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My thoughts on CE

Discussion in 'Chennai Express Member Reviews' started by Dea, May 10, 2014.

  1. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    well, i'm going to post my honest opinion, which is that... Shahrukh absolutely made the whole film by himself! i'm really sorry to say, but he and only he was the main attraction, the only attraction for that matter. i did appreciate Deepika's acting skills, which definitely improved, but, i mean... the whole story was... i dunno yaar... just didn't catch me.

    i'm just saying that, if Shahrukh wasn't in the movie i would have definitely not watched it till the end. he's just so funny and natural and great, and the whole cast is just blah. they don't even reach his toes actingwise, plotwise... i don't know whether it was just not my cup of tea, but... the story was just so boring i literally had trouble whatching it in one session. i just really enjoyed seeing our sweeto, baas.

    i was just thinking the whole time that... they could have made such a great movie, with a different story, cuz the scenery was nice, locations were nice, the costumes were nice, everything was nice but the cast and the story. also i did not like the songs. which is a first for me. i've always loved the songs, even in Billu, where, likewise, i did not particularly like the plot because it seemed like Shahrukh just had a guest appearance, but it was anyways much better than CE. it especially bugged me that Shahrukh doesn't sound at all as the guy doing the singing :tsk:

    i don't know whether people will understand what i'm trying to say... but it just doesn't rise up to Shahrukh's level!!! had it not been for Shahrukh to star in this movie, 100% it would have flopped terribly. and that is my honest opinion! when i think about an entertaining movie with a love story, i think about OSO or RNBDJ for example...those movies keep me laughing throughout the 3 hours, they keep me glued to the screen. this one did not.

    on the plus side... as i said, Shahrukh is just wow. he feels so natural and candid, and i just love his expressions. btw i really really enjoyed the scene where he throws his grandfather's ashes into the sea... and omg. please tell me everybody else thought of Suraj hua maddham :heart: it was just like that, with the white undershirt.. haai :faint:

    i really enjoy the scenes with the two of them together, just the two of them. like the temple scene, or the one after he throws the ashes... because there aren't any elements to ruin everything, as in the rest of the movie :tsk:

    i also really liked the whole motto of the movie: don't underestimate the power of a common man! indeed, what a lovely thing to say, so true, so straightforward. i also appreciated the fact that the movie is trying to fight against the whole caste system in india, also a good thing in my opinion. but i did not appreciate the fact that it was kind of stealing away the DDLJ idea- boy comes into the family of a feared man, and tries to make people understand, fights against the caste system, gets beaten up by the mean guys and the fiancee which, by the way is taller, and stronger... even has the train catching scene for God's sake, he even says it at the end! just let DDLJ be...

    all the fighting scenes are so brutal, i'm sorry but the fighting scenes in Don, for example, are so much more tasteful and accurate, these ones are just downright brutal, and also very unrealistic, seeing him pushed around and into all kinds of objects, even though i do realise are just stunts, make me so furious knowing in how much pain he is with his back, shoulders, knees... and i most certainly did not appreciate that a man has to fight till he can barely stand in order to convince a man he is worthy of his daughter, whereas the speech he had said at the beginning should have been more than enough! it did prove he had the courage and love for her...

    this is just my honest opinion, i do realise it was meant to be a light, entertaining film, but since it wasn't entertaining at all apart from Shahrukh himself, couldn't help but just ... not enjoy it as i wished i would!

    hope nobody will hate me after this :biggrin1:
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