard to make him not likeable. No not hard! Impossible…. And we hear phir milenge chalte chalte’s theme for the first time….

    -Raj…. Naam to suna hoga…. Ji nehi! Loooool

    -Raj enters Raju motors in a black tight tee shirt, yaaaaaahoooooo! That’s also how my heart goes (throughout the movie Raj exposes his extremely sexy chest and clavicle bones wearing tight tee shirts with open collars! Reminds me of shahrukh’s favourite body part….)..Hello dear, never fear, Raj is here…. Taani partner, I told you you’d miss me! And his eyes…..

    - In the fitting room, what does a girl truly want…. Hey guys ASK SHAHRUKH KHAN!!!!!

    - You’ve seen enough hindi movies.. you know that a boy and a girl never remain friends. Dosti ke baad ….love, pyar, ishq, mohabbat, and how he say these words.

    - I see the scene when he tells Taani to elope with him and again later when Taani tells Raj that she sees rab in Suri and so will stay with Suri 4-5 times each time I watch this movie, my god how he shows his happiness. Shahrukh I ….dont know what to say.

    -Most emotional ending with a beautiful mix of all soundtracks.

    In the end I can only say Shahrukh ji, you lighten up our lives ji, you lighten up our lives!!!
    jg2k says thanks.

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