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My Review

Discussion in 'Billu Movie Reviews - Members' started by parisa, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. parisa

    parisa New Member

    hi guys!
    it's my first post here!

    my review:movie!
    i just saw the movie1 it was really nice!
    lara played really nice! honestly i didn't expect it from her!
    irfaan was pretty good too!
    the best part was shahrukh!
    before movie some of my friends told me that why are they paying so much attention to SRK! but it he wasn't in the film the story would be really incomplete!
    my favorite scene was the last scene when Shah told about his friend BILLU!:heart::heart::heart:
    i really love this scene! i like it this much that i dream it! it was really nice!
    one more thing that i loved about the movie was that his character was really alike in his real life! that kind of sweetness, greatness and honestly hottness!:heart::heart::heart:
    but the story was a little slow but very nice!

    my review: songs!
    song was really nice! but i think priyanka's dance was nice but didn't siut the song! i think it should be different! but anyway i love the song!
    marjaani was truly nice! i really loved it!
    love mera hit hit was really nice,too!deepika dances really well!
    but all over shahrukh's dance was the best!

    my rate: 9/10
  2. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    really good review Parisa :thumb:
    my fav scenes are all the ones where SRK is in them, when he's nt there im searching for him! its a nice movie
    my most fva SRK scene has to be the one where he's dressed all in black and shooting for a movie, he looks so SEXY, :flame: :heart: too hot for words and the VFX in that scene are amazing! :faint:

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