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My review of Don2

Discussion in 'Don2 Members Reviews' started by Karan#1, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    So It's been an hour and a half since I came back from the 8.40pm show in sydney. The hall was 65% full which is good when you take into account many would have thought the release was tomorrow and that it was relatively late.

    Don 2 is unlike any other bollywood movie you have seen - it is classy and sleek, in fact you could mistake it for a hollywood film if it weren't for the hindi dialogues.

    Don 2 takes you on a ride full of twists and turns, action and high speed car chases. There is not a single minute wasted as the movie follows its plot and each scene takes the story forward. In fact, there is not even time wasted in getting the movie running - only one trailer is showcased with it.

    I'll just go through a run down of Don 2.

    Visuals: Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it isn't your normal bollywood film - there is no trace of India in the film with it mainly being shot in Germany and some parts of Malaysia and Thailand. Luxury cars, first class attire, stunning locations of Germany and intricate settings dominate Don 2.

    Story: There is a clear story in this movie, the movie clearly identifies what it is about from the first scene- which is Don's wicked plans to rule over Europe and each scene thereafter reveals a little more and carries the plot forward. There is simply no useless scenes that slow down the pace of the movie. It is all about Don and his mastermind plan and nothing but that.

    Songs: There is only one song in the actual movie and another at the end credits - dushman mera. The background score is superb and lifts the mood really well -the usage of the return of the king theme song and Hai ye Maya are such two examples.

    Action: The action is simply superb -be it the spectacular car chase or the realistic fight scenes. The fight scenes are realistic and showcase Don's lethal moviess and unlike typical bollywood movies where one punch or kick from the hero and the enemy flies. The car chases are full of adrenaline, high speed and collisions.

    Acting: Shah Rukh Khan's bearded look and long hair when he is first shown to us was met with claps from the audience - he looked every bit a criminal and baddy. The short hair and shaved look was every bit classy. Mean, charming and daring - SRK is every bit Don. His expressions and voice are to die for when he delivers his dialogues - in fact they were all met by laughs and praise from the audience. The others also act their part. Boman Irana has certain expressions and lines where you have to applaud his acting. Nawab Shah looks every bit a bad guy with his masculine figure and ruthless looks. Hrithik Roshan is also in Don 2 and well the ladies will surely find it a treat to see him. Priyanka Chopra whom I noted is not being liked too much for her performance, does her job but nothing too spectacular and has a smaller role than expected.

    Twists: Don is never straightforward but full of mystery and unpredictability. don't want to reveal too much but yes Don 2 has a number of twists and surprises you.

    Audience reception: The audience loved it. There were cheers for Shah Rukh Khan's look, laughs and a sense of connection at Don's punch dialogues and an amazing response to the last scene.

    All in all Don 2 is a thrilling ride full of action, mastermind plans and twists. SRK is awesome and charms you as Don, the story is intelligent, the dialogues deserve a clap, the movie is visually appealing and the action in the second half is just WOW. In fact I'm going to watch it again this tuesday, not only for SRK or that Don 2 is that good but because its such a detailed film I need to watch it again to capture the full movie.

    Btw SRK deserves awards for his performance as Don.

    RATING: 9.5/10
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